WATCH: Slipknot pause set to stop people getting trampled in the mosh pit

Slipknot 29/07/2019

Slipknot's shows have a reputation for getting wild, but their latest show in San Bernardino, USA got so wild they had to pause their set.

Videos have been posted of Slipknot stopping a show to allow paramedics into the crowd as young women "started to get trampled and have seizures".

"Back the f**k up! No one is f**king getting hurt on my f**king watch," Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor shouts as the band stop playing.

"Do you understand me? Back the f**k up! Now give me a scream, motherf**kers!

The footage was posted on Reddit, with disturbing accounts of how scary the show became for attendees.

"Kids and females were on the ground, hurt or unconscious, while people were still running around over them," claims mSTH95.

If Corey hadn't stopped the song it could of been worse

"Mosh pits were so f**king rowdy, crazy good but some chicks started to get trampled and have seizures,"  another user said.

"Corey got mad, he stopped the song because people wouldn't stop moving to get [paramedics] in."

More footage was posted by Reddit user Horrordave76, which he says shows one of the crush victims. 

So the girl I zoom in on was getting crushed, so much so they could not pull her out. It was a good minute before Corey stopped the band and I started recording. It was kinda scary.

Other Reddit users describe a man falling over in the mosh pit, being knocked out cold and bleeding from a head injury.

"I was seriously worried this dude was going to die down there," claims Reddit user MalnutritionUSA.

Once we got him up, he kept going back out of consciousness and almost falling back down... we saved that dude.

What legends! Things could have been really bad if they didn't act.

See Slipknot live in New Zealand this October when they support Metallica for two Auckland shows.