When the world voted Rage Against the Machine's 'Killing In The Name' the #1 Christmas song

video 07/06/2019

Nine years ago, Rage put on one of the best free gigs the world has ever seen

The year was 2009. The people of the UK had enough of pop music, and rebelled by voting Rage Against the Machine's iconic 'Killing In The Name'of as the #1 Christmas song of the year. A little over 6 months later, Rage celebrated by throwing one of the best free gigs ever seen.

Guitarist Tom Morello remembers the night as "his favorite Rage show ever."

Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page watched the whole thing from side of stage and said:

This band generated energy so intense that you could cut it with a chainsaw. This was a hardcore concert and I left with a renewed respect for the band.

Relive that epic show with the live video of 'Killing In The Name', 'Testify', & 'Bulls on Parade' below: