The No Repeat Workday Deliberate Stuff Up

The Rock is the home of the No Repeat Workday. That’s pretty self-explanatory - it means we promise not to repeat any song during 9am - 5pm on weekdays. And when we screw that up, it’s a bloody crime.

Now, cheers to our mates at 19 Crimes Wine, we’re cracking out another ten grand to keep the stuff ups coming. If you’re the first caller through on 0800 ROCKPHONE (0800 762 574) when we muck it up, you’ll score a grand cash - no questions asked.

Just keep listening to The Rock between 9am-5pm and keep note of what’s been on-air, or check the playlist below.

All cheers to our mates at 19 Crimes Wine - The wine celebrating Australia's infamous beginnings as criminals punished by 'transportation'. Add it to your next night out, and you'll have the perfect partner in crime.

Their red blend bares the same traits as those banished to Australia. Defiant by nature, bold in character. Always uncompromising. It's a taste you'll never forget.

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