WATCH: 'Big Ben' battler gets bogged at London Marathon finish-line but still sets world record

funny shit 30/04/2019

A battler in the London Marathon dressed as 'Big Ben' got stuck at the finish-line while trying to break a world record.

Wearing the costum was Lukas Bates. He was trying to get his way into the Guinness Book of World Records for the fastest marathon runner dressed as a landmark in the 42.2km race.

But he hit a snag as he crossed the line, the top of his giant clock-tower costume couldn't fit under the finish arch.

Thankfully a good bugger came to his aid and helped him squeeze under to complete the run.

Bates finished with a time of 3h 54m, beating the current record by 20 minutes.

The previous record was set last September at the Berlin Marathon by a runner dressed as the Holstentor city gate in Lubeck.

Goes to show, committing to the gag can pay off big time.