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Nothing's impossible ... or is it?

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Nothing's impossible ... or is it?


Let’s be honest. How much chance do you give the Black Caps of winning the cricket World Cup? About as much as Rog supporting one team in the Super 15? As much as Paul giving up pies? As much as Bryce having a full head of hair? As much as Leah being sober at work? The ODI team’s been the one thing we can celebrate in New Zealand cricket over the past two decades, but it’s got real shit lately. Unfortunately, I got passed over as being a member of the new selection panel, but I thought I’d give my two cents about which 15 players should be picked on Wednesday:

Brendon McCullum
Jesse Ryder
Martin Guptill
Ross Taylor
Scott Styris
Kane Williamson
James Franklin
Dan Vettori
Nathan McCullum
Kyle Mills
Tim Southee
Daryl Tuffey
Ian Butler
Jacob Oram
Peter McGlashin
Can this team win the World Cup?  Who would you choose? Whoever gets picked, I’ll support them … as long as The Pig makes the cut!

Team Pig will be out in force again this summer. Join us or fry!


John Day
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a15 to 20 runs is like a century to our batters go the kenyans i off to the tab make some easy coin
18/02/2011 3:51:27 p.m.

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