PunchingAboveYourWeight DEV

Are you punching above your weight?

If you're that guy who always has people stopping to stare at you and your missus, asking "phwooooooah, how the hell did you manage to score her?" - then this is the comp for you. 

If your missus looks like she fell from heaven, but you look like you fell face-first from the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down - you could win $5000 cheers to our good mates from Hell Pizza

To enter, just upload a pic of the two of you together to show how much you are punching above your weight. You need to both be in the picture for this to work (i.e. you can't just send in a pic of Pamela Anderson and claim she's with you for your winning personality). 

Entries close 5pm Friday 22 April. On Monday 25th April we'll reveal the the Top 8 and leave it up to you to decide which bloke is punching above his weight the most. 

The Rock's Punching Above Your Weight - celebrating ordinary kiwi blokes who have over-achieved in the life partner sweepstakes.

Round 1: Battle 1 - vote now

Round 1: Battle 2 - Vote now