Holy shit! You can buy enormous 4.5L bottles of Jim Beam

25 August 2022 2:05PM

Currently trending on the international interwebs is a giant bottle of Jim Beam, selling at just 70 pounds from a joint called Morrisons - which we take to be some kind of hybrid between Countdown and Kmart.  

70 pounds is bloody cheap for that much liquor, that's only about $135 NZD... which is substantially less than buying four 1L bottles and a 500miller.

We were feeling a little jealous... and thinking of our upcoming venture in duty free land during the Jim Beam Rock Island, thought we'd give "4.5L Jim Beam NZD" a quick, cheeky google...turns out Liqourland's already stocking these bad boys. 

Only for a bit of a gip of a price ($299). Probably to stop munters like our webgirl from getting bad ideas and buying themselves 4.5 litres of premium bourbon for the holidays and breaking their brains...

Still, what a beautiful kick into the holiday season.  

P.S The Rock FM encourages responsible drinking. Please don't damage your liver.