WATCH: Gnarly video shows construction worker left dangling from crane by hand

Vids 08/07/2022

This is gnarly.

A bloke in Toronto was left dangling 30 storeys in the air above a construction site earlier this week, and shit we're glad we weren't him.

The video shows the construction worker multiple storeys high in the air, gripping to a rope, dangling from a crane. 

"Hang on, just let your hardhat fall bro!" a person can be heard yelling at the bloke in the 38-second video.

The crane then slowly starts to lower the poor guy down to the site. Unfortunately, the camera man let us down in the end of the video, and didn't actually film the bloke getting back on his feet.

The video was originally posted to reddit, and has since gone viral online.

The user who uploaded the video, ExtremePiglet1, provided some context to what happened before and after the clip. They wrote: 

"The guy was on the 5th floor and his hand got caught in the tag line went from the 5th floor to the 30th floor before the crane operator noticed."

PCL Construction Canada, the company that the bloke works for, confirmed that his hand did indeed become tangled in the tagline after hooking the load onto the crane.


Luckily, the worker survived, with a bruised thumb and a broken wrist. 

Scary shit!