WATCH: Drunk Irish family and swearing little shit cause havoc on Auckland beach

video 14/01/2019

A group of Irish people believed to be toruists have been filmed getting compleltely sloshed, littering and abusing beachgoers, but locals were having none of it.

Aucklander Krista Curnow, 28, was relaxing at Takapuna Beach on Sunday with friends when her afternoon suddenly turned sour. 

She recalls seeing a group of about 12 Irish people, possibly a family, including two babies and a young boy, eating and drinking at the beach at around 3pm. 

"They were looking at us, and we were looking at them like, 'Are they serious? Are they really just going to leave all their rubbish there?'" she told Newshub. 

"We thought they were going to come back but they never did so I approached them up in the carpark and asked them to come back down and pick up their rubbish."

The situation went downhill from there. Ms Curnow says she was threatened by members of the group after she confronted them about the rubbish pile. 

"There were about four or five ladies standing around me in a half circle basically egging each other on to hit me."

"At that stage, I backed off a little bit," she said, and that's when a little boy threatened her. 

In a video posted to Ms Curnow's Facebook page, the boy, wearing a straw hat, tells Ms Curnow: "I'll knock your brains out."

"They turned violent and even [the] grandma and the child got involved saying they wanted to punch my head in," Ms Curnow recalls. 

She said she tried to film the family getting into their three cars but one of them allegedly tried to run her down and attempted to steal her phone from her hands. 

"The rubbish was one thing, but drinking and driving with their babies in the car just topped it off," Ms Curnow said. 

"And the mouth on that young boy - absolutely disgusting! What kind of role models are the parents allowing this sort of behaviour?"

Police have been informed about the incident and Newshub has contacted police for a statement. 

Ms Curnow said police told her friend the Irish group has been on their radar.  

Despite the ugly incident, Ms Curnow said she was moved by how much support she received at the beach after it happened. 

"I loved how everyone else on the beach came to [my] support and we all picked up the rubbish together," she said. 

"We live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world; how dare people come to New Zealand and disrespect our country?