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Rock Wives 2014 - who will win? YOU decide!

And the winner is....

Roc kWives 2014 winner- Rachel MolleyThe winner of Rock Wives 2014 - RACH MOLLEY.

In a battle that came down to the wire, Rachel received 52% of the total votes, defeating Brittany (and her Metallica shirt) to earn herself the title of Rock Wives selfie champ.

A relatively late entry, Rach skyrocketed to the top of many people's favourites list. And for good reason too: she took down Claudine in the first round, slipped past Jaclyn in the semi final before taking on Brittany in the finals.

And when you can beat a girl wearing a Metallica t-shirt, you know you've got the goods.

For winning Rock Wives, Rach takes the $2500 cash prize. And simply for voting, Nicholas Hamilton (from Panmure) won himself $500.

Cheers to everyone who entered and voted, it's been great. Until next year!


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