WATCH: First 'IT: Chapter Two' trailer has arrived and Pennywise looks more evil than ever

movies 10/05/2019

Holy Hecka this is dark

The first trailer for 'IT: Chapter Two' has finally arrived, and it's as scary as we were hoping it would be. 

27 years after the Losers Club thought they had put an end to Pennywise the dancing clown, he's back and meaner than ever.

Picking up nearly three decades after the events of the first movie, 'IT: Chapter 2' finds the now grown-up kids of Derry, Maine returning home to "put an end to the evil being once and for all."

The movie is out September 6, 2019. Watch the trailer below:

Not in the mood to be freaked out?

Watch what the first 'IT' trailer would've looked like if Big Dog Rog was in the movie. It's still scary, but not for the frights, just the sights. Check it out below: