Rock Wives 2010 - photos of the 2010 Rock Wives finalists and winner

Rock Wives 2010 winner is...

Rock Wives winner

We have a Rock Wives 2010 winner!

Congratulations to our winning Rock Wife for 2010, Aaron's missus Ashley!

Ashley beat out the initial competition of over 400 entries to make it into the finals, and just scraped by our other Top 10 beauties to make it all the way to #1! Lucky old Aaron - not only does he get to come home to this every night, he's now $5,000 richer cheers to Suzuki.

A massive congrats also to our second-placed Rock Wife Jackel, and our third-placed Rock Wife Christelle. And to all who entered Rock Wives - ladies, thank you for providing the men of New Zealand with so many hours of entertainment. Blokes - hang onto those hotties.