North vs South, cheers to Brut

Win 29/09/2020

North vs South is Jay & Dunc’s daily quiz that settles the age old question - who’s smarter? North Islanders or South Islanders?

And cheers to the legends at Brut - we’ve got some sweet prizes up for grabs...

Keep The Rock Drive loud for your chance to compete in the prestigious event.

You'll be put up against your opposing island, and if you can correctly answer two of three trivia questions before they do, a $100 Brut prize pack AND $100 cash is all yours cheers to Brut!

Plus if you win, you continue on to battle for another day and represent your island against another foe, giving you more chances to win cash and Brut prizes, as well as that much more glory for your Island.

North vs South, cheers to Brut - Be Your Own Man.

Being a Brut man means you work hard no matter what you’re working on, and play hard whatever it is you’re playing at. Most of all it means being yourself - doing your own thing on your own terms, calling the shots when it matters most. So instead of us telling you what it means to be a Brut man we'll just help you be your own man.