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Metallica's Lars Ulrich interview

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Published: 22-Sep-2010 08:18

Metallica's Lars Ulrich interview
Rog and Bryce catch up with Metallica's Lars Ulrich to ask who his fave band is, if he'll play a show at Bryce's place and more.
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Ron Mcgoveny .
Lars' favorite band is Motorhead , I know that for a fact because Lars is a good friend of mine .
17/03/2012 11:26:04 p.m.
by the way lars never actually got to say who his favorite band was, but when alice in chains released there latest album, it was James and lars who intervied them because apparently AIC was there favorite band.
25/09/2010 5:36:26 p.m.
ha ha zack, great interview jono? it was rog & bryce..
24/09/2010 7:17:31 p.m.
Mint concert the other night! Great interview Jono! :P
24/09/2010 1:39:29 p.m.
Sarah H
LOL Nige :-P
24/09/2010 9:53:43 a.m.
Wicked Concert last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23/09/2010 9:45:26 a.m.
anyone keen to swap two seated tickets to 2nights metallica show for two mosh pit front section tickets. The other half isnt too keen on the pit. txt me on 021919079 if you're keen
22/09/2010 2:10:32 p.m.
Is Lars' phone suffering from XT???
22/09/2010 12:50:44 p.m.
tyler smith
2 free metallica tickets for aucklands show on the 14th. txt me on 0278567720
22/09/2010 11:55:44 a.m.