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The Latest from The Morning Rumble

We chat to Glenn, the father of 3-year-old Axle, who went missing in Tologa Bay

Geez Axle is a little champ 💪


Rog was "hot property" (his words) in Christchurch during his DWTS days

Nobody asked him.


Surely this is a world record for the most Chewbaccas on the radio?

May the 4th be with you.


Have a look back at Day and a bit on the Darts!

Bloody good effort to everyone involved.


Who between Bryce and Mulls would Rog choose to save with CPR?

The reasoning of this man


Bryce complains that nobody remembered his 21st anniversary at The Rock

Oh we didn't forget though....


Some of our cracker Quick Cashie callers from last week

Cheers to Save My Bacon!


Rog tries to weasel out of playing darts for 30 hours

Disappointing but not unexpected behaviour from the big dog here.


Don just donated $1000 to A Day And A Bit On The Darts for I Am Hope

That's 8 free counselling sessions. Shot Don, you legend.


Bryce crashed into Sharyn's car this morning

A great day for everyone who isn't Bryce this morning.


Bryce does his Macho Man impression & doesn't impress his wife Sharyn

"I've never been less horny" - Sharyn Casey, 2021


Mike King join us to announce the return of A Day (and a bit) On The Darts

We're back doing it again, this time going for 30 hours to raise as much money for I Am Hope.


Engaged to your ex's mum?!

Awkward family dinners inbound.


A German Shepherd saved a listener's life by giving him CPR

That is not a typo in the headline.


When the hiss huss hoos goes very, very wrong

Unluggy mate.


Over $264,000 raised for I Am Hope during A Day And A Bit On The Darts 🙌

That's about 2062 hours of free counselling for Kiwis under 25. You bloody ripper!

The Blues photoshopped Mulls onto a massive billboard in Auckland CBD

One of the greatest stitch ups we've seen.


The Blues' biggest new supporter Mulls finds out he's won a Blues-branded car for a week

Suits ya Mullsy.


Steve's crook yarn about pooping maggots after eating a bad burrito

This is some of the crookest shit you'll ever hear.


Rog just dropped an instant classic blooper, saying "jizz" instead of "jhoosh"

An iconic stuff up from the big dog.


Mulls has gastro... and Rog can't stop laughing about it

We'd tell him to stop but it's pretty funny


William Waiirua on doing 365 jyoghhhs in 365 days

What a beast


Is Mulls becoming a boomer? (the answer - yes)

Oh mannn, someone come pick up their grandad?


Sharyn crushed Bryce's soul by thinking he was a GIF of Danny DeVito

Bang on Shaz


Rog's massive America's Cup sharn

Not only is it boring, it's also not true.


Rog "never has, and never will" help a kid out financially

Pathetically on-brand for the big dog.


Listen to this yarn about an alpaca flicking its feaces at Bryce

We need to hire this alpaca asap


Mel's story about how she beat up a bloke with inflatable penises and heels at a Hen's Party

She's still single FYI


Leigh Hart joins the Rumble in studio to talk about... making love to cars? (and other stuff)

G'day maaaate


Rog dropped his pants to reveal a bag of frozen peas taped to his groin

Ummmm, what.


Rooster with knife attached to its leg kills owner during illegal cockfight

How's that for a bit of karma.


James from Hamilton finds out he is the $20,000 Live Rent Free winner

Not bad for just answering your phone...


Holy sh*t we have some tight arse listeners

Geez, you lot are worse than Rog.


Dane Coles talks about showing his feelings in new Super Rugby video

"It's all good to be emotional and show how you feel... you can still be that tough guy and take someone's head off as well" - well said mate.


Bryce gets the first-ever Sharn Alarm set on him for telling a BS yarn

About bloody time, too.


Rog calls Meg from The Edge to see if she is interested in the "grand daddy" (i.e. himself)

Yeah we think Rog will find himself on an HR list after that one


Bryce's greatest moment as a kid

& it's been downhill ever since.


Junior Fa talks sparring and training for his upcoming match against Joseph Parker

And somehow Mulls copped the worst of it.


Podcast Extra: who would win in a fight between Dave Dobbyn and Rog?

Couple of tough guys sitting in the studio here...


Feedback Line: Potato chip shortage

Feedback Line is back for 2021!


Rog's wife Lisa finds out he gave her free flowers for Valentine's Day

All the best going home tonight, Rog.


Bryce and Mulls deep dive into the trash albums found in Rog's infamous CD Tower

"There are way more cooler albums on the other sides" - yeah ok mate.


The first thing Rog would take in a break-up is his CD collection

Bryce's reaction says it all.


Producer Guy kept hooning on his vape even after dropping it in a public toilet

Vape nashe knows no limit


10-year-old Bryce was busted being a Peeping Tom at school camp

The dirty little masty grub


WATCH: Bryce's full interview with Dave Grohl

Watch the full 20 minute interview here.


To celebrate Rog for International DJ Day, we laugh at all his f**k ups over the years

You get what you pay for.


Producer Jeremy wrote a Sea Shanty about The Morning Rumble, and they hate it

Yeeeeeeeah nahhhhhhh


Bryce asks to be pardoned for drinking in the Producer studio instead of working

Why work when you can drink instead? Can't fault the logic.


Rog bought a car cover for the Vitz

What a massive virgin.


Research Ryan: If The Rumble were tradies, what would they be?

It's his best yet!


Caller Sam racked up $25,000 in WOF and rego fines

One of the great callers.


Dave Grohl opens up about his own mental health battles last year

"We're in this together man... It's not easy, but you just gotta keep pedaling"


Check out some of the entries for the Rumble's tattoo removal competition

There's some absolute filth here!


Dave Grohl recorded a video message from Bryce to show his mum

Bryce is set to stay at Mrs Grohl's house at some point!


Festie Rog gives out New Years Festival advice

Take it at your own risk.


Producer Jeremy's Secret Santa present to Mulls: 'Pale Fellow'

♫ Look at the sun, look how it shines on you, please hide your skin from view ♫


All Rog's 2020 f*ck ups

Here it is in all it's glory.


'Surfing For Farmers' creator Stephen Thomson wins the 2020 Blair Vining GC Award

Well deserved. Good on ya mate.


Bryce had to call in a tradie to help him turn on his pool pump

If you were this tradie, please get in touch with us asap.


Quick Cashie Callers



WATCH: Bryce goes to Hanmer to try find the big black cat

He found something...


Brad the boss shares his 2001 blowout with Incubus lead singer Brandon Boyd

We work for an idiot.


WATCH: Bryce's surprise at The Rock 2000 for his 20th anniversary at The Rock

One of the best.


Rog has discovered cat videos... God help us all

Welcome to 2011 Rog.


Bryce recreates his first ever voice break on The Rock from 20 years ago

"You think everyone is listening to you....but they're not" - damn Rog, ya savage.


We hired a Private Investigator to follow Rog

The Big Dog gets up to some riveting stuff


Research Ryan: What did The Rumble dream about last night?

Research Ryan went into their dreams, and it's a scary place to be.


Rog got a photo with Aerosmith back in the day, but they never sent it to him

He even tried to google it 😂


WATCH: Bryce scores and converts his own try at Pack The Park

Here comes the hotstepper!


Sam Cane gives Bryce advice ahead of his Pack the Park rugby match this weekend



Bryce's Dad Big T got Jacinda Ardern good after this stitch up call

"I just hope your supporters get out of bed in time" Good from you Big T.


Feedback Line: Cashless Society


Rog ditches his new flat in a Helicopter

And he stayed at his mum's place 🤣🤣


Rog joins 'The Zoo' in the Mount

Check out how 'Flatting with Farrelly went down'..


What would happen in a street fight between Junior Fa and Israel Adesanya?

& could Bryce punch as hard as Deontay Wilder?


WATCH: Racing performs 'Motel Pool' live


WATCH: Racing performs 'Party Slow' live


Chlöe Swarbrick and David Seymour chat marijuana, Winston Peters & Rog on DWTS

Green MP Chlöe Swarbrick vs ACT Leader David Seymour


Rog and Mulls open up about their experience with depression

They explain how opening up can take a bit of the weight off.


Mike King on anxiety and the biggest problem in mental health today

Mike King joins us all week for Mental Health Awareness week.


Karl Urban finds out Bryce hasn't seen any of his movies

Who hasn't seen Lord Of The Rings?


Rog made a vegetable version of himself, and yes it's disturbing

That's one big cucumber.


Bryce turned into a horse boy to impress singer Beth Campbell back in the day

Saddle Club Casey.


Rog's Vitz hits 200,000kms

What a milestone.


Rog plus waterbed equals DISAPPOINTMENT

Classic Rog.


Bryce is a pooper scooper

Self explanatory really.


A Father's Day message from The Rumble

And happy first birthday, Miller.


Bryce stitches up his dad with a Father's Day prank

T Dawg was not happy.


Research Ryan: If the Rumble were drugs, what would they be?

We wouldn't trust this gear.


Bryce, Mulls and Black Cap Lockie Ferguson stitched up Rog and his Vitz

The Vitz makes a pretty good set of wickets.


Paddy Gower rips Bryce's footy skills ahead of his big return to the field

Paddy reckons he was even meant to be captain instead of Bryce.


What Sir Graham Henry expects out of Captain Casey at Pack the Park

Some lofty expectations for old mate Bryce.


Mulls takes a look through Rog's wallet only to confirm he's still a tight arse

Rog the Coupon King.


Bryce gets thrown under the bus by Rog for cocking up the phones in the new studio

The shoe is on the other foot this time....


Rog stuffs up the Rumble's first break in their new studio

Off to a strong start....


Bryce is coming out of rugby retirement for a great cause

He'll be up against former and current All Blacks.


Rog, Bryce and Mulls take a real look at New Zealand's suicide stats

New Zealand's Chief Coroner recently released the figures.


Pissed-off Australian bloke goes on a rampage in his bobcat because of neighbour's noisy party



Bryce is up for New Zealander of the Year again

He's up against some pretty tough competition.