The Rock 2000


Rage Against The Machine have taken the power back to win The Rock 2000 for 2021, with Killing In The Name taking out the #1 spot over Metallica 'Enter Sandman', Lynyrd Skynyrd 'Simple Man, Blindspott 'Nil By Mouth' and Pearl Jam 'Black'.

This marks the third time Rage have won the countdown with Killing In The Name, previously coming #1 in 2017 and 2010. Bloody good workrate we reckon.

Check out how the rest of the countdown unfolded below. 

Unfortunately The Rock 2000 Live Event is not happening anymore (thanks, Delta) but we have a kickarse alternative instead. Click here for more info or if you would like a refund if you bought a Rock 2000 Live Event ticket.

How to read The Rock 2000:

DEBUT: The song's first time in The Rock 2000 countdown (including previous Rock 1000 and Rock 1500's).

RE-ENTRY: The song was not in the countdown last year, but was in a previous countdown.