North vs South with WD-40


North vs. South is the new daily quiz that settles the age old question - who’s smarter? North Islanders or South Islanders?

And cheers to the good sorts at WD-40 - it’s getting even better!

Each day with Jay & Dunc on The Rock Drive, you can call in to compete in the prestigious event!

You must then correctly answer two of three trivia questions before your adversary does to take home the WD-40 prize pack!

If you win you continue on to battle for another day and represent your island against another foe, giving you more chances to win the epic prize pack!

North vs South - cheers to WD-40 Multi-Use Product - the best product of its type, gives superior lubrication and surface coverage; ask for it by name. 

WD-40 is also available in:

  • -EZ-REACH format to reach those tricky places (longer straw that can be bent and holds the bent shape to reach that tricky spot).
  • -Low Odour formulation, great for working in confined spaces and for use where you or your passengers or customers may not want a scent e.g. car door hinge.-
  • -Specialist Automotive - a new range where each product tackles a particular job and is best-in-class e.g. Penetrant does its work faster than competitors.

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