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Bloke spends $16k transforming his Hamilton home into a race track

drifting 09/10/2018

My house, my castle, eh? 

Ol' mate Takeshi Teruya's all about that mantra.

After moving from Japan to New Zealand in 2007, the drifting enthusiast settled into Aotearoa , and six years later he was able to buy his dream property in the Waikato's Horotiu with his missus Yoshie. Teruya then launched into making a family, AND creating a 130m race track around his family home. 

I loved drifting ever since I learned how to drive,

So, he can drift in his Nissan Skyline 370GT whenever he god damn wants. 

Drifiting actually first blew up in Japan, and ol' mates competed in drifitnig comps both here and in his homeland. 

Teruya told the NZ Herald: "I loved drifting ever since I learned how to drive,"

"It is more than just a hobby, it is my life.

"But land is scarce and very expensive in Japan, and it will be an almost impossible dream to even own a small plot."

The property cost him $370,000, and he was originally quoted another forty grand for the race track. Teruya thought that was way too much, so he channeled the Kiwi DIY mentality, found a recylced ashphalt supplier and set about installing the racetrack himself.  

Money bloody well spent.

Teruya documented the project on his YouTube channel NZ Drift Life .

No suprises, living in Horotiu pretty much all off Teruya's neighbours are car enthusiasts themselves. And Teruya assured the camera's his missus Yoshie is very supportive. 

Although, she painted a difference picture; "he's crazy." 

Crazy good. 

Yoshie softened while talking to the NZ Herald explaining at first she was shocked, 

"Who in the right mind builds a race track around your own house?" 

He's a dad, but it seems like he hasn't grown up

But  eventually warmed up to the idea. 

"It is really good for the kids' scootering and push bikes, so now we don't even have to go to the parks," 

Keen for a barbie with the Rock crew one of these days, Teruya? We'll bring the beers and snags.