12-year-old breaks the 'holy grail' of skateboard tricks by landing first-ever 1080 on vert ramp

Vids 19/07/2021

What a little legend.

12-year-old Brazilian skateboarder Gui Khury has made history, being the first skateboarder to successfully land what is known as "the Holy Grail of skateboard tricks" - the first-ever 1080 on a vertical ramp.

And - he did it in front of skating legend Tony Hawk, who was also competing in the same event (Vert Best Trick).

Khury took home the gold medal, making him the youngest ever X Games gold medalist.

How about that. Incredible stuff.

Khury beat out eight others, including Hawk, who was a surprise entry in the comp. Hawk hadn't been in an X Games comp since 2003, and reportedly decided to enter less than one hour before it began. How good.

And being the class act his is, Hawk had nothing but praise for the young lad, congratulating Khury immediately after he performed the trick and also posting to his Instagram: