WATCH: Crazy moment a whale swallows diver alive

video 12/03/2019

No way the boys would have believed this yarn, but there's video to prove it.

A South African diver has been caught off guard while photographing whales, sharks and birds, when he suddenly found himself half way down a whale's throat.

Much to 51-year-old Rainer Schimpf's relief, it also spat him out - and the whole thing was captured on camera. 

"It got dark. I felt some pressure on my hip, and I instantly knew a whale had grabbed me," he told 7 News.

"There is no time for fear in a situation like that; you have to use your instinct."

An incredible series of photographs shows the man hanging halfway out of the gigantic whale's mouth.

Mr Schimpf instantly held his breath, fearing the whale would dive down holding him and then spit him out far below the ocean's surface.

Luckily, the whale clearly sensed something was off.

"The next moment I felt the whale was turning either way, and the pressure was released and I was washed out of the mouth," Mr Schimpf told 7 News.

"I came back up onto the surface where surely I wasn't looking too clever."