Broke Jim crawls under Thane's house looking for a weird smell to try make a quick buck

Shit got weird. Real quick.


Chick thinks she getting engaged, turns out geezer just wants to enter in the back door

No surprises, the clip has blown the hell up online.


Drunken munter use wild raccoon to help him drive, it does not go well

Possibly the most outrageous drunken yarn we've ever read.


Burger King told chicks to get knocked up by a World Cup player and score free whoppers

Only in Russia.


One bloke just brought doughnuts and chicken nuggies together

Introducing the donug...


WATCH: Horny couple go viral after getting caught going at it on plane seat

And the mile high club is currently boarding.


Mexican football fans went so ham after beating Germany, they caused a bloody earthquake

Holy hecka, that's one hell of a celebration.


Good news for the big knobs among us, large condoms are back in stock

Which let's be honest... Isn't any of us.


Corey Taylor covering Spongbob Squarepants is something we never knew we wanted

Throwing back to a weirdly excellent moment with Corey Taylor.


WATCH: Aussie man ambushed by his mates while sleeping in his undies, left tied up to his mattress on a highway

When your mate's stitch up makes the bloody news.


Nelson dearro's go viral after ganking a bench in hilarious CCTV getaway footage

Inconspicuous lads.


The NBA just got roasted by bad lip readers and the entire Rock office is in stitches

"yYa'll I'm trying to tell you , you gto the wrong guy, he's illuminati."


Roggy boy' twerked on National telly and holy hecka, it's everything we expected and more

Week 7 saw Roggy dancing his heart out in a backwards Rock cap and a gold chain - and shit it's a sight to behold.


WATCH: Rog's infomercial for Woll fry pans

Watch out Mike Puru.


Has DWTS changed Rog? An exclusive look in to Rog's behavior at the Rock HQ

Looks like the fame's gone to Twinkle Toes head...


Turns out Aussie's infamous "poo jogger" was a top dog exec

The bloke was honking out a dirty snake on a public footpath daily for over a year.


WATCH: Ozzy Osbourne endorses goat yoga and yes, that's a real thing

Ozzy Osbourne is about to launch his third season of Ozzy & Jack's World Detour, and the promo video is here.


Ledgebag baseball fan catches ball in her beer then chugs it back

What a catch.


WATCH: Days are numbered for the home covered with 75,000 cans of Fosters

There's a full noise doco on this glorious landmark for the humble Fozzie lover.


Aussie church gagging over the deep message they erected yesterday

"(Bl)Oh my god."


Freshen up your rugby knowledge with How to Dad and Kieran Read before the big test

Quality How To Rugby tips.


Kiwi bloke draws giant dicks around potholes in bid to get Auckland Transport to fix them

Nothing like a spot of gratuity to get the authorities attention. Kiwi ingenuity right there.


Doctors remove six-inch shower head from man’s bum after ‘slip’

That's what they all say mate.


'Murdered' journalist walks into press conference about his own death

Holy hecka. What a plot twist.


Thane and Dunc called their new fan Osama from Pakistan, who slipped into their DMs

Wonder how much this call set the company back...


WATCH: Dearros chasing cheese down brutally steep hill in slow motion to Ava Maria

The Annual Cheese Rolling Comp just went down and it's one hell of a painful yet hilarious watch.


WATCH: Jimbo nude models in his quest to become a male "entertainer"

The first Hen's night is this Thursday and the pressure is on.


Marilyn Manson took a whizz on Korn's food for the hahas

When you gotta go, you gotta go.


The Rumble stitch up Jim, sign him up on a male 'entertainer' website and then wax him for his first Hen's night

Back, sack and crack, Jimbo?


Rog's 5 most memorable moves on the dance floor last night (in shareable gif form)

Plus we sent Rog on a tumble through time and space....


Sesame Street's suing Melissa McCarthy for her X-rated puppet movie

When the druggos move on to your street and davalue your pride and joy, you're gonna bite back.


World's largest orgy overcomes venue hump, set to go down in Vegas next Saturday

With a 1000+ people ready to turn up (and on).


Kid eats nothing but sausage rolls for fifteen years

And you thought you knew fussy?


Internet begged Weezer to cover 'Africa', so they covered Toto's 'Rosanna' instead

Good from you, Weezer.


Blokes' hilariously accurate troll of basic b*tches and everything that sucks on Instagram



WATCH: Naked criminal leaps out of window, topples into invading SWAT team

One hell of a day for this unfortunate bloke.


This bad lip reading of the Royal Wedding is the best thing on the internet today

Still a bit of a sore spot after the wifey went on a three day Royal bender? This'll ease the pain, and make ya laugh.


Dubbing Over The Stars: Episode 4

The latest installment in the BETTER dancing show NZ has on offer.


5 top notch gifs from the big dog's bloody outstanding samba on DWTS last night

Our hero, immortalized in glorious giphy form.


WATCH: Warriors centre blames his undies for recent losses, takes destroying them to a new frontier

We're talking shooting, exorcising, burning, blending, freezing and smashing them to end the curse.


Jim's outrageous TV ad that aired on TV3, to cover his ass for crashing the Rock ute

The people of NZ were accosted by Jim at his weirdest on their tellys, for a one-screen only commercial.


Rog gets roasted for failing to empty knifes from the dishwasher without cutting himself



WATCH: Battler accidentally walks into LIVE news broadcast carrying huge weed plant

The timing is unbelievable. But real.


Sandra Bullock loves using a facial cream made from Korean newborn's foreskins

She even went on television to promote it. What a time to be alive.


Bloke stitches up his drink-driving mate to believe he's been in a coma for ten years

One hell of a way to learn a very important lesson.


Rog's 10 most memorable dance moves on DWTS so far (in shareable GIF form)

Because you just can't get enough of this NZ hero.


Mum thinks she's found her son's drugs, couldn't be more wrong

This has us in stitches.


Bloke says his ex is hotter than his current girlfriend on live television

This is a bloody painful watch.


Northland bloke reels in whopping 146 kg marlin, so huge it won't fit in his boat

Catch of the day goes to Josh Roberts in Whangarei.


New study reckons Netflix is a giant cockblock, ending couples sex lives

God damnit Netflix. I thought we were friends.


Steamed bloke accidentally climbs the alps while trying to find his hotel room

Wanted to climb into bed, climbed a mountain instead.


WATCH: Kiwi bloke goes viral after stitching up random Auckland motorists stuck in traffic

He's already wracked up half a million views.


Bloke tries a pre-workout stimulant for the first time and his review has us in stitches

Holy. This shit sounds more like a fry-up on the glass barbie than a safe and legal pre-workout powder...


Karen wants her $20 as Bane is the best thing you'll watch today

Holy sweet Jesus. Our sides hurt from laughing.


WATCH: Air sex competitions are a real thing and we're not sure if we're disturbed or turned on

We'd prefer the real thing.... But hey, each to their own.


Bloke gets friendzoned on television and shit, it's a brutal watch

One of the most savage scenes we've ever seen on TV.


Ryan Reynolds posts Deadpool's Avengers rejection letter

Our favourite Marvel hero didn't make the cut.


This lad's hilariously honest ad for his 1999 Toyota Corolla is the best thing you'll read today

You can't polish a turd, but you sure as hell can laugh at one.


Dead millionaire renders his wife of 42 years a pleb, leaving her nothing



Jim plays a song he wrote himself to The Killers frontman, Brandon Flowers

Not shit or painful to watch at all.


12yo rascal ganks his Mum's credit card, jumps on a plane to Bali

The size of this kid's balls.


Newlyweds drop a $1000 on cheeseburgers for drunken guests

Not all heroes wear capes.


Day 3: Jim strips to his undies, sleeps in Freedom bed for 28 minutes

So close to achieving the goal Jimbo. Don't stop dreaming mate.


Students asked to cut back on roundabout sex, deemed too distracting for drivers

Creating Os on a big O during O week. It's like an O-ception.


Lad smuggles himself into a porn show in cardboard box, covers actress in silly string

The Trojan horse of porn.


Here's the jobs that chicks swipe right the most on dating sites

No mention of radio workers...


Bloke sends chick an invoice for their date after she ghosts him

We understand the struggle, but if you're going to get salty mate, maybe don't offer to pay in the first place.


Man takes wife to court over mother-in-law being a pain in the ass



Girl's public toilet horror story is one hell of a funny code brown yarn for the rest of us

Public toilets are a stink place ... But this lass has had a worse experience than most...


Reporter takes a face full of dirt from MX rider like a champ

He 100% knew what he was doing.


Guy rewires his girlfriend's car horn to honk every time she brakes

That's a hell of a commitment for a laugh.


Embarrassing pic of John Cena pinned by The Undertaker at Wrestlemania goes viral for all the wrong reasons

Adding insult to injury.


Meet the different types of people that went to Jim Beam Homegrown

What a fascinating collection of creatures.


8-year-old boy accidentally wore a sexually graphic t-shirt of a woman's legs spread apart to school

When you know Dad dressed the kids that day...


BREAKING: Large condoms are being rationed due to global shortage

A global shortage in Durex condoms due to increased demand is forcing medical professionals to ration out prescriptions.


One million chicken nuggies have been lost in motorway crash

It's a sad day for nugget lovers.


WATCH: Woman's flashing ass moonlight of the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony

G'day and welcome to the GC's Commonwealth Ass Gate.


Bryce held hostage by a fox while in the UK

So, what does the fox say Bryce?


Ebay listing uses explicit pic to sell the lifestyle that goes with owning a Ferrari

Because a bright yellow Ferrari 360 Modena Giallo wasn't enough of a selling point.


WATCH: Lad caught rooting the ninth hole on the golf course

The "grand slam" nightmares are made of.


Maccas called the cops on Aussie bloke who "accidentally" took a better order

"Shouldn't they be fighting crime, not fighting the Hamburglar?"


Chick's top notch stitch up on punishing dude asking for nudes

One way to mess with a creep.


WATCH: Bloke smuggles his way into ringside seats at Anthony Joshua vs. Joseph Parker fight

And shows exactly how he did it.


Newlyweds leg it from the altar to the Crusaders game

The honeymoon of any rugby fanatic's dreams.


Munter argues with Tool frontman about Tool on Twitter without realizing who he's talking too

Not so classic stitch up.


Two women spotted eating mayonnaise from the jar at a basketball game

Two girls, one jar.


Putaruru's Poo Towns of New Zealand song is here and it's one of our best yet

When you live in a town, a town whose name starts with Pu.


WATCH: Kids listen to System of the Down for the first time, get their minds blown



That time Rog intimidated young Bryce into helping him get someone fired

When old big dog Rog throws his weight around.


Science confirms your relationship is making you fatter

Well, saw this one coming. Hey babe, can you pass me the chips?


We found Wilson Dixon busking on the street and dragged him into the studio to perform a tune

Ol mate Wilson Dixon's warming up for a tour around the country


Feeling dusty? Someone's created a hangover-curing ice cream for moments like this

The ice cream sandwich is aptly called 'Hang in there'.


Meet the 'weed nuns' doing 'God's work'

Blessed and blazed.


Science reckons staring at boobs improves males life expectancy

Great news. But not a free pass to be a creep.


Rich, famous chicks are spending $650 a pop on "penis facials"

Not as Pornhub as you'd think. It's actually worse.


Someone has created a 3000hp jet powered Holden Commodore

Some ledgebag decided to splice a humble 90's Holden Commodore with a jet engine.


WATCH: Bloke with bacon sandwich hitchhikes naked in NZ for a competition

He made international headlines, but's got nothing else to show for it.


WATCH: Weekend host Lee eats a pig's dick on a stick

Cooked nipples also on the menu. Chea Hokitika Wildfoods Fest.


Tools down team, Lego's looking for a master model builder

Hell of a job with not too shabby a salary.


Steve wants to wrestle John Cena for his role back in the new Blue's Clues

John Cena hosting kids TV though...