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Grudge Week

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Grudge Week


It’s on. There’s only one thing I like more than my NRL and Super 14 teams winning, and that’s when they beat Bryce’s teams.  This week is a massive opportunity to put the cardigan wearing, free tickets to everything, interviewing everybody, cool guy in his place, not once, but twice.  The Crusaders can end the Hurricanes season on Friday night at the Cake Tin and the Sea Eagles travel over to Mount Smart on Sunday to face the red-hot Warriors (I know I’ll have little to no support on this one).

In the past we’ve put a dozen beers on the line and when Canterbury took the Ranfurly Shield off Wellington, Bryce had to drink a blender full of Canterbury Draught, raw lamb, and some of my sweat.  Because it’s such a massive double-header, I’d like to up the ante. What do you think we should put on the line?

In other news...

Congratulations to Daniel Vettori on bringing up his 100th test match.  The debate now I guess is where does he rank in the New Zealand cricket pecking order?  It’s a tough decision to make because a) his career isn’t over and b) how do you compare a batsman with a bowler with an all-rounder and c) how do you compare different eras?  But I’m going to do it anyway.  Vettori, for me, surpasses Martin Crowe into second place behind Richard Hadlee.  His form across all forms of the game has been outstanding and commitment to the cause can’t be questioned in an age where cash rules.  Imagine what our record over the past few years would be like without him. 

Dan Vettori

All hail the great Dan!


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