WATCH: The new Mortal Kombat RED BAND trailer is brutal ASF

Watch 23/02/2021

The rebooted Mortal Kombat movie has debuted its first trailer — and, much like the games it’s based on, the upcoming film looks to be violent asf (good). 

The Movie is following an original story set within the long-running franchise’s universe. It follows protagonist Cole Young (Lewis Tan), a scrappy MMA fighter who finds himself mixed up in a battle between Earthrealm and the Outworld, lead by emperor Shang Tsung (Chin Han).

Major Jackson “Jax” Briggs (Mehcad Brooks) tasks Young with tracking down Sonya Blade and enlisting her help against invading Outworld forces. It all leads up to a knock-down, drag-out battle for Earthrealm as Young works to stave off Shang Tsung’s forces and Outworld’s eventual takeover.

Worth a watch!