Watching my car get destroyed

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Jim Beam Rock Island came to an end last Friday, and unbeknownst to me I was the last contestant.

I did recall the first stunt calling the guy (I think his name was Jason) a loser for not dropping his girlfriend's $8,000 dollar car from a crane.... and what do you know, 3 weeks later I'm there watching as my car was dropped 21 metres into the concrete at western springs.

Watch Roger's car get dropped from a crane (video)

First id like to apologise to Jason for my loser remark, it appeared i was actually the loser as I caught the bus home on fri arvo. It usually takes 30 mins to get home to Orewa from Ponsonby, but the Auckland bus system can some how whack on an extra 50 mins to this journey. At least it gave me some extra time to mull over what had happened.

I must "thank" a few people involved in all of this in no particular order.

Mulls for giving the order for the crane driver to drop my car even though i told him not too. What a wanker.

Bryce for claiming I wouldn't be a team player if I didn't drop my car, and then booing me when I said no (he also encouraged the crowd to boo me as well)

Leah for laughing hysterically at my predicament and then raising $11 dollars to get me a bus home (this got me as far as Albany).

And our boss Brad for organising it all, and then being kind enough to give me another Nissan Primera with more k's on the clock and worse body work than the one that was actually dropped from the crane. It also was on empty when I got it and will not get a warrant which is due next week as the tyres are fucked.

My next car may be a Prius... rock bottom is calling.

- Rog

Check out the photos of Roger's car getting crushed.

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