WATCH: YouTuber re-creates Squid Game in real life

Vids 25/11/2021

A YouTuber has fully re-created the Netflix show Squid Game in real life, and it's pretty bloody impressive.

YouTuber MrBeast splurged out a bunch of money to recreate real-life versions of the games - Red Light, Green Light, the honeycomb game, Tug of War, marbles, and  glass-hopping.

Although, one notable difference was instead of playing Squid Game as the final challenge, MrBeast changed it to musical chairs as the contestants knew the rules a lot better.

Oh, and nobody gets shot dead in this version.

The YouTuber managed to gather 456 willing contestants to play, which is the same number of contestants in the show, and one lucky winner took home $456,000.

The amount of time and money that must've gone into this is insane!

If you loved the show, and have 25 minutes to kill, check out the video up top.