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Jim of all trades: The full Nookie on ice experience

After two weeks of intense training it all came down to this one moment...


Mulls helps Jim get into his Tonya character by ambushing him with a 9000 volt cattle prod

Method acting. Didn't quite get the facts right.... but since when do we do facts?


The Project caught Rog rigging our plans to lift the curse moments before he was deported

Just couldn't help yourself could ya Rog....


The moment we told Rog we're deporting him to the Gold Coast tonight

Roger will not be cursing the Black Caps tonight.


Jacinda Ardern requests Rog's deportation before the big game tonight

The leader of our nation has spoken. Rog Must Go.


Black Caps, their coach and the head honcho of Eden Park all agree: Rog must go

The right thing to do here is clear...


How Rog and his dad tried to "get rid of" 12 geese when he was a kid

We can hear the SPCA calling us now...


Brad's yarn about how he once gave his wife a 'Dick In A Box' gift for Valentine's Day

What. A. Creature.


Sharyn calls out Bryce for his shitter of a Valentine's Day present

Bryce didn't think he left anything for Sharyn on Valentine's Day, he was wrong.


If you thought you were a shitty, cheap V Day date, wait til you hear these muppet's plans

From heating up meals to trying to score free presents from listeners...


Watch Rog shit bricks after he f**ks up the radio

His terrified reaction is priceless.


We taped Bryce and Mulls together - forehead to forehead - and shit got real weird

During a weird day dream in bed with his lovely wife Sharyn, Bryce started fantasising about a Siamese twin existence.


One Jim, one Vitz in need of towing, one splodge of 'Magic Putty', WILL IT WORK!?

In episode four of Andrew Mulligan's 'WILL IT WORK' segment, we give MAGIC PUTTY a hoon.


Mulls tries to explain to Bryce why his Facebook conspiracy is a load of bollocks

You're fighting a losing battle, Mulls.


Bryce reveals he gets stage fright at the urinal and prefers peeing sitting down

"Everybody come in here - Bryce is struggling to go wees."


Jim bit a listener at the Foos - in a misguided attempt to defend The Rock

Bloody well hope they got a tetanus shot after the ordeal....


HICKEY CHAT: We rip Rog and all the other old buggers who are still sucking

Make it stop.


Will It Work: The Flex Tape Edition

Will the miracle tape that can supposedly keep holes in pools from leaking and lift cars work? Or... not?


Bryce and Brad got way too steamed before meeting the Foo Fighters, completely cocked it

From helping themselves to the bands rider to having no clue what the f*ck was going on.


The big boss of radio stitched up Bryce for his blatant personal product placement

Bryce's attempts at scoring free shit for himself on air hasn't gone unnoticed by the head honcho.


Heat driving you mad? Mulls has a life hack for you and it's a real blower

Mulls life hacks are BACK!


CASH COCK: The best of Mulls losing his absolute shit (as per requested by management)

We're surprised he didn't burst a blood vessel by the end of this week...


Producer Ryan's sleep talking is so out the gate his missus thinks he might be possessed

How the shit she manages to sleep next to the man every night... We can only wonder.


Can you blow a fried egg off a Copper Pro 360 fry pan like in the ads?

Can it be done, or will Mulls be left with egg on his face?


Bryce believes there is a fly spray conspiracy even bigger than the one about a flat earth

Which means Mulls has a new conspiracy to rage quit at...


Rog "the influencer" tried to score a free gym membership. It didn't go to plan

Not quite the celeb we thought you were, eh Roggy?


Will It Work? The Morning Rumble put Suzanne Paul's Bambillo Pillow to the test

It's like Mythbusters, but way more shit.


Rog is staying off the pies to keep his "sexy" figure for his wife

Anyone else just throw up everywhere?


Cash Cock winner savages the Morning Rumble team in top notch wind up

What would you do if you knew you only had fifteen minutes to live?


Rog attempted to "subtly" perve on bikini babe at the beach, got snapped by the wife

Would love to know what "subtle" looks like to ol' Rog Dog.


Joseph Parker gives Bryce a bloody important role in his upcoming Anthony Joshua fight

Plus we address the 'Pie Man' trash talk...


When a Rock listener calls The Edge for a chat...

And what an interesting character this bloke was.


Dr Chris Warner from Shortland St gives the Morning Rumble an almighty cliffhanger

The Morning Rumble wanted to end their last show of the year on a cliffhanger - so they brought in a pro.


Bryce honours the fallen rock heroes of 2017 in his music 'Year in Review'

Bloody good words, Bryce.


The ludicrous amount of time women expect you to last for in the bedroom

Ain't nobody got time for that.


11-year-old Ezra might be the funniest caller we've had all year

Superb chat from the little fella.


Mulls loses it at the kid who makes $16m on YouTube by playing with toys

Wouldn't you?


Watch Mulls and Bryce completely butcher Elemeno P and Phil Collins on Rock Island

It's been hailed as the worst performance in Fijian musical history.


Neil Finn talks new music, Eddie Vedder, and plays 'Better Be Home Soon'

What a ledge.


Watch Mulls get progressively more pissed off listening to Flat Earth conspiracies

He literally cannot deal with it.


Rog gets ripped apart by tradies on The Feedback Line

Turns out, not too many people agreed with his theory.


Rog has a theory that all tradies "pretty much do nothing" for 6 weeks during summer

Good luck getting a tradie to every answer you call again, Rog.


The gutting moment Rog finds out Bryce and Mulls lied about his official 100m race time

Pretty low rent, guys.


The moment Bryce clicked his parents live in the most sexually satisfied town in NZ

Ahh Bryce, you can never catch a break can you.


The Morning Rumble call the winner of their Two Front Teeth competition

And it couldn't have gone to a more deserving person.


Mulls dropped his guts and thought he could get away with it

He was wrong. So, so wrong.


We accidentally found one of the great New Zealanders - Pearl from Tahuna Tavern

Pearl is life.


Mulls goes wild after hearing too much bullshit chat from a Flat Earth believer

We've never seen Mulls get so worked up before.


Did anyone else catch Rog's huge high-five fail on Family Feud?

What a loser.


Rog cooks it on his Family Feud debut

Why's it better to be a radio announcer than a TV host eh Rog?


Today we say farewell to Bryce's massively long tooth with a not-so-heartfelt eulogy

Rest in peace, Ol' Whitey.


FMX champion and Palmy North legend Levi Sherwood bants with the Morning Rumble

The rockstar FMX rider will be performing at the HSBC NZ Sevens next year.


Rog gestures how he mashes the spuds, doesn't realise what he's done

Don't do that again, yeah?


Jen bought the biggest bullshit yarn from Rog we've ever heard

Rog catching burglars with home-made booby traps...hard to believe, right? Wrong.


WATCH: Rog goes full dad-mode and tells off Bryce

He wasn't angry, just disappointed.


Bryce is really shit at spinning on the spot, and here's the video proof

How is this even possible?


Bryce's tribute to AC/DC legend Malcolm Young

Ride on.


Beats By Bryce: can Bryce pull off the drum fill to Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight"?

Watch him channel his inner Phil and give it a crack.


Rog's very subtle CRC product endorsement video

This is what happens when Rog is asked to endorse a product...


How Bryce managed to offend the disabled community

Ol' long tooth Casey, back at it again offending harmless minority groups.


Bryce reckon's he'll be "fielding it slip" in the birthing suite

"Wack a rash shirt on and just GET IN THERE."


Listener's photography stitch up is so traumatising it made Mull's waters break

Some shit you can never unsee...


When it's Friday and you've run out of f**ks to give

The big dog ain't having a bar of your shit chat today.


Rog explains how the boss made a dick of himself when meeting Incubus and Metallica

It explains why the two bands don't often visit NZ.


Call the doctors asap, because Rog just called the station "The Wok"

The cheese has fallen off the cracker.


Bryce gets burned (again) by a listener

From hero to zero real quick.


Rog has another blowout, says our phone number is "0800 Give Us A Call"

Mate, how long have you been here?


Mulls reads out Bryce's internet search history

It's pretty incriminating stuff against ol' Casey.


Controversy surrounds the Morning Rumble's first ever Mulligan Cup

Definitely one of the weirdest things we've ever done.


Rog gets exposed for blatantly lying about how many sick days he's taken

The guy's taken more sick days than annual leave.


Bryce and Mulls get their minds taken over by a mind reader

Never seen these boys so clueless.


Bryce thinks he knows all about Dave Grohl and is put to the test but fails

Bryce, know your facts mate.


Bryce has a little "pee pee" accident that "sizzled his sizzler"

"It's never really been the same since has it"- Rog


Bryce's wife rips him a new one for trying to get out of antenatal class to play cricket

There's no time for you to play cricket, you're not very good at it anyway" - Sharyn Casey


Watch as Rog confesses that he has worn his wife's G-string

Whatever you're into mate.


Rog gets slammed for not knowing his truck chat

'Don't waste my time. 4.25M" - Rog.


Bryce's mate gets caught in the shower by his missus and it's not what you expect

Nah, nah I wasn't. I swear.


Jimmy Barnes has hilarious yarn about his mates wedding and headbutting his father in law

One way to introduce yourself to the family.


Why guys are shying away from using the love glove

"If the love glove don't fit, you must quit" - Mulls


Mulls takes the piss out of text complaining about planes coming in too late at Whenuapai Airbase

This needs to stop.


The Rumble lads had a great chat to Sir John Kirwin ahead of Mental Health Awareness week

This man went through a hell of a lot.


Bryce reads out Rogs' search history and it's exactly what we expected

Ever heard of Incognito mode mate?


Tuesday Life Hack - How to apply sunblock on your mate without touching him

Mike, things get weird on the morning shifts.


Steve Butcher joins us for a yarn and Mike Garvey has a Helen Clark tattoo

Helen Clark would be proud.


Mulls defends himself after getting caught checking out Rachel Hunter's ass

He had a point - pun 100% intended.


The Rumble lads turned into giddy schoolboys when Rachel Hunter visited them

To be honest, who wouldn't?


Watch our tribute to the life of the great Tom Petty made by The Morning Rumble

A man that will never be forgotten.


Rog get Sizzlers eaten off him by two bulldogs as part of his Sizzler only week

We know you enjoyed that, Rog.


Rog is eating sizzlers for a whole week and Mull's shows us his packed lunch

Eat up Rog, it's gonna be a long week.


NRL legend Matty Johns tells us what happened after he won the 1997 NRL Grand Final

What a night that would've been.


Do you separate your foods or go ape shit and mash them together

There are two types of people in this world.


Life Hack Wednesday - How to ride your bike with no shoes on

See ya Thursday!


Rog's really cool yarn about how much he loves Sizzlers

Hold up - did Mulls just say 'man sausage


Life Hack Tuesday - How you know if your eggs are too old or are just right

Do your eggs float or sink to the bottom?


Is exercise d**k a thing?

Mine just shrivels up.


How cool does Rog's election party sound?

He even has balloons. How cool is that.


#MullsLifeHacks: How to tell how full your gas bottle is

See ya Friyay!


Bryce blows out at the supermarket again, this time thinking he was a celebrity

Two celebrities. One cucumber.


#MullsLifeHacks: how to tie your hair with a vacuum

Go on, give it a tug mate.


#MullsLifeHacks: How to chop onions without crying like a little bitch

And also, how to look like a speed dealer...