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Dancing With The Big Dog

Keep up with Rog as he fumbles his way through Dancing With The Stars NZ.

Dancing With The Big Dog

Keep up with Rog as he fumbles his way through Dancing With The Stars NZ.

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The Latest from The Morning Rumble

Rog's ego literally explodes after learning he's a shitload of people's top hall pass choice in recent station survey

The people's champ. And now a sex icon?


Bryce's ode (and visual montage) to the people's champ, Roger Twinkle Toes Farrelly

"As Neil Young famously sung - it's better to burn out than to fade away and Rog you burned brighter than a glass barbie in a Whangarei flat."


Bryce's dad texts to confirm he and the missus are still 'knockin' boots' on the reg

Chalk up another one big Tony!


Ballsy caller put Bryce and his "runny nose" whinging to shame

He's just out there doin' it...


Mulls trolls motorcyclists with another "yay or nay" poll, they don't take it well

What a stitch up.


Mulls opens up the baby boomer feedback line after Suzy Cato's DWTS elimination

The boomers are fuming once again. Because there definitely isn't more important shit going on in the world.


Producer Ryan got his car kicked in by a ruthless cyclist - yay or nay?

This is bloody outrageous.


The Rumble discover the new "average length" of a penis

Pretty below average all round...


An exploding can of spaghetti burnt a bloke's wanger

The hot dog of nightmares.


The Rumble uncover a jet-boating trade secret

The truth comes out.


Sharyn caught Bryce doing some very questionable shit in the shower

Well this is extremely embarrassing.... Caught in the act.


Rog gets sucked into performing a "Latin twerk" on DWTS this weekend

Can not wait for the memes.


Bryce recounts the first time he got on the piss, soiled himself, then cried in the shower

Owned by a bottle of bubbly.


Mulls rips into baby boomer keyboard warriors following Robert Rakete's DWTS elimination

"David sucks and the dude who fell over the other week is still there?" #Unbelievable


WATCH: Rog cuts shapes to Awolnation with TWO leather-clad ladies

And the mesh bodysuit just made it's comeback.


Bear Grylls help NZ stay warm, dishes out his Winter warmer tips to the Rumble

You'll need a moose, a cow and some of your own urine...


Bryce discovers his doggo gets a more regular rub down than him

45 minute massage for a 45cm dog.


Caller's mum stole flowers from the cemetery every Sunday arvo

How rank is this...


Bryce trolls Mulls with outrageous flat earther logic

Mulls, you okay mate?


Big-shot Rog is turning into Bishop Brian with his new social media team

Simmer down big dog.


WATCH: Jim smashed The Rumble's naked waiter training, literally

Jim's first Hens night is tomorrow. #PrayForJim #ProbablyPrayForTheHensMore.


Rumble caller lost three grand wedding ring, replaced it with a lolly ring for the big day

And two other hilarious yarns that landed our callers in hot water.


WATCH: Jimbo nude models in his quest to become a male "entertainer"

The first Hen's night is this Thursday and the pressure is on.


Marama Fox pays out Rog for the "sympathy vote"



The boys savage Bryce and his "shituation" after he ate a bad curry and took the day off

From calling him a p*ssy to questioning his wife's life choices


Turns out Bryce is a-ok doing the business with his pet dog in the room

One in three Aussies are okay doing the nasty while their pets are in the room. So, what are the Kiwi odds?


The Rumble stitch up Jim, sign him up on a male 'entertainer' website and then wax him for his first Hen's night

Back, sack and crack, Jimbo?


Steven Adler tells Bryce about how he helped revive Nikki Sixx from a near fatal OD

Plus a load more insanely rock & roll yarns.


Mulls the mongrel got caught pissing in a Berlin train station rubbish bin

The nerve of him. What a sicko.


Rog lets rips on Bryce after we find out he's never watched a Star Wars movie in his life

Bryce Casey. You fraud.


Rog admits to plastering his wall with Pamela Anderson nudes at age 23

Bet those posters are still hiding in the spare bedroom...


Relive Rog letting off the greatest "oh" in television history

Highlight of DWTS thus far.


Chris Harris' got trapped in an elevator with fifteen other people on Christmas Day

What a punish.


Bryce got locked in the shitter at Wellington Airport as his flight was boarding

On one bar of reception, he had to call the Wellington Airport to rescue him.


Rog gets roasted for failing to empty knifes from the dishwasher without cutting himself



Mulls & Bryce stitch up Rog with ridiculous DWTS song choice for this weekend

It's musical icon week , Rog thought David Bowie was a sure thing. Rog thought wrong.


Jacinda Ardern might name her baby Rog if ol' mate pulls off the big win on DWTS

She's just upped the stakes big dog!


Bryce & Mulls write hypothetical funeral eulogies for each other and they're hella savage

God forbid...


Mulls and Rog fantasise about who'd they be in the movies, Bryce shoots 'em down

Hey mate, dreams are free.


Caller Kev's own mother told a bunch of his old mates that he's dead

Who's Kev? I thought he was dead!


Rog dogs the boys and keeps his celebrity fingers cake to himself

This dancing shit's gone to Rockin Rogs head. Mulls and Bryce stage an intervention.


The Rumble roast Brad the boss for chatting up two hottie colleagues instead of working

Live, as he's doing it, and shit, it's funny.


WATCH: Mulls gut-wrenching close call during Arctic Monkeys Roulette this morning



Bryce tells Naz he was obliged to interview her after she says their chat was "awkward"

Naz didn't realise her mic was still on, making for one hell of an awkward yarn.


Rog has an unexpected sleepover in Producer Ryan's bedroom

Which side of the bed do you reckon he slept on?


Rumble listeners share the most disturbing stage 5 clinger stories

Thought your one night stand was a clinger? This is next level.


Nothing Else Matters but Rog's Viennese Waltz to Metallica on DWTS

The big dog showed the Viennese Waltz who is boss.


Rog 'Farelly Fingers' punters on K-Road and rides in a sidekart for his DWTS camapaign

Cheers to Casey Mulligan Management.


Rog will be waltzing to Metallica in his next dance on DWTS

Rog's taking on Metallica in his next DWTS appearance.


Rog ran out of gas on the motorway, got rescued by an absolute hero

What a champ.


Jim turns up late to nab some acting tips from Julian Dennison

Classic Jimbo.


Bryce's been ghosting Statistics NZ, so The Rumble stitched him up with hilarious call



Would you take a pay rise but work with dickheads? Or work with GCs and go without?

Rumble asking the big questions today.


Rog has to leave Rumble early for his "hair call" at DWTS, the boys absolutely roast him

You've gotta be winding us up here.


Suzy Cato reads The Rumble an outrageous bedtime story about a baked sparky

Are you nice and comfy, ready for a story about Liam?


Nate from Mai FM tells his listeners to vote for Rog on DWTS

Bloody good on ya, Nate.


Missed it? Watch Rog take on the cha-cha, leopard print and Bruno Mars all at once

Deep breaths.


Bryce and Mulls' savage burn on no mates Roggy

How sad is this...


Bryce creates an orchestra of Chewbaccas for May the 4th

May the 4th be with you.


Rog endorses some brand new chocolate fingers

It's got a great ring to it...


The Rumble chat to the guy who broke his penis during sex



Rog used to be a biscuit-tasting lab rat

From humble beginnings...


Rog met TK in a carpark, sparking listeners to share their shittest celeb encounters

Cool story bro.


Royal Blood talk getting cooked on mushies at Imagine Dragons and stealing a golf cart

Ridiculous rock and roll chat with the Rumble.


Rog and Sharyn absolutely roasted Bryce on DWTS tonight

"I would just like to confirm that yes, Rog did borrow this off my husband. And you did a lot better moves than he did the last time he wore it."


Rog's booty-spanking jive that actually wasn't half bad

Bloody proud of you Rog.


Bryce gets burnt by his wife Sharyn on live television... again

Savagery from Sharyn.


Yes, that's Rog dancing in a mesh singlet in the DWTS NZ opener

This is what dreams are made of.


Lad dived out of moving car when news girl Mel forgot his name

Ever forgotten somone's name mid-pull, while out on the lash?


We covered Rog's Vitz with Dancing With The Stars stickers

The big dog didn't appreciate our gesture of support...


Jeremy wrote one hell of a song about Rog on Dancing With The Stars

Jeremy, you've outdone yourself.


We rewired Rog's Vitz to honk every time he hit the brakes

Mulls and Bryce's best stitch up yet.


Would you pay 8k to fix your dog's vagina like Bryce might be?

There are no words.


The Morning Rumble pay respect to NZ's greatest swigger and kiwi legend, Johnny Danger

Rest easy, swig dangerously Johnny.


Study finds Kiwi men worst lovers in the world

In light of this cutting news, The Morning Rumble hosted a 'Bad Lovers Anonymous'.


Rog, the grumpy bastard, whinges about people standing up in seated areas at gigs

"Do the chicken dance, Rog. This is what happens when you lose."


Rog's on air meltdown when he realised Mulls' contract is more secure than his is

We've never heard the man laugh more nervously.


Northland teen tasered after stealing tractor and leading 90-minute low-speed police chase

Leading the Morning Rumble to ask: have you been tasered?


Jim tests how long he can sleep in a Harvey Norman bed before getting kicked out

Sweet dreams Jimbo - The Morning Rumble.


Bryce wants to hook up with Mulls' mum just so he'd have to call him "Dad"

That's FUBAR. But friggin' hilarious.


WATCH: Jim's full and uncensored, raw stand-up comedy debut

After weeks of prep, Jim finally took the stage last night.


WATCH: Aussie bloke throws bucket of fire starters on the barbie, somehow survives

The silly bugger is lucky to be alive - Do not try at home!


Rog destroys a listener who was hating on his Dancing With The Stars chat

When Rog stops laughing and talks seriously, you know you've fucked up.


WATCH: Can Mulls beat a 100-year-old man's 50m swimming record?

Will he sink or swim?


Rog was so bad at swimming his school made him enter "swim walking" competitions

Just when you think his childhood couldn't get any sadder...


WATCH: Rog gets taken to the Dancing With The Stars set to shoot his promo video

We can't believe what we're seeing.


"She was drinking a lot of gin" - Rog's daughter shares how his wife dealt with his DWTS news

And also how embarrassed she is of her dear ol dad.


Rog gets stitched up, gets told he's officially signed up for Dancing With The Stars NZ

This ain't a joke.


Watch Rog have a mini-breakdown when asked if he could work with his wife

Tell us how you really feel, Rog.


Mulls' real relatable storm yarn about how his electric gate wouldn't open

Pray for Mulls, fam.


Watch Dynamo turn three lotto tickets into a handful of $20 notes


Jim gets called out for stealing jokes from Norm Macdonald for his stand-up routine

We should have known he wasn't that clever to think up jokes like that all by himself.


Mulls is going to attempt to break this 100-year-old bloke's 50m swimming record

We don't hold much luck.


WATCH: Hungover Jim will make you feel much better about your own life decisions

The absolute state of this man.


Bloke with Do'Bro tat gives us the ultimate bogan life hack

The Morning Rumble went from talking brand tats to what to do when the local pub hasn't got Double Brown on tap...


Sandpaper tips from Rosco

Bryce has some home renos on the go, thought he'd ask the Black Caps batsman if he had any sandpaper recommendations.


Bryce held hostage by a fox while in the UK

So, what does the fox say Bryce?


Joseph Parker talks about Bryce's special role at the big fight

Bryce is officially one of the boys now.


Jim pours his missus' breast milk into Mulls eyeball to try cure his pink eye

We'll remember to warm up your bot bot next time Mully.


Mulls asks Sharyn Casey if he can have some of her breast milk

Convenient Bryce is away at this time...

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