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Producer Ryan gets ripped apart for going to Basshunter back in the day

Like he rightfully should.

8 hours ago

This bloke's yarn was so shithouse, Bryce had to ring the bullshit bell

Great chat, bro.


Bryce says parenting will be a "piece of piss", gets ripped a new one by Mulls and Rog

Time to trade in the party bus for an Odyssey people mover.


Bryce announces he's about to become a dad

We've never been so excited and terrified at the same time.


This bloke hasn't had a drink of water since the 80's

We'd hate to think what this guy's insides look like.


Rog gets made Mayor of Hamilton, has a massive power trip and abuses people

Rog... or Joffrey?


Is this the most savage break up ever?

Someone's been smuggling more than just drugs...


Rog became Mayor of Hamilton for one night, rocks the crowd at his 25th party

The big dog in his element. On ya Rog.


Bryce's epic tribute to Guns N' Roses' Appetite For Destruction album

The iconic album hits 30 today. How good.


Blindspott's Damian Alexander talks about the death of Chester Bennington

Damian and Chester have shared the stage multiple times before, and the Blindspott frontman has spoken out about the loss.


Rog wasted $700 on a cancelled Bowie gig, ends up seeing a crappy replacement

Rog finally managed to silence the others with a yarn like this.


Rog's terrible, borderline-racist attempts at accents are enough to make anyone cringe

This is really hard to watch... but oh, so worth it.


Who wants to see Jen and Rog recreate the Dirty Dancing scene?

Jen isn't, but Rog sure as hell is. We'll give you two massive guesses why.


Bryce has figured out why Rog's wife doesn't smoke ciggies anymore

And it's bleak for the wee fella.


The backlash when Rog spoiled the first episode of Game of Thrones last year

He won't do that ever again.


Mulls burns everyone while reviewing their new Rumble t-shirt

"I look like the creature from the Goonies, and Rog - you straight up look like Richard Nixon"


Bad Jim calls to play Radio Tinder with Rumble listener Rachel

And he's still just as creepy as ever.


If Mulls and Rog were Queensland players...

Pretty bang-on comparisons if you ask us...


Mulls' wife Emma tears him apart in a handwritten letter

We need to hear from Emma more often.


Bryce finds out the embarrassing way what NOT to ask for when getting a massage

"I meant head massage" - once again, words have betrayed Bryce Casey.


John Day reckons Weetbix stole his "Dare To Dream" slogan

Yeah, ok mate....


What's the most damage you've caused on the job?

Working hard, or hardly working?


Rog had a massive fight with his wife because he forgot to buy olive oil

A real insight into Rog's personal life.


We've noticed Mulls gives zero f**ks when listeners are talking are on the phone

At least try look interested, Mulls.


When you try to do the right thing, but shit happens

When shit literally hits the van.


Bryce, Mulls and Jen's intervention for Rog who is struggling to speak

Three days in and the cheese has already slipped off the cracker.


Bryce pays out his wife for thinking Forrest Gump was based on actual events

Apparently life is literally like a box of chocolates.


Rog says kissing someone else doesn't count as cheating, gets savagely burned by his wife

"What? Some girl just happens to throw themselves at you? That doesn't happen to you."


Bryce gets a cheap, dodgy massage from a massive tradie, immediately regrets decision

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


Brad the Boss embarrasses his entire family, fails to find massive new Waterview Tunnel

Probably what you deserve for getting excited about a bloody tunnel...


Rog gets pranked, accepts fake job offer from Aussie radio station (2012)

And he threw everyone under the bus to get there.


Mike and Jim try out for The Morning Rumble

With the Rumble on holiday, there's some pretty big boots to fill...


WATCH: We gave Rog an entire freakin' studio for his 25th anniversary present

What else do you get a Rock announcer other than their own studio?


Listen to a bunch of Kiwis says some choice words about Rog

Cheers for 25 years, Rog.


Have a geeze at the last 25 years of Rog's life at The Rock

Rog has lasted 25 years here, which we reckon is a pretty good effort. Have a look at what he's got up to.


Rog loses his gherkin at Bryce for ratting him out about getting overpaid

To be expected, when your wallet is as tight as your eyes.


Chick in sexy maid costume has her hair catch on fire during sex

That's one way to heat things up in the bedroom.


THROWBACK: Bryce steps in the ring as Joseph Parker's undercard 4 years ago

Taking on none other than Mai FM's Nickson Clark. What a difference 4 years can make.


Mulls goes full juggernaut while trying to work a shift at McDonald's

How do you stop a McJuggernaut?


How long did you leave an injury before hitting up the doc?

"She'll be right"... or will she?


Bryce gets roasted by Mike Hosking for riding his wife's coattails

"Sharyn Casey?! Are you seriously married to her?"


Bryce Casey is a NZ "power couple" because of his much more successful wife

Riding the missus' coattails once again, ay Bryce?


UFC middleweight Derek Brunson explains how he'd beat the shit out of Bryce

Your snaggle-tooth won't save you now, Bryce.


Bloke accidentally pops his intestine into his ballbag, has to have food pass through his nuts

As far as injuries go, this one goes balls deep.


Rog's 12-year-old daughter rips into him for being a shit dad

We really ought to make her a permanent guest.


Dr John explains anxiety and how it affects everyone differently

Wise words from the Doc.


How Jen broke a rib by falling into a chilly bin

There's drunk, and then there's Jen Bainbridge drunk.


Liam Squire missed his first AB phone call cause he was smashing Maccas in a drive-thru

He'd also rather go pig hunting than footy training. Good man.


John Day's yarn about how he fought a dwarf at school and sprained both thumbs

"He knew some ji-kwon-do or something" - lay off the cheese, John.


This is what happens when dillies get delivered to the wrong address

An absolute cock up.


This dude spent $125K over 10 months on a shitty gaming app

We've never seen Rog so angry.


Rog's top 10 tips for saving money and getting ahead in the property market

Some hot tips from the stingiest guy we know.


Rog loses his shit as Bryce talks about his "dodgy" shower injury

You sure that was shower gel, Bryce?


Are dogs racist?

The age-old question answered by The Morning Rumble.


Blokes try to find mate's hotel room, end up in a room with random couple at 3am

The ol' classic mix-up.


Rog goes to town on Bryce for shitting on his favourite movie, Top Gun

"Bryce, the movies you've seen you could probably write on the back of a postage stamp."


What's the soundtrack to the Rumble's lives?

Getting a little too real with some of these tunes.


We talk to the real guys who caught drug lord Pablo Escobar

Asking the important questions, like 'did they touch any of the coke they busted?'


The Rumble discover NZ's very own Harambe moment

"That's my orange, kid."


Bryce finds out the disturbing truth about where condoms come from

Ewe wont be very impressed.


Rog surprises no one by creeping on Viarni from The Bachelor

"Settle down, Rog."


Mulls throws Zac Franich into the dog-box by asking about the 'L' word

Always asking the hard-hitting questions.


Rog offends Cliff Curtis, ends up majorly dropping his nuts

The Rumble's first (and potentially last) chat with the Kiwi actor.


Did Michael Galvin (a.k.a. Chris Warner) yell abuse at Mulls from his car window?

"You deserve it. You looked like idiots."


Bryce's eulogy for Chris Cornell

Spoken from one fan to another.


How do porn stars manage to keep it up during filming?

Take some notes.


We managed to find a cat that sounds exactly like Rog

This cat has pretty much the same vocab as him, too.


Rog insults everyone by saying he hates avocados

That's not the Juan.


The Morning Rumble ask listeners what they hate about them

Do you guys want some ice for those burns?


What you should not be doing at a wedding

Showing up to your own wedding drunk is definitely one of them.


Rog creeps everyone out during a chat about stage-five clingers and strippers

Speaking from experience, Rogee?


Mike King chats about the sad-but-true suicide stats in NZ

These numbers are pretty hard to ignore. Time to start talking about the problem, NZ.


Is it okay to drop the 'L' word after a one night stand?

Must have had some good shit...


Rog gets ripped a new one when his wife invites herself to Jim Beam Rock Island

Just a tad whipped...


The Morning Rumble pay out every guy with the name 'Brad'

Everyone knows a Brad. (He's our boss).


Jen had an online romance with a navy pilot, was probably some bloke in his mum's basement

Where's the bullshit bell?


Rog almost drowns trying to save a couple of drinks

Just a few tips for your next holiday.


A Rock crew member fake tanned on the last Jim Beam Rock Island, got detained by airport security

It's never okay to walk around like a human Dorito.


Jason Kerrison talks about sharing a room with Rog at the last Jim Beam Rock Island

Ol' mate Kerro's gonna be there - will you?


The Morning Rumble get carried away with 69er chat

The nude top and tailing.


The Morning Rumble argue over the best way to eat KFC

Is it better hot or cold?


It's here, download our 'Yo Mamma!' calendar

Yo mamma is so... hot.


Bryce tries to fat shame his wife, cocks up terribly

Lesson learned?


Bryce's mum gets roasted for her calendar photo

On ya, Vicki.


Barrett Factor - Who is the better of the Barrett brothers?

Adding some fuel to the fire.


Rog has been deprived of a boys night for too many years

Harden up Rog.


This bloke has the 'worst' mum out there

From stealing $5 shoes, to dating her son's mate.


Lesbian parenting tips from Urzila Carlson

We can't guarantee these are effective parenting methods, but hey, they sound legit to us.


Rog talks about what he did during a home invasion

We wouldn't expect anything less (or more) from you, Rog.


Devilskin's Jennie Skulander joins The Morning Rumble's mum calendar

Ain't no hotter celeb mum than Waikato's finest rocker.


Bryce gives Rog a flu shot with one arm

For those of you scared of getting injections... just be glad Bryce isn't behind the needle.


Mulls talks about the time he accidentally stole a car

He ended up dinging the car. No surprises there.


The Morning Rumble chat to the Westie mum from their calendar

Hitting her with the important questions like "was your baby conceived in a car?"


Jen makes Joseph Parker smash back his first ever raw egg

Maybe not the best idea ahead of a fight...


Ever wondered what 5 Chewbaccas sound like at once?

May the fourth be with you.


The Rumble cook Joseph Parker the shittiest breakfast

'My Kitchen Sucks' has never been a truer title.


Stephen Donald explains why it took him 15 years to bloody graduate

Hats off to him.


NZ's Hottest Mums - Gallery 6

We started out looking for a calendar... and we got a few years' worth.

NZ's Hottest Mums - Gallery 4

We started out looking for a calendar... and we got a few years' worth.

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