Rock Ring Card Girl
The Rock Ring Card Girl 2013 - vote now for who you think should win!

Help us pick our Rock Ring Card Girl for the Woodstock Fight For LifeWe're on the prowl for a chick to be our official Rock Ring Card Girl later this month at the Woodstock Fight For Life.

It's a chance for a beautiful young lady to strut her stuff around the ring wearing bugger all, but more importantly, the chance for you to perve at her while she does it. Which is what we call in the business, a win-win situation.

Pick from the five hotties below and let us know which one you reckon should rep us in the ring on the big night. But choose wisely - you can only vote for one!

Cheers to Issis Events for hooking us up with the lovely ladies below.What's that? There are more on their website too you say....go on then.


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