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Rog has a yarn about how much he loves a good sizzle sausage

God I love sizzlers.

3 hours ago

Life Hack Tuesday - How you know if your eggs are too old or are just right

Do your eggs float or sink to the bottom?

7 hours ago

Is exercise d**k a thing?

Mine just shrivels up.


How cool does Rog's election party sound?

He even has balloons. How cool is that.


#MullsLifeHacks: How to tell how full your gas bottle is

See ya Friyay!


Bryce blows out at the supermarket again, this time thinking he was a celebrity

Two celebrities. One cucumber.


#MullsLifeHacks: how to tie your hair with a vacuum

Go on, give it a tug mate.


#MullsLifeHacks: How to chop onions without crying like a little bitch

And also, how to look like a speed dealer...


Apparently there is more than one way to skin your cat (how to toilet)

Are you a stander, leaner or inbetweener?


Mulls has another life hack but Brad the boss shuts him down

I'm not angry, I'm just very, very disappointed.


Rog gets fired up and rips into Bryce and Mulls'

What a shit yarn.


The boys play shoot, marry, shag with Jen

Right between the eyes.


Watch Mulls' life hack as he attempts to use Dorito chips as kindling

Screw kindling, use Doritos LIFE HACK.


Rog and Bryce trick Jen into thinking she won $330k in Lotto

The boys stitched up Jen by letting her think their syndicate ticket scored 'em some serious moolah.


Maybe your internet history isn't the only thing you should be worried about

Turn your webcam off!


Rog's Monday morning intervention because he is wearing his wife's Fitbit

Rog wears his wife's Fitbit.


Rog's spectacular Te Reo Maori language blowout

Just stop talking, Rog.


Check out the insane amount of people who turned up for Rogs Women's Day signing session

What a way to to announce your winnings.


Jen said her parents wanted her to be a singer, so we got her to sing a little bit

The karaoke queen showed off her vocal range, and did pretty bloody well we reckon.


Rog reckons Bryce's kid will be a nerd

He'd know.


Tom Morello talks about getting high and travelling in separate buses

That B-Real weed is no joke.


Rog gets roasted for being a tight-arse

What a cheap bugger.


Turns out Jacinda Ardern is just as bogan as many of you are

We reckon she's won herself a few votes with Rock listeners after this chat.


Should this Rumble listener dump her boyfriend for gaining weight

Ditch him.


Listener tells us what he can get away with in Reefton

How many times have you been to prison?


Jacinda Arden gave the lads a visit to chat about the Warriors

The Warriors 2018. Let's do this.


That time Jen ate dog and wouldn't stop banging on about it

That headline may not be 100% accurate...


Bryce prank's his Dad ahead of Father's Day

You bloody smart pricks.


Bryce got a nose bleed after 'loving himself' too aggressively

What a bloody wanker.


Rog has a moment on air that sounds like the guy off the Libra pads TV ad

Sydney did something to ya mate. Pew Pew.


Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins talk about Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington's suicides

The two talk about the seriousness of depression and suicide, and their deaths' affected them.


Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins rip out Rog for his hairy forearms

"Do you wax? You might wanna start with your fucking arms, dude."


Sonny Bill Williams endorses Rog for Hottest Radio Hunk

Karl Te Nana? Not so much.


How to ruin 'Free Bird' for everyone in 60 secs

Try not think of this when you next hear the solo.


Producer Ryan gives Rog a reach-around nipple tickle and head massage

If it's good enough for the big dog of boxing, it's good enough for the big dog of radio, right?


Rog knocked himself out while vacuuming and cried like a little girl afterwards

Lamest. Injury. Ever.


That time Mulls went viral for getting "roasted" by Conor McGregor

He didn't actually, it was just Crowd Goes Wild trolling everyone, but god we wish it was for real.


Rock listeners rip Rog a new one over his "hunky" photoshoot in the Feedback Line

"Your head looks like the tip of my knob" - god we love reading through your Facebook comments.


Rog tries to impress girls around the office with his "hunky" photos

No girl is safe.


Rog shows off his borderline illegal Woman's Day "Hottest Radio Hunk" photoshoot pics

Strap yourselves in ladies and gentlemen, because you're in for a treat.


The Morning Rumble share yarns about NZ legend Sir Colin Meads

All of which involve the great man drinking a shitload of beer. What a ledge.


Dai Henwood compares parallel parking to having sex for the first time

"You'll think your car is bigger than the spot - it's not."


Rog takes a driving lesson in a manual, fails miserably

As expected...


Newsreader Kim accidentally hit a dude with her car... twice

Coming onto the show real hot there, Kim.


Rog threatens other "radio hunks", forces them to drop out of the competition

Great job making the top ten (for someone with a face like a dropped pie.)


Bryce finds out what it feels like to give birth, handles it like a little bitch

"Caesarian! Caesarian!"


Rog and Bryce lick each other's sweaty feet for #FootLickingFriday

Surprisingly arousing... for some, at least.


Mulls throws a tantrum after Bryce starts brown-nosing the boss

Ain't nothing worse than a brown-nose Bryce.


Absolute scenes unfold after Mulls is screwed over by wheel of misfortune

You're either winning or you're losing... and Mulls is losing.


Mulls reveals he wants to take a bath with Bryces' missus

Seems like Bryce is the only one who isn't keen on hopping in the tub with Sharyn.


Rog was found pinging hard to Shapeshifter in Rarotonga

Cutting some actual shapes.


Rog roasts Bryce for having a star tattoo, says he has no star power

Rog has been on fire lately with the roasts.


Jen gets grilled about her tattoo in "a private place"

Pics or it didn't happen, Jen.


This guy went blind after getting pie mince in his eye

The ultimate betrayal from one of NZ's greatest foods.


Bryce attempts to change a nappy, ends up with a shituation

You're in for one hell of a ride, Bryce.


Rog gets shat on for trying to become NZ's "hottest radio hunk"

Rogee for #NZRadioHunk2k17.


Is this New Zealand's stupidest person?

We have no words... and this guy has no letters.


This guy nearly died after both his parachutes failed to open while skydiving

Holy shit, this is intense.


Producer Ryan gets ripped apart for going to Basshunter back in the day

Like he rightfully should.


This bloke's yarn was so shithouse, Bryce had to ring the bullshit bell

Great chat, bro.


Bryce says parenting will be a "piece of piss", gets ripped a new one by Mulls and Rog

Time to trade in the party bus for an Odyssey people mover.


Bryce announces he's about to become a dad

We've never been so excited and terrified at the same time.


This bloke hasn't had a drink of water since the 80's

We'd hate to think what this guy's insides look like.


Rog gets made Mayor of Hamilton, has a massive power trip and abuses people

Rog... or Joffrey?


Is this the most savage break up ever?

Someone's been smuggling more than just drugs...


Rog became Mayor of Hamilton for one night, rocks the crowd at his 25th party

The big dog in his element. On ya Rog.


Bryce's epic tribute to Guns N' Roses' Appetite For Destruction album

The iconic album hits 30 today. How good.


Blindspott's Damian Alexander talks about the death of Chester Bennington

Damian and Chester have shared the stage multiple times before, and the Blindspott frontman has spoken out about the loss.


Rog wasted $700 on a cancelled Bowie gig, ends up seeing a crappy replacement

Rog finally managed to silence the others with a yarn like this.


Rog's terrible, borderline-racist attempts at accents are enough to make anyone cringe

This is really hard to watch... but oh, so worth it.


Who wants to see Jen and Rog recreate the Dirty Dancing scene?

Jen isn't, but Rog sure as hell is. We'll give you two massive guesses why.


Bryce has figured out why Rog's wife doesn't smoke ciggies anymore

And it's bleak for the wee fella.


The backlash when Rog spoiled the first episode of Game of Thrones last year

He won't do that ever again.


Mulls burns everyone while reviewing their new Rumble t-shirt

"I look like the creature from the Goonies, and Rog - you straight up look like Richard Nixon"


Bad Jim calls to play Radio Tinder with Rumble listener Rachel

And he's still just as creepy as ever.


If Mulls and Rog were Queensland players...

Pretty bang-on comparisons if you ask us...


Mulls' wife Emma tears him apart in a handwritten letter

We need to hear from Emma more often.


Bryce finds out the embarrassing way what NOT to ask for when getting a massage

"I meant head massage" - once again, words have betrayed Bryce Casey.


John Day reckons Weetbix stole his "Dare To Dream" slogan

Yeah, ok mate....


What's the most damage you've caused on the job?

Working hard, or hardly working?


Rog had a massive fight with his wife because he forgot to buy olive oil

A real insight into Rog's personal life.


We've noticed Mulls gives zero f**ks when listeners are talking are on the phone

At least try look interested, Mulls.


When you try to do the right thing, but shit happens

When shit literally hits the van.


Bryce, Mulls and Jen's intervention for Rog who is struggling to speak

Three days in and the cheese has already slipped off the cracker.


Bryce pays out his wife for thinking Forrest Gump was based on actual events

Apparently life is literally like a box of chocolates.


Rog says kissing someone else doesn't count as cheating, gets savagely burned by his wife

"What? Some girl just happens to throw themselves at you? That doesn't happen to you."


Bryce gets a cheap, dodgy massage from a massive tradie, immediately regrets decision

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


Brad the Boss embarrasses his entire family, fails to find massive new Waterview Tunnel

Probably what you deserve for getting excited about a bloody tunnel...


Rog gets pranked, accepts fake job offer from Aussie radio station (2012)

And he threw everyone under the bus to get there.


Mike and Jim try out for The Morning Rumble

With the Rumble on holiday, there's some pretty big boots to fill...


WATCH: We gave Rog an entire freakin' studio for his 25th anniversary present

What else do you get a Rock announcer other than their own studio?


Listen to a bunch of Kiwis says some choice words about Rog

Cheers for 25 years, Rog.


Have a geeze at the last 25 years of Rog's life at The Rock

Rog has lasted 25 years here, which we reckon is a pretty good effort. Have a look at what he's got up to.


Rog loses his gherkin at Bryce for ratting him out about getting overpaid

To be expected, when your wallet is as tight as your eyes.


Chick in sexy maid costume has her hair catch on fire during sex

That's one way to heat things up in the bedroom.


THROWBACK: Bryce steps in the ring as Joseph Parker's undercard 4 years ago

Taking on none other than Mai FM's Nickson Clark. What a difference 4 years can make.


Mulls goes full juggernaut while trying to work a shift at McDonald's

How do you stop a McJuggernaut?


How long did you leave an injury before hitting up the doc?

"She'll be right"... or will she?


Bryce gets roasted by Mike Hosking for riding his wife's coattails

"Sharyn Casey?! Are you seriously married to her?"


Bryce Casey is a NZ "power couple" because of his much more successful wife

Riding the missus' coattails once again, ay Bryce?