WATCH: The Boys season 3 trailer has just dropped

Vids 17/05/2022

Yeahhh the boys!

Season three of The Boys is on its way, with its first-look-trailer being released today. 

The Boys is an R-rated series, first released in 2019, that follows a group of vigilantes  ("The Boys")  that are on a mission to take down corrupt superheroes who abuse their superpowers. If you haven't watched it - you definitely probably should.

**Season 1 & 2 SPOILERS BELOW (you have been warned)**

Season two ended in an epic way, with Homelander's son blasting Stormfront, and the fate of the Seven left not very clear.

The epic new trailer for season 3 shows Homelander after his Nazi girlfriend has died,  appearing in various red carpet interviews. 

Homelander tells reporters: “I’m just a man who fell for the wrong woman. But out of crisis comes change. So, I’ve spent the last year really slowing down and reconnecting with myself."

He then looks straight into the camera, saying, “And I am very excited for everyone to meet the real me.”

To be honest - there's lots to unpack in this 3-minute-trailer, so you can just have a watch of it below. 

This looks like it's gonna be insane, and it's all set to drop on Prime Video on June 3rd.