Win Big with KFC’s Celebration Line!


The Rock and KFC are teaming up this holiday season to give you even more reasons to celebrate!

Every day for the next two weeks the Morning Rumble will announce their topic of the day and open up the KFC Celebration Line! We’ll be celebrating everything from the mad to the mundane and we want you to text us why we should celebrate these topics!

By the way that’s not serious - our topics are gonna range from boomers to vegans and cyclists, and we want to hear why we “loooove” them so much! Yeah right...

Keep the Morning Rumble loud to hear the topic of the day, then text KFC and the reason we should “celebrate” the topic to 3520!

Mulls will read out a select few with the favourite taking home a $100 KFC Voucher and $500 cash!

Cheers to KFC’s Celebration Bucket - what more could you ask for this holiday season?

 Each KFC Celebration Bucket comes with a free large side or toffee pops - now that’s a reason to celebrate!

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