WATCH: 10-year-old Taranaki Drummer Joshua covers Blindspott's 'Rest In Pieces'

Vids 22/10/2021

Our mate, 10-year-old Joshua Drummer, has come out with an epic cover of Blindspott's latest track.

We found out about this Taranaki champ a couple months ago, after we saw he'd been uploading a bunch of drum covers from some of our favourite bands.

In his most recent upload, he covers Blindspott's 'R.I.P. (Rest In Pieces)' and absolutely crushes it. Blindspott thought so too! They shared the post to their Facebook page

We'd have to agree with someone in the comments, who said "Move over Shelton, this young fella is coming through "

Check out the cover up top.

We also see that Joshua's just hit 1000 followers on his Facebook page, congrats mate!

You can check out his Facebook page here, or his YouTube channel here.