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Dancing With The Big Dog

Keep up with Rog as he fumbles his way through Dancing With The Stars NZ.

Dancing With The Big Dog

Keep up with Rog as he fumbles his way through Dancing With The Stars NZ.

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The Latest from The Morning Rumble

Mulls got caught sk8ting around Auckland City by a Rumble listener

He was a sk8ter boy


Mulls put Bryce & Producer Ryan to the test over their knock off Lakers merch

Real huge fans right here


WATCH: 13-year-old kiddo steals his mum's BMW, gets caught on the motorway

Mum was out to get this guy.


Bryce was forced to become a turtleneck Wiggle so he could enter a GC nightclub

I don't wanna wear a skivvy - let me in!


Five Fingers Farelly and Mullowpuff warm up for Japan with a sumo showdown

Best of three takes out the Rumble sumo championship...


The Rumble have already discovered Thane's new replacement

Well that was easy


Merched up Iron Maiden fan has no idea who Bruce Dickinson is, asks him for directions

A real fan right here


Bruce Dickinson's secret karaoke career in Ghana used to score the boys free steaks

Steak for the boys!


Are Iron Maiden coming over for a NZ show?

When's the big show coming down under?


Mulls gets called out for his punishing small talk, we put him to the test with Brad

He just can't help himself.


Rog describes his late night "home invasion" by a hedgehog

Maybe Rog just looked in the mirror


WATCH: We bubble-wrapped Rog and made him show us just how good he is at bike "skids"



The Rumble react to the outrageous rules one girl wrote for her boyfriend

This is pretty damn crazy


The Big Dog's wife Lisa brutally pays him out over his so called "motocross skills"

"He's got small man syndrome, talks it up. Honestly he blow like a rhinoceros when he takes out the recycling."


Bryce's pop tried to give a dog CPR but it went horribly wrong

Pop, that's not the dog...


Rural Rog reminisces about the Farrelly family turkey shootout

They really don't like birds...


Dan Hooker shares his thoughts on this weekend's Khabib v Conor UFC fight

Well this was pretty dramatic


Adam Blair owned a car at 10-years-old after swapping it for two baby pigs

Guess that what happens out in the country...


Rog "Evil Mcweasel" Farrelly reliving his motorcycling heroics

Cool story Rog...


Top US golfers got into a dust up over one of their wives and it ain't hard to see why

Some things are worth fighting for...


Former fast food worker reveals how to NOT get a "Junk"burger

Don't be a dick to the battler serving up your burger.


Rog reveals his secret love of lingerie

Some real disturbing stuff.


Mulls reads out his own birthday feedback line

Happy Birthday - ya pork chop!


We talk to the bloke born during the '87 Rugby World Cup final

He literally came out to catch the last 10 mins of the game YEAH THE BOYS


Rog's tries to impersonate Arnold Schwarzenegger

He should try putting on an accent though


Producer Dell isn't into younger men - but doesn't mind strapping them in for a ride

Shoot your shot


The Rumble chat to the kayaker who took an octopus to the face from a seal

Somebody call in Andrew Hore...


Web Girl Roisin gets violated by The Rumble over her belly button phobia

Lick my belly button!


Rog likes bad bit*hes and it's his daughter's f*ckin problem

The big dog reckons he's down with the kids.


Bryce reckons the iPhone is programmed to break after a new model gets announced

How's that tin foil hat feel Bryce?


WATCH: Bryce got raw and honest about miscarriages on The Project last night

Proud of ya Casey.


Producer Dell doesn't like to burn the "dick bridge" of past relationships

Has anyone heard of this bridge before?


Fortnite just turned one and Rog celebrated with one hell of a Gentleman's dab

And to think the big dog was REALLY on Dancing with the Stars...


Bryce "Bassy" Casey chokes on his performance of Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain"

He choked the chain


Hold the phone, the WINNER of The Rock 1500 has been revealed

Louise the telephone tarot card reader just ruined the day.


WATCH: The worst things Rock listeners got away with as kids

These surely deserved more than just a slap on the wrist


Mulls public service annoucement to prevent burnt beanbags

Mulligans look like two unwrapped Kinder Surprises


Sharyn exposes Bryce's nap time internet habits

Anyone else got a NAPpad?


Turns out Rog can't change a tyre by himself, gets the roasting he deserves

Did he change a tyre or masterbate?


Bassy Casey drops f-bomb trying to play Fleetwood Mac on bass

How humiliating


Israel Adesanya and Dan Hooker join The Rumble ahead of their UFC fights

Bloody proud of these lads. Out there doing it, and representing New Zealand while they're at it!


WATCH: Are all girls into pimple popping?

This is pretty rank


Blazed bloke breaks into Wellington Zoo to impress missus, gets the bash from tiny monkeys

As far as doing stupid things for women, this is well up there...


WATCH: Living End frontman Chris Cheney give us an acoustic take on 'Don't Lose It'

Different, but bloody good!


The Living End frontman Chris Cheney takes 'Working Class Man' on in karaoke

How good is this!


Chris Cheney from The Living End on their new album and their Red Hot Summer Gig

The Living End are doing two Red Hot Summer gigs in 2019


The Feedback Line blew up over Mulls' school ball photos

The best was definitely saved for last.


Rog gets roasted by Rumble listeners over his school ball photo from 1989

And you thought Bryce's photo was bad...


Mulls opens up the Rumble feedback line over Bryce's school ball photo

Great feedback right here!


The Rumble discover young Bryce Casey's school ball

Complete with frosted tips and a fresh shave


Rog gets hung out to dry over doing Taebo aerobics with Lisa

When you mate tells you they're into Taebo.


Man breaks his schlong after taking Viagra that lasted two days

Unfortunate. Real unfortunate.


Listeners sing Blindspott to Blindspott to win tickets to see Blindspott

A good ol' game of Blindspott karaoke.


WATCH: Blindspott open up about new music and working through their differences

After well over a decade, Blindspott are back.


Outrageously horny dolphin assaults swimmers, causes beach closure

Sparking probably the most bizarre scenario chat from The Rumble. Ever. #SeaLionOrDolphin


WATCH: The biggest battler votes of The Rock 1500

How could you get them so wrong


Rog got prescribed womens vaginal infection antibiotics for his rotten gums

Did he walk into the dentist or the gynecologist?


Research Ryan investigates: Dick shapes of The Rumble

Well this explains a lot


What Liam Squire's special Rumble try celebration will be this weekend

Keep an eye out for the "stuck pig" on the field this weekend


WATCH: Rog gets his revenge, stitches up Bryce by gluing a giant 6 ft dick to his car

Revenge is sweet.


Brian owns three pairs of shoes and got married in his work boots

Good on ya Brian!


Bryce reckons a fountain in Sydney could prove the earth is flat

This is real Da Vinci Code stuff


Mulls spills the beans about why Rog moved in with his missus so quick

Probably shouldn't have brought it up


The real reason why Bryce ditched his own 'Don't tell Sharyn' drinks

So that's what he was really up to...


The Rumble discover NZ's next Mariah Carey in Africa Idol

Rock listeners - pure talent right here


Rog scars New Zealand with a vivid portrait of the bean bag in his pants

Woah, woah, Rog, kids could be listening.


Bryce massively curbed his car - creating a seesaw at the servo

Don't ever be that guy...


REVEALED: Not all of Rog's laughs are actually genuine

Is anyone actually surprised?


Rachel's backdoor is open - The Rumble are more than happy to help out

Happy to help, Rachel.


The Rumble give Dunc shit over his hat suitcase

He must be the only one in the world with one of these...


Newsreader Mel reads out The Rumble's sexy sounding texts

Further evidence on Mulls' sex life right here...


WATCH: Rotorua bloke's gone viral for taking a shower in a servo carwash

What a quality Kiwi.


WATCH: Rog's big blowout in the Tron during his first stop on The Rumble on the Road tour

A bottle of fireball whiskey got the big dog coming in real hot...


The Rumble share their favourite 90's TV theme tunes

No surprises what Mulls was a fan of...


Rog is getting out the mesh this summer and heading to see Cardi B

Who would have guessed...


Rog reveals just how far he'd go to get laid and it's dead mad

If that's what it takes...


Mulls tells "haunting" yarn about what it's like to have sex with him

Hung like a ghost.


Why Water Rats was the worst TV programme of all time

No surprises here


Newsreader Mel savagely decides who she would hire out of Rog, Bryce and Mulls

Who would want to hire any of these guys anyway?...


Bryce pledges his allegiance to the Crusaders at a packed AMI Stadium

Credit to Bruce, he actually went through with it...


Rock announcers share their best #Rock1500 memories over the years

The team take a trip down memory lane reminiscing the nation wide phenomenon that is The Rock 1500.


Listeners discover Rog has the same characteristics as this penis-looking fish

The similarities between him and a Hagfish are uncanny...


Rog and his wife Lisa are FILTHY at Bryce after f**king with their car (again)

Angry wife, angry life...


Mulls and Bryce stitch up Rog, "accidentally" smash his Vitz with a shotput

The big dog was not impressed.


The Morning Rumble combine rollerblading and shotput to make a new sport - 'Bladeput'

Take a wild guess how it went.


Rog, Mulls, John Day and listeners try to break Bryce into sharing his opinion

We've never seen Bryce squirm so much.


Rog rinses out Reagan from middle management for looking like Moby

The big dog came in hot.


Andrew Mulligan Investigates: Bryce "One Too Many Opinions" Casey

Somebody has a problem...


Bryce's brutal punishment if he shares his opinion on the show this week

This would be terribly horrific...


Jim's got a grand plan to hijack The Rock 1500 with his own song and you can hear the demo

Yeah. Good luck with that...


Rock listener has a machete, rounds of bullets and a pair of his wife's panties in his ute

Sounds like someone's been out there doin' it.


Bryce smashes Mulls' phone after he got caught red handed liking photos on Instagram

Just when he thought he could get away with it.


WATCH: Jim's bloody awkward shave for Day 3 of his supermarket challenge

Turn out "as long as you pay for it" has its limitations.


WATCH: Jim's roast chicken and broom curling experiment at the supermarket

If you're allowed to consume food at the supermarket before you pay, just how far can we push that...


Bryce the battler announces the wrong Rock 1500 dates

"You're supposed to be the front of this campaign!?"


Kurt Baker reveals how he perfected the "tuck" in his viral naked photo

What a beauty of a photo!


Jim gives Ryan a massage, testing how much shit he can use in a supermarket before paying

The old baby oil and cornflake rub down. Ryan's a lucky guy.


WATCH: Mulls reads mean texts from listeners, after we gave out his number on-air

The man has a crippling phone addiction. Thanks to everyone for their words of support.


Rumble listener's dad banged his missus' bridesmaid on their wedding day

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!


Mike reveals all the weird shit he's found in Bryce's house while he's been house sitting

Well - this is an eye opener...