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The Latest from The Morning Rumble

WATCH: Lockie doesn't own a toothbrush so he goes to the dentist every week

Such a healthy specimen.


Mulls got caught out with peanut butter on his face

The cameras are always on around here.


Reno Rog opened up the DIY hotline to answer all your burning questions

This is what they teach at building school.


Aimee isn't happy that Bryce is ditching Scotty Mclaughlin for a birthday party

How could he turn this down?


Feedback Line: The rest of the country reckon we need to harden up about the cold

Some people just can't take a joke.


Bryce discovers a song from The Wiggles that they wrote about him

Tyson's already a big fan.


Bryce uncovers what an engaged Sharyn did during her Contiki

Who the heck is Pedro?


Casey-Mulligan Management looks into the sheath cleaning business

Well this is a brand new low...


WATCH: Are dogs the real reason behind broken relationships

Surely not.


WATCH: How to be a judge on DWTS in everyday life

They're all pretty mental.


WATCH: Rog reckons his wife "found him sexier" when he was on TV last year

And the biggest BS yarn of the year goes to...


Rog rants why flatting with a vegan yoga chick and a builder is bad news

No one actually asked Rog for his thoughts...


WATCH: Rumble listener shares the dumbest party trick a roofer has ever done



Mulls threw Rog under the bus for trying to take extra leave in July

Rog's taken his foot off the gas.


Jon Toogood confirms to The Rumble that Shihad are writing a new album and it'll be "real heavy"


WATCH: Rumble listeners and the words they just can't say

Some words just can't come out right.


Rog reveals the one job he just couldn't do

Out of all the jobs in the world.


All the struggles Rog had to 'battle' through while Bryce bowled for 58 hours straight



Boss Brad's surprise for Bryce after his Spare Change Bowling Challenge

Something he's always wanted to see.


Bryce got his undies off for a post bowling Thai massage

Wonder how that ended...


WATCH: The Crowd Goes Wild's video coverage of Bryce's Spare Change challenge

The video even features washed up TV presenter, Andrew Mulligan.


The moment Bryce completed 58 hours of bowling and raised over $315k for charity

You legend, Bryce.


WATCH: Bryce's interview on The AM Show after raising over $200,000 for I Am Hope

On ya Bruce!


Mulls helps Bryce break through the rough 25th hour wall

This some inspiration stuff right here.


WATCH: Rumble listener gave birth to her son on the toilet

How remarkable.


The Rumble discuss what their last meal would be before giving birth

Couldn't think of anything worse.


Rog butchers his Elton Factor audition for Benny and the Jets

Rogee and the Jets.


Bryce's massive predictive text fail with the babysitter

This is bad.


Mulls' list of what he'd rather do than watch Bryce's bowling

He just had to double down.


WATCH: Casey-Mulligan Management get Rog his dream (micro) McLaren supercar

Making dreams come true since ages ago.


Bryce reckons that Brian May is a total sell out

Big call Bruce.


Barnsey sorted out Bryce with tickets to the Wiggles - but now he can't go

Typical Casey.


Jimmy Barnes talks to The Rumble about mental health and asking for help

It's Jimmy Barnes like you've never heard him before.


WATCH: Jimmy Barnes shares some tips for those planing a 3-day bender.. like Bryce

Get some tips from one of the best..


WATCH: Rog turns into a caffeine junkie after the office ran out of coffee

Big Dog didn't cope well.


Feedback Line: New Zealand has a problem with the final episode of GOT

Fear not, there are no spoilers.


No Repeat $5K will be gone real soon with these muppets in charge

A reason to listen in early.


Rog gets a rare one over Bryce over flat pack furniture

Today's a great day for the big dog.


WATCH: Look back at Bryce's 2014 record-breaking bowling effort

What a champ!


Comedian Ross Noble shares what he's learnt about getting his bits out at a nudist beach

This is how to NOT run past a nudist beach


WATCH: Rumble listener reveals the way he'd scam his way to get free stuff overseas

The OG Instagram influencer right here.


Comedian Josh Wolf explains why NZ should legalise weed & roasts Rog at the same time

"Is that God?"


Rog discovers who will play him in Bryce's bowling movie

Couldn't be a better fit for Rog.


Bryce & Mulls made sure Rog dug into his stingy pockets and donated to I Am Hope

We hatched a plan to make sure Rog does his bit.


Rog's life advice for young couples: "Sow your wild oats"

Thanks for that Uncle Toby.


Kiwis are fuming over the sale of Tip Top to new UK based owners

Settle down New Zealand.


Take a look back at Bryce's first 56-hour bowling challenge in 2004

Look at all that hair!!


WATCH: Rumble listener explains the process of getting a Prince Albert



WATCH: Rumble listener gets a tattoo of pacman munching his ass

Yeah the boys!


Rog reckons "life on the street" is all about "cardboard and backspins"

What a penis.


WATCH: How one Rumble listener hooked up with her son's mate

You do you Rachael....


Mike King: Mental health dialogue in NZ is "absolutely" changing, but "my generation needs to be educated"

"The people that need to be educated more than anyone is my generation."


Mulls tried his best to get on Rog's wick

Big dog was not impressed.


Mike King on the impact Bryce's Spare Change challenge will have on suicide prevention

"100 percent of donations will go to helping young kids doing it tough"


Bryce announces his Spare Change for Change challenge supporting I Am Hope

It's time to stop losing our mates.


Mulls boycotts a caller to rant about how much he hates staff meetings

They never bring his name up in them.


Chewbacca's join forces to sing the national anthem

Please stand for the national anthem.


WATCH: Farrelly The Fish hits the water to try swim 1000m and win a listener $10,000

How far can a Big Dog paddle? We find out..


Rog's wife loves turning his "knob up hard" during spin class

She just can't leave his knob alone...


Getting to the "bottom" of the Peaches & Cream butt-plug bandits saga

Trust us to get to the "bottom" of things...


Bryce tried taking an extremely cold shower and had some amazing results

His hair has never looked so lush.


Mark Sargent from Netflix's Behind the Curve answers the flat earth question once and for all

Straight from the expert.


Rog took a story about a delivery driver who pissed herself a step too far

He just had to go there...


We asked you to "toast us or roast us" and it just became a massive roast

Because of course you would.


Mulls' horrible flashback from a distressing vegetable only childhood party

Everyone, pray for Mull


The Rumble meet the Kiwi hunting hero who carried a dead stag through a McD's drive-thru

'Only in Taumarunui'


Bryce is now realising being a parent is hectic, and he ain't coping well

Long weekend's aren't the same with a young one, aye Bryce?


WATCH: 'Bryce the Builder' tries (and fails) to assemble a shelf

Warning: this video will teach you nothing about building a shelf.


WATCH: Rog takes great pleasure in finding out Bryce and Mulls did not win $16m Lotto

We've never seen Rog happier.


Old man Rog is having problems with his 18 year-old daughter, Olivia

He's becoming a Boomer right in front of our eyes.


WATCH: Rog talking about his 'sexy stubble' causes a mass studio walkout

It's not the first time Rog's chat has cleared the studio.


WATCH: Rog tears Bryce to shreds over a BS yarn about his '180 volt' drill

Rog really had a bee in his bonnet this morning...


WATCH: Rog won't shut the hell up about how he was on DWTS last year

Did you know Rog was on Dancing With The Starts?


WATCH: Bryce & The Morning Rumble inspired a bloke to beat the black dog

The Rumble is alway here for anyone doing it tough. "Know you are loved and you WILL be missed."


Casey-Mulligan Management return with 'Rog's Dirty Talk' App

"There's no amount of lube that can make that work." Ouch.


The Morning Rumble found New Zealand's very own 'Egg Boy'

Prepare yourself NZ. Our Egg Boy is NOTHING like Australia's...


WATCH: Casey-Mulligan Management launch Rog's bloody creepy Relaxation App

It should have helped you sleep, but the final product could give you nightmares...


WATCH: How Rog 'got lucky' with his mother-in-law

You did WHAT, Rog?!


WATCH: John 'Savage' Day burns Bryce to a crisp with a single sentence

You know the burn's bad when Bryce has no comeback.


WATCH: Mulls gets his pump on and "works out" at Venice Beach

Putting the "days off" in no days off.


The Rumble hear about the most illegal apprentice prank ever

Thankfully these muppets are no longer in business...


Mulls wasn't on The Rumble this morning and no one noticed

Not one text to see where our boy Mulls was..


Why Paul Ego will never hit the "pow pow" on the ski slopes ever again

As bad as a giraffe on roller-blades.


WATCH: How much Clarke Gayford's life has changed since becoming the first man of NZ

You're a long way from Gisborne now bro.


The Rumble talk to a bloke who puts away $150 worth of McD's every day

That's 18 burgers a day...


WATCH: Punters are fuming after Metallica announce 2nd show

Just when you thought this would make people happy.


Rog's nasty behaviour after Casey-Mulligan Management announce 2nd Metallica Show

Some real nasty behaviour.


WATCH: Man watches Bathurst whilst delivering his baby boy in the laundry

Nothing comes before Bathurst Day.


Bryce tries to wish his Dad happy b'day, only hears sex jokes from Rog and Mulls

Go get it Big T!


WATCH: Mulls doubles down with second brutal Metallica April Fools gag

Come on Mulls, that's too far mate.


Mulls shreds up VIP Metallica tickets after 'NZ's biggest fan' screws up easy question

What kind of monster would shred up Metallica tickets!?!?


Mulls shares some GREAT NEWS and his honest IVF battle for child #2

"It's a tough time the old IVF."


WATCH: The people who blocked you from "Riding the Lightning"

You sure know how to block the lines.


Mulls does a Feedback Line of all the angry parents who missed out on Wiggles tickets

First Metallica, now this?!?!


WATCH: Jason Kerrison's hair-raising performance of 'Welcome Home' on The Rumble

You're something else Jason Kerrison


Rog explains why getting a piercing would ruin his "clean-cut image"

Coming from the guy who wears hoodies on a daily basis.


Rog remembers the time he tried to kill Jono for absolutely nothing

He was a tough taskmaster back then.


Jon Toogood shares how the Christchurch attacks affected him as a Muslim convert

Jon Toogood gets real on his Muslim faith, the Christchurch terror attack and tolerance.


Mulls' wife exposed his late night drunken feeds

What a real slob.


What the text inboxes of The Rumble says about their private life

Are we really that surprised?

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