Panhead Let Loose Weekends

Let Loose Weekends

It’s time to let loose all weekend long, with your chance to win Panhead Custom Ale merch - how bloody gooood!

It’s time to Let Loose this Weekend!

We’ve got epic Panhead Custom Ales merch for you to score and $50 cash to give away all weekend long.

Keep The Rock loud and you could be winning!

Cheers to our mates at Panhead.

Live life less quiet, live loud with Panhead Custom Ales.

If ya don't know the name… Panhead's been brewing up a ruckus in an old Upper Hutt tyre factory since 2013. They roped in relies and mates to make it work, and got their name from an engine that looks like a pair of pints. They live and breathe custom culture, breaking things to make them better, cooler, faster, tastier.