Mike interview Queens of the Stone Age guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen

They talk about the band's new album 'Villains' and coming to NZ.


Mike and Jim attempt to build a bar leaner, get screwed over by health & safety

Who let these guys handle powertools? (Not us).


That crazy bastard who painted his QLD-based house blue for State of Origin explains why he did it

And why the hell that letterbox is still maroon...


Mike and Jim try out for The Morning Rumble

With the Rumble on holiday, there's some pretty big boots to fill...


Dr John explains anxiety and how it affects everyone differently

Wise words from the Doc.


Bryce gives Rog a flu shot with one arm

For those of you scared of getting injections... just be glad Bryce isn't behind the needle.


Mike chats to Josh Homme ahead of the Queens of the Stone Age tour

No big deal, just Josh fucking Homme.


Mulls gets Bryce with a classic premature ejaculation gag

It's always funnier when the guy you're making fun of isn't there to defend himself.


WATCH: The Rock crew waste each other in The Royal Rumble


Check out The Rock crew's profiles for the Royal Rumble

Some epic finishing moves to debut this Friday from everyone from the Morning Rumble through to Rock Nights.


Dr John talks about depression & looking out for your mates

The boys talk depression and suicide prevention which has been a big topic over the last week.


Mike meets the people of Homegrown

Mike braved the tough crowds just to be called Jim the whole day.


City Of Souls tell Mike when they plan to release new music

Mike caught up with the boys at Homegrown over the weekend.


Check out what Mike from Rock Nights got up to in Niue

Mike jetted over to Niue with a couple of listeners for a fishing trip. Have a look at what they got up to on 'The One That Got Away In Niue'.


Devilskin give Mike a track-by-track breakdown of their new album

'Be Like The River' is out now.


Mike, Jen and John Day try float tanks - and John ends up tripping balls

One member of the team was definitely not ready to enter their own mind.

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