WATCH: From Paradise to Hell: Trapped at a Music Festival Because of COVID-19

Watch 29/04/2020

A recent Vice documentary on YouTube has revealed there are dozens of people stuck at a festival on a beach in Panama. 

Two days before Tribal Festival was due to finish, Health Minister Rosario Turner declared a state of emergency. Some festival goers managed to leave, but there are still about 40 people trapped, surrounded by border police. 

Luu Carretero Sierr, the artist manager at the festival, has said staff are staying at the festival to help with security and dealing with the Ministry of Health. She told Vice:

The Panamanian government is not providing any assistance, they’ve just left us here to linger. But we’ve experienced massive solidarity from the locals at this crazy time. We’re hoping the food truck will last over a week.

The documantary has gotten 1.5 million views, and thousands of likes. But a lot of the comments seem to be talking to the irony of all of this, with one comment saying "Hippies before festival: there are no borders, the world is one Hippies after festival: Take me back I'm British."

Watch the 11 minute doco above, and the Rumble lads having a chat about it below.