WATCH: 'Jumpstart', a kiwi short film on healthy mental health conversations

Vids 27/09/2021

This is the sort of stuff we like to see.

A Wellington couple, Alex Johnson and Ramon Telfer, have combined "lived experience, passion for mental health, and creative juices" into a concoction they've called 'Good Trouble', with the aim to contribute to the gritty conversations in NZ surrounding mental health. 

Seeking to explore new roads into the mental health conversation, the creative couple have released their first short film,'Jumpstart.'

The short film uses the metaphor of a car breaking down to represent depression and anxiety, and showcases a healthy dialogue between two kiwi blokes. 

"Rather than follow a traditional approach to mental health awareness, the film uses the metaphor of a car breaking down to bring depression to life," Good Trouble tell us.

"After ten years of witnessing Ramon's father's heartbreaking grapple with bipolar,  learning to cope with our personal mental health challenges and attempting to navigate our fragmented health system, Ramon and I have found ourselves drawn to the intersection of creativity and mental health.

"We believe storytelling and creativity play a vital role in the Aotearoa mental health conversation."

Alex and Ramon hope the film will help stimulate better conversations around mental breakdowns and reaching out for help.

Check out the short film up top, we reckon it's pretty bloody cleverly done.

Plus, check out Good Trouble's Facebook page here