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Are dogs racist?

The age-old question answered by The Morning Rumble.


Blokes try to find mate's hotel room, end up in a room with random couple at 3am

The ol' classic mix-up.


Rog goes to town on Bryce for shitting on his favourite movie, Top Gun

"Bryce, the movies you've seen you could probably write on the back of a postage stamp."


What's the soundtrack to the Rumble's lives?

Getting a little too real with some of these tunes.


We talk to the real guys who caught drug lord Pablo Escobar

Asking the important questions, like 'did they touch any of the coke they busted?'


The Rumble discover NZ's very own Harambe moment

"That's my orange, kid."


Bryce finds out the disturbing truth about where condoms come from

Ewe wont be very impressed.


Rog surprises no one by creeping on Viarni from The Bachelor

"Settle down, Rog."


Mulls throws Zac Franich into the dog-box by asking about the 'L' word

Always asking the hard-hitting questions.


Rog offends Cliff Curtis, ends up majorly dropping his nuts

The Rumble's first (and potentially last) chat with the Kiwi actor.


Did Michael Galvin (a.k.a. Chris Warner) yell abuse at Mulls from his car window?

"You deserve it. You looked like idiots."


Bryce's eulogy for Chris Cornell

Spoken from one fan to another.


How do porn stars manage to keep it up during filming?

Take some notes.


We managed to find a cat that sounds exactly like Rog

This cat has pretty much the same vocab as him, too.


Rog insults everyone by saying he hates avocados

That's not the Juan.


The Morning Rumble ask listeners what they hate about them

Do you guys want some ice for those burns?


What you should not be doing at a wedding

Showing up to your own wedding drunk is definitely one of them.


Rog creeps everyone out during a chat about stage-five clingers and strippers

Speaking from experience, Rogee?


Mike King chats about the sad-but-true suicide stats in NZ

These numbers are pretty hard to ignore. Time to start talking about the problem, NZ.


Is it okay to drop the 'L' word after a one night stand?

Must have had some good shit...


Rog gets ripped a new one when his wife invites herself to Jim Beam Rock Island

Just a tad whipped...


The Morning Rumble pay out every guy with the name 'Brad'

Everyone knows a Brad. (He's our boss).


Jen had an online romance with a navy pilot, was probably some bloke in his mum's basement

Where's the bullshit bell?


Rog almost drowns trying to save a couple of drinks

Just a few tips for your next holiday.


A Rock crew member fake tanned on the last Jim Beam Rock Island, got detained by airport security

It's never okay to walk around like a human Dorito.


Jason Kerrison talks about sharing a room with Rog at the last Jim Beam Rock Island

Ol' mate Kerro's gonna be there - will you?


The Morning Rumble get carried away with 69er chat

The nude top and tailing.


The Morning Rumble argue over the best way to eat KFC

Is it better hot or cold?


It's here, download our 'Yo Mamma!' calendar

Yo mamma is so... hot.


Bryce tries to fat shame his wife, cocks up terribly

Lesson learned?


Bryce's mum gets roasted for her calendar photo

On ya, Vicki.


Barrett Factor - Who is the better of the Barrett brothers?

Adding some fuel to the fire.


Rog has been deprived of a boys night for too many years

Harden up Rog.


This bloke has the 'worst' mum out there

From stealing $5 shoes, to dating her son's mate.


Lesbian parenting tips from Urzila Carlson

We can't guarantee these are effective parenting methods, but hey, they sound legit to us.


Rog talks about what he did during a home invasion

We wouldn't expect anything less (or more) from you, Rog.


Devilskin's Jennie Skulander joins The Morning Rumble's mum calendar

Ain't no hotter celeb mum than Waikato's finest rocker.


Bryce gives Rog a flu shot with one arm

For those of you scared of getting injections... just be glad Bryce isn't behind the needle.


Mulls talks about the time he accidentally stole a car

He ended up dinging the car. No surprises there.


The Morning Rumble chat to the Westie mum from their calendar

Hitting her with the important questions like "was your baby conceived in a car?"


Jen makes Joseph Parker smash back his first ever raw egg

Maybe not the best idea ahead of a fight...


Ever wondered what 5 Chewbaccas sound like at once?

May the fourth be with you.


The Rumble cook Joseph Parker the shittiest breakfast

'My Kitchen Sucks' has never been a truer title.


Stephen Donald explains why it took him 15 years to bloody graduate

Hats off to him.


NZ's Hottest Mums - Gallery 6

We started out looking for a calendar... and we got a few years' worth.

NZ's Hottest Mums - Gallery 4

We started out looking for a calendar... and we got a few years' worth.

NZ's Hottest Mums - Gallery 7

We started out looking for a calendar... and we got a few years' worth.

NZ's Hottest Mums - Gallery 3

We started out looking for a calendar... and we got a few years' worth.

Rog's voicemail is so cringeworthy, it's good

The only thing worse than this would be one of those old school Wicked Welcomes.


NZ's Hottest Mums - Gallery 2

We started out looking for a calendar... and we got a few years' worth.

The Morning Rumble are looking for hot mums for their calendar

This is the real motherload.


Rog tries to ring a MILF, gets the wrong number

Dodgy Rogee up to his old tricks again.


Which members of The Rumble have had threesomes?

Unsurprisingly, one member is "gagging" for one.


Jen talks about whether or not she could date two people

Sit down, boys.


NZ's Hottest Mums - Gallery 1

We started out looking for a calendar... and we got a few years' worth.

Bryce offends the entire deaf community while buying cookies

And that was the last time Bryce's wife ever let him out in public.


Mulls has another live TV blowout with handshake fail

Not drunk, just real gumby.


Listener had the most NSFW way to impress a girl in 10 secs

It takes a lot to shut these guys up... but this caller did.


Mulls gets rotten fruit thrown at him during Walk of Shame

Shame. Shame. Shame.


The Rumble attempt to do their show in a shock collar

Mulls was shocked by a dog collar for his shitty TV incident, so the Rumble decided to do the rounds, too.


Producer Jeremy's Slurred Lines parody

It's brewtally honest.


Mulls gets shocked with a dog collar for being 'Drunk AF'

Shocking treatment for some shocking behaviour.


Rog rips into Mulls for getting dumped by all his exes

Rog has been on one hell of a roll lately.


Mulls gets roasted for being 'drunk AF' on live TV

How do you stop a juggernaut, Mulls?


Mulls has a blowout on live TV

In case you missed it on Saturday night.


Rog savagely burns Bryce over not being able to find a job

It hasn't always been a cruisy life of talking shit on the radio for Bryce.


This dude sang Pearl Jam to seduce Hot Producer Dani

Nothing says romance like 'Last Kiss'.


Loud couple having sex interrupt tennis match

When things get a little too NSFW during tennis.


Mulls compares his face to his balls

Forget 'Melanoma Mulls', we're using 'Ball-Face Mulligan' from here on in.


The Morning Rumble suck helium, struggle to sound different

Don't worry, some of us are just late bloomers.


How to fix a car with non-car parts

Not for those who love their cars.


The Morning Rumble try to score a date with their own version of Tinder

They want to start a fire, all they need is a match.


Tre Cool lets everyone in on Rog's most ballsy secret

What a face off.


Listeners share the stupidest things their partners have said

You've dug yourself a hole now lads.


Bryce & Mulls share the dumbest things their wives have said

Really, Sharyn?


Mark Hunt reckons Bryce needs shoulder surgery for "double fist pumping"

Never gonna live this one down.


Mark Hunt stitches up John Day in a game of VR



Can you go through a drive-thru on a motorised picnic table?

Drive-Thru Friday is back (except... it's Monday).


Mulls gets Bryce with a classic premature ejaculation gag

It's always funnier when the guy you're making fun of isn't there to defend himself.


The Bachelor reacts to Jim's pisstakes of the show

Takes it like a champ.


The 'IT' trailer if Rog was in the movie

As if this movie couldn't get any more terrifying.


This is what happens when Jen & Rog attempt to do cartwheels

Some real horrifying flashbacks for Rogee today.


Dave Dobbyn performs 'Beside You' live in studio

Dave came in to perform an acoustic song live on air for The Morning Rumble. How good.


Rog gets his headphones tangled after Jen talks about hooking up with a listener

Funny how it only happened when Bryce started talking about Jen's booty...


Samantha Hayes crushes Bryce's dreams, says he won't make the news if he dies

Want some ice for that burn


Rumble listeners show their lack of support for Bryce

He's definitely not feeling love before the operation


Bryce's eulogy is full of more bullshit than he is

Bryce wrote and read his own eulogy to nation in mourning.


Rog and Bryce rip each other a new one over 'Top Gun'

We haven't seen Bryce so pissed


Rog talks about the time he almost died trying to get a selfie with a pink dolphin

Cool yarn, bro.


Rog's greatest selfies of all time

And by greatest, we mean worst.


Rog gets shit for trying to do the 'Wazzap' thing

Leave it to the others, dad.


WATCH: The Rock crew waste each other in The Royal Rumble


Check out The Rock crew's profiles for the Royal Rumble

Some epic finishing moves to debut this Friday from everyone from the Morning Rumble through to Rock Nights.


Bloke finds his mum's edible undies with the groceries

"I guess Dad wasn't the only one getting dessert that night."


First world problems, Rog bitches about his hard ice cream

He went to the F1 alone, got crap seats, and to top it off his dairy treat was too hard.


Rog gets a bit down after a weekend at the F1 by himself

Rog has no friends... no surprises there.


John Day burns Bryce by comparing him to Mike McRoberts

Imagine if we had to listen to Bryce butcher the news every night.


Bryce gets ripped out for having front row tickets to Adele

If he can get onstage he'll whip his pants off and try and go viral.


This guys unlucky mate lost his arm first day on the job

He was 6 hours into the new job when the horror guillotine accident went down.


Listeners confess to their gross & unhealthy addictions

From energy drinks to pies, and even drinking your own piss... we got some doozies.