Staind frontman Aaron Lewis goes off at "bald motherf**ker" heckler for interrupting his set

Vids 18/12/2018

It's Been A While since we heard from Staind's Aaron Lewis....

Bad jokes side, the Staind frontman has been filmed confronting another heckler in the crowd during one of his solo shows.

Apparently the fan, who was drunk, kept yelling song requests in the middle of his performances. Which pissed Lewis off like no other, who then stopped to rip into him.

We're playing a song and right in the fucking song 'Broke Me,' you're yelling out a different song, you fucking piece of shit.

I see somebody lighting him up for me. See that bald motherfucker right there? Make sure that his walk out to his car this evening is not all that enjoyable.

Lewis says he gave the guy a couple of passes before he finally had enough.

I tried to be understanding. I get it. Alcohol is a motherfucker, but goddamn. It's so fucking rude.

So there you have it. Don't go to an Aaron Lewis gig and get him angry.