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A little message to Bryce Casey...

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A little message to Bryce Casey...


"Well done Bryce. Good to see all the time you've recently spent in the company of lawyers hasn't been wasted. Speaking of which - we will waste you this weekend - ha ha - revenge will be sweet!"Robert

"Bryce - really didn’t think things through before setting up that WUYW on us did you?? What with this weekend being your stag-doo n' all? You'll keep." - Jono


Listen to Bryce's Wind Up Your Wife on Robert and Jono here

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Scott Toomey
Now that is bloody priceless!!! Good on you Bryce and The Morning Rumble for getting them...... And good on you Robert, Jono and Ricardo for actually playing it!
6/09/2012 7:19:03 a.m.

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