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The latest from Thane & Dunc

Waihi's Poo Towns of NZ song is here and she's a real doodie

Another bloody blinder from Jeremy.


Jeremy's poo town track for Hastings is here and it's a big ol' steamer

Hastings, you beautiful, gleaming turd.


Jim crashed a Rock ute, Thane and Dunc made him think he had to pay $3,500 excess for insurance

Quality stitch up.


Thane & Dunc savage the Mai FM drive show for stealing 'Human Traffic' off them

Did they think Kirby wouldn't notice?


WALK ON THE WILD SIDE: How long can Dunc walk next to a stranger before it gets weird?

How much do Homegrown punters care about their personal space?


Thane’s accidentally catfished some kinky bastards on his foot fetish Instagram

What have you done Thane...


Dunc savages Thane for his shitty haircut, making us feel better about our own dogged dos

Always check the profile.

Thane tells us all what to do if he has a heart attack

Please don't have a heart attack Thane.


Kiwi man rips open his recently circumcised wanger, loses more of his piece than planned

Things really couldn't have gone worse for Nigel.


Greymouth's stonker of a Poo Town song

Shit, this one's a goody Jezzer.


Multiple bloke's eyeballs injured by Corona bottle caps in Nelson

Three separate incidents in three weeks. The Nelson DHB is concerned.


Thane & Dunc raised $35,000 for their MH370 search expedition and are flying to Mauritius

Will two Kiwi battlers solve the greatest mystery in aviation history?


Marton, you big ol steamer of a poo town, here's your special song

"Everybody now, living in maaaaaaaarton."


Thane & Dunc reach $35K target to put towards MH370 search

Thanks to the overwhelming support and generosity of The Rock listeners the money will be put towards MH370 search efforts.


Thane's talked with the guy who may have found MH370, and the boys are going to Round Is.

If their give-a-little page kicks off...


Putaruru's Poo Towns of New Zealand song is here and it's one of our best yet

When you live in a town, a town whose name starts with Pu.


Rich, famous chicks are spending $650 a pop on "penis facials"

Not as Pornhub as you'd think. It's actually worse.


WATCH: Thane can make his nose bleed on the spot

The sick bastard uses his bizarre superpower to get out of shit he doesn't wanna do.


Wainuiomata's 'Poo Town' treatment, courtesy of Producer Jeremy

And he couldn't have done it without your comments!


Thane's attempts to score a free trip to Tennessee go to creepy new levels

Is Thane shit out of luck?


Jeremy wrote a poo town song about Warkworth life

Yeah, living that Warkworth life.


Dunc's got some BIG news to share about baby Frank's penis

The old fella has never been more proud.


Jim goes to the Robbie Williams press conference, asks the most awkward question

Good on ya, Jimbo.


The biggest celebrity Thane Kirby claims to have played in front of

Biggest physically, that is.


Jeremy takes on Shannon in this week's glorious 'Poo Town'

A challenging poo town. But we got there.


WATCH: Thane and Dunc's van reveal turned out to be a classic stitch up on Brad the boss

Brad said they weren't allowed to put themselves on the van, but he said nothing about himself...


Australia vs. NZ: Dudes imitating car noises

It's like Transformers, for radio.


The lucky buggers in Hawera have scored the honour of being our first Poo Town of 2018

Jez's best effort yet.


Thane Kirby's top notch advice for Dunc and his titty rash

The ol' treadmill chafing... Happens to the best of us mate.


Dude paid 6 grand for a bitcoin mining rig got nothing but a Boss Baby DVD to show for it

Ultimate troll.


The bloke who played Barney the Dinosaur now owns a tantric sex business

David Joyner describes himself as a tantra massage specialist who can last about four hours and costs $350 a hoon. He was also Barney for ten years.


Turns out Thane Kirby is a banjo-loving, cousin f*cker

Filthy bastard.


Thane & Dunc's 'Burger Wars' competition - who's was better?

A 1kg steak vs a 40 patty chicken and bacon monstrosity. Who's burger was better?


West Auckland, we held off as long as we could - here's your Poo Towns song

We had to do one for the Westies.


Thane's plan to ban yoga pants

We reckon yoga pants are pretty great though...


Thane fulfilled a listener's fantasy in quite possibly the sexiest voice break of all time

"I gave it my all Trudy"


Thane pretended Dunc was Dom Bowden to get into after party, got shamed when Dom turned up

Shit did not go quite how Thane had hoped after the VNZMA's...


If you hate everything wanky about Waiheke Island, then this song is for you

We think you'll like it.


Cards Against Humanity buy land on US border to stop Trump from building his wall

"The Government is being run by a toilet. We have no choice... we are going to save America."


Brett tells us it was a fart that made him realise Angel was "the one"

"You should fart at the altar."


Producer Jeremy's 100% fact-based song about Huntly

So good, even Thane and Dunc joined in.


Producer Jeremy's already made a parody song about Jacinda Ardern's recently deceased cat

If you're a cat person - this might not be for you.


Jeremy's surprisingly not shit and quite accurate song about Rangiora

Not a bad effort, Jez.


Another absolute blinder from Producer Jeremy, this time about Dargaville

Here you go Dargaville.


Thane gets a little self conscious about his receding hairline

Let it go mate, it'll be alright.


Producer Jeremy's brilliant song about Levin

Levin Is On The Edge


Check out Jim's week from hell with his Spin Jim wrap video

Jim you're a trooper bro.


Thane refuses to wear a singlet and is going to protest ahead of the staff photo shoot

We promise we won't judge.


Watch Producer Jeremy's outstanding song about Waiuku - not bad from you mate

The town is called WAIUKU


Thane thinks his voice would be more useful in another job and you wouldn't believe what

Dreams are free Thane.

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