Steel Blue Work Boots; Rugby Wrap Up


All season long, be sure to tune into the Morning Rumble for the Monday Rugby Wrap Up all thanks to Steel Blue Boots; 100% comfort guaranteed for whatever game you are in.

Who won what? Who got smashed? Who’s that new guy? Who is looking good for higher honours? You’ll get all the insight and indepth-ish analysis from sports guy John Day, with able support play from the rest of the Rumble that you can then pass off as your own opinion.

Plus it’s your chance to walk away - see what we did there – in a pair of Steel Blue Work Boots up to the value of $250. But you have to be listening to win.

The Monday Morning Wrap Up with Steel Blue Boots – built tough inside and out with 100% comfort guaranteed! They are a comfortable choice for any worker, protecting feet from day-to-day fatigue to reduce stress-related injuries. Plus, they are the only work boots to be endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association. Take the first step to better foot health. Visit to find your nearest stockist.

Cheers Steel Blue!