Doully somehow managed to break his finger while cheering for a horse

Published on 10-Jan-2017 15:51. Viewed 27263 times.

Potentially the most anti-climatic injury ever?

We're really not surprised, but former Morning Rumbler Simon Doull has injured himself in a pretty lame way.

While cheering for his racehorse Khalama on Sunday, Doully went for the celebratory fist punch and ended up breaking his finger as it connected with his other hand. Good one, bro.

Doulls hit up his Facebook page to share a photo of the damage, along with the caption:

"Note to self. When your horse skips 2 lengths clear and is going to win easily, remember to tuck all fingers in as you fist punch your other palm. Winner winner broken finger. 😳 #ouch Nice ride though Mark Robert Du Plessis."

Should've stuck to cricket, mate.

Source: Facebook

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You're gonna want to see this...

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