Watch Dave Grohl down a beer and fall off stage... again

video 11/01/2019

Not again

Dave Grohl has fallen off a stage, again, during the Foo's first gig of 2019. Oh boy.

The band were performing in Las Vegas when Grohl moves to the side of stage to grab a wet one mid-way through a guitar solo. Because why not.

In the video bellow, one fan hands the frontman a can which he downs before attmpting to get back on stage, slipping and taking a fall.

Grohl has a history of injuring himself while performing. In 2015 he fell from a stage and broke his leg, forcing the Foo Fighters to cancel a series of concerts, including headlining Glastonbury in the UK.

Thankfully this time around, security guards were on hand to soften the fall. Grohl returned to the stage and finished the gig without (another) incident.