WATCH: Warehouse workers in the Tron kick and spit on a shoplifter

Viral videos 08/10/2018

Footage of a trio of Warehouse workers kicking and spitting on a shoplifter was uploaed to Facebook over the weekend and has since blown up.

A lot of people are getting fired up over the incident, for obvious reasons. 

A spokesperson for The Warehouse Group told Newshub the situation occurred after an "alleged shoplifter incident" at a store in Hillcrest, a suburb in Hamilton. 

"We called the police and are cooperating with their enquiries," the spokesperson said."

"We're also fully investigating the incident ourselves, with urgency."

Watch the nasty altercation above. 

No matter what someone's stolen, you're not going to do anyone any favours taking the law into your own hands. 

Pretty damn cooked if you're asking us.