Win a Van with The Novus Glass GC


Get a look at the state of this!

Introducing the Novus Glass GC-Mobile, a 94’ Dodge Ram Van which goes better than a kebab at 3am after a night out.This thing is a real weapon, and the best part is - it could end up belonging to you.

It’s a pretty simple concept, we’re after GC’s - that could be someone with Good Chat on the show, or someone that leaves a Great Comment on something we post online, basically anyone who leaves a Good Contribution to the show is in the running. See what we did there?

You’ll know if you’ve been thrown in the running because we’ll probably lose our minds, and we'll let you know of course.

Big ups to the GC’s (Great Chaps) from Novus Glass for sorting this for us, you little beeeeauutttyyy.

The date of the announcement has been updated, this will now take place on Monday 2nd August 2021. 
T's & C's apply.