Win with The Rock Power Shout Hour!


Jealous of your mate's air fryer? Need a new power tool to add to your toolbox?
Every caller wins with The Rock Power Shout Hour!

When you hear the Power Shout Hour begin, call 0800 ROCK PHONE to win a ‘Power Prize’! - this could be anything from a heater to a power tool. Every caller that gets on-air wins!

Make sure to listen out for The Rock Power Shout Hour every Friday for the next 5 weeks.

PLUS every winner that's a Genesis customer goes in the draw to win 100 free Power Shout hours!

Genesis customers are outsmarting winter with free Power Shout hours and the Genesis Energy IQ app. Power Shouts are free hours of power that Genesis customers can use at any time, on any day. They can save them up for one big power shout or take lots of little ones - the choice is theirs! Eligibility criteria & T&Cs apply.

The Genesis Energy IQ app gives Genesis customers the smarts to help them take control of their energy. They can predict and compare their energy usage, book their free power shouts, plus order and track their bottled gas deliveries – the app is there for them 24/7. Eligibility criteria & T&Cs apply.

Outsmart winter with Genesis; with you, for you.

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