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The Latest from The Morning Rumble

WATCH: Rog takes great pleasure in finding out Bryce and Mulls did not win $16m Lotto

We've never seen Rog happier.


Old man Rog is having problems with his 18 year-old daughter, Olivia

He's becoming a Boomer right in front of our eyes.


WATCH: Rog talking about his 'sexy stubble' causes a mass studio walkout

It's not the first time Rog's chat has cleared the studio.


WATCH: Rog tears Bryce to shreds over a BS yarn about his '180 volt' drill

Rog really had a bee in his bonnet this morning...


WATCH: Rog won't shut the hell up about how he was on DWTS last year

Did you know Rog was on Dancing With The Starts?


WATCH: Bryce & The Morning Rumble inspired a bloke to beat the black dog

The Rumble is alway here for anyone doing it tough. "Know you are loved and you WILL be missed."


Casey-Mulligan Management return with 'Rog's Dirty Talk' App

"There's no amount of lube that can make that work." Ouch.


The Morning Rumble found New Zealand's very own 'Egg Boy'

Prepare yourself NZ. Our Egg Boy is NOTHING like Australia's...


WATCH: Casey-Mulligan Management launch Rog's bloody creepy Relaxation App

It should have helped you sleep, but the final product could give you nightmares...


WATCH: How Rog 'got lucky' with his mother-in-law

You did WHAT, Rog?!


WATCH: John 'Savage' Day burns Bryce to a crisp with a single sentence

You know the burn's bad when Bryce has no comeback.


WATCH: Mulls gets his pump on and "works out" at Venice Beach

Putting the "days off" in no days off.


The Rumble hear about the most illegal apprentice prank ever

Thankfully these muppets are no longer in business...


Mulls wasn't on The Rumble this morning and no one noticed

Not one text to see where our boy Mulls was..


Why Paul Ego will never hit the "pow pow" on the ski slopes ever again

As bad as a giraffe on roller-blades.


WATCH: How much Clarke Gayford's life has changed since becoming the first man of NZ

You're a long way from Gisborne now bro.


The Rumble talk to a bloke who puts away $150 worth of McD's every day

That's 18 burgers a day...


WATCH: Punters are fuming after Metallica announce 2nd show

Just when you thought this would make people happy.


Rog's nasty behaviour after Casey-Mulligan Management announce 2nd Metallica Show

Some real nasty behaviour.


WATCH: Man watches Bathurst whilst delivering his baby boy in the laundry

Nothing comes before Bathurst Day.


Bryce tries to wish his Dad happy b'day, only hears sex jokes from Rog and Mulls

Go get it Big T!


WATCH: Mulls doubles down with second brutal Metallica April Fools gag

Come on Mulls, that's too far mate.


Mulls shreds up VIP Metallica tickets after 'NZ's biggest fan' screws up easy question

What kind of monster would shred up Metallica tickets!?!?


Mulls shares some GREAT NEWS and his honest IVF battle for child #2

"It's a tough time the old IVF."


WATCH: The people who blocked you from "Riding the Lightning"

You sure know how to block the lines.


Mulls does a Feedback Line of all the angry parents who missed out on Wiggles tickets

First Metallica, now this?!?!


WATCH: Jason Kerrison's hair-raising performance of 'Welcome Home' on The Rumble

You're something else Jason Kerrison


Rog explains why getting a piercing would ruin his "clean-cut image"

Coming from the guy who wears hoodies on a daily basis.


Rog remembers the time he tried to kill Jono for absolutely nothing

He was a tough taskmaster back then.


Jon Toogood shares how the Christchurch attacks affected him as a Muslim convert

Jon Toogood gets real on his Muslim faith, the Christchurch terror attack and tolerance.


Mulls' wife exposed his late night drunken feeds

What a real slob.


What the text inboxes of The Rumble says about their private life

Are we really that surprised?


If you can't remember Homegrown like's what you missed

Someone got a bit too steamed...


Urzila Carlson destroys Bryce in less than 30 seconds being on the show

Please come back all the time, Urzila.


Rog attempts to get one over Mullzy but fails miserably

Nice try Rog...


Bryce comes clean after telling a BS yarn about catching a fruit fly

Is anything on this show actually real?


Rog is clearly going deaf after failing our on-air hearing test

The bald ball bag is going deaf.


Bryce & John are to blame for the Queensland fruit flies in Auckland

Uh oh.


WATCH: Bryce smashes the record for the world's fastest hundy handshake

He bloody did it!


WATCH: Bryce's tribute to Christchurch after 'NZ's darkest day'

"I think love can create our future. So Kia Kaha New Zealand."


Bryce took his bulldog Warren G to the vet to fix her blocked anal glands

Poor Warren G.


Rog doesn't like dogs - is the difference between him and the rest of NZ

Our big dog's not a fan.


WATCH: Bloopers and outtakes from Mulls and Brad's Rock The Park Fyre Festival parody

Acting is not our thing.


WATCH: My ciggie saved me from the Boxing Day tsunami

The only time smoking literally saved a life.


Bryce's massive MCing fail at Rock The Park 15 years ago

That didn't go well.


Bryce's Historic Hundy Person Handshake Record Attempt

Bryce is gonna knock the bastard off, and we want you to be a part of it...


Rog attempted to panel-beat a dent out of his daughters new car

What a grease monkey...


WATCH: Mulls took "one big thing for the team" to save Rock The Park

Good on ya, Andy.


People are fuming over the announcement that Metallica are coming to NZ

You just can't please everyone...


The Rumble's words for guys at gigs: Please..."don't be a dickhead"

And call 'em out when you see 'em New Zealand.


Bryce witnessed Metallica's worst ever interview on The Rock

Could it get any worse...


Paul's massive prosthetic movie mits starred in The Hobbit movies

These are some world famous mits.


Bloke "lost himself" at Eminem, got kicked out then ended up at the ferry

What a yarn.


Here are some photos of the biggest hands in NZ, sent in by you to The Morning Rumble's Facebook page

Bloody hell, these things are weapons.


Mulls rips into a listener to debunk yet another flat earth theory

You really can't debate with Mulls.


The Rumble's tribute to The Prodigy's frontman Keith Flint

Rest well, Firestarter.


Bryce Casey has the softest hands in New Zealand

It's that three cream regime...


DNA results revealed: Is Rog the father to his long lost son Mitch

How incredible.


Rog's long lost son Mitch surprises him for some father son bonding

The state of this banter...


What happens if the DNA test proves Rog actually has a long lost son

Uh oh...


WATCH: Kiwis are fuming over Cadbury's new Creme Egg chocolate block

These people really need to get a life.


Bryce's "comprehensive" review of Bohemian Rhapsody infuriates Rog

Big dog's not happy...


WATCH: Mulls plays the 'iconic part' of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody

Mulls brought the noise, but forgot the timing...


Jeremy Corbett reveals that Rog appeared on 7 Days but was too shit to make the edit

The Benjamin Button of brains...


The Rumble walk out on Rog for going on and on about his time on Dancing with the Stars

He just goes on and on...


Rog discovers his long lost son who lives in Ashburton

Say hello to your daddy...


WATCH: Bloke got hit by a train on a motorbike and survived to tell the tale

This was bloody incredible.


WATCH: Bloke got so addicted to Bunnings snags that he decided to get one inked on

Live by the snag, die by the snag.


Rog started a riot in Hamilton - but it sounds far too unbelievable

Cool story Rog...


Dai Henwood opens up about his foreskin issues

What happens when you go commando in a wetsuit...


The Rumble present Jacinda Ardern with a new national anthem idea if weed becomes legal

Because I got high.


WATCH: Kiwis are fuming about missing out on Elton John tickets

Elton fans aren't happy...


Producer Mel picks her Valentines Day date... then Mulls the priest shows up

We were gonna find Mel a date, but she ended up with a husband.


WATCH: Kiwis rip into Pascal after they announce their lolly packets are shrinking

They're at it again...


Rog's wife smacked him with a pillow after making a comment about her weight

Big dog got what he deserved.


Gareth from Married at First Sight fails to win the heart of Producer Mel

Better luck next time.


Bryce causes chaos for a boatload of baby boomers on Waiheke

Great day to spread some ashes...


WATCH: Kiwis rip into Cadbury about making their chocolate blocks smaller

What a national tragedy.


WATCH: Producer Mel responds to Tiny's "big game" date ideas

He won the hearts of so many women...


WATCH: Producer Mel responds to your Valentine's Day date applications

There's so much interest out there.


WATCH: Illusionist Cosentino makes The Rumble lose it with 'black magic' card trick

Bryce wanted a magic trick that regrows hair


Bryce's plan to return the unruly British family to NZ backfires

Lets deport Bryce instead.


Bryce reveals why he used to be called "Rushie" in high school

Just a kid trying to fit in...


WATCH: People rip into a bloke who wouldn't build fences for a living

Calm down New Zealand.


WATCH: Producer Mel absolutely crushes Mull's Tinder dreams

Yeah right.


Rog seems to think everything is "great news" on Facebook

Rog is turning into a bot.


Rog reveals the shocking effect the heatwave is having on his ball bags

Well this is disturbing.


WATCH: Jen & John Day spread fake news at the Great Kiwi Beer Festival

They went around telling everyone Rog was leaving The Rock..


The Rumble discover their movie biopics and who would play them

Coming to a cinema near you.


WATCH: Brave listener shares story with The Morning Rumble about losing a mate to suicide

It's OKAY to not be okay.


WATCH: Why The Morning Rumble are sick of baby boomers at the netball

Get rid of the thunder sticks and silly old wigs!


WATCH: We've been pronouncing "Uranus" wrong this whole time

Come on, get it right.


Kiwi bloke reveals how he caught a 40kg kingfish, and what he did with the monster catch

Not bad for 5-10 mins of work!


Producer Mel's flatmate dated NZ's worst stage six clinger

You can't get any weirder than this...


Rog abandoned his family after they got attacked by a billy goat

The big dog runs away. Again...


Rog's "real cool" yarn about seeing Mr Whippy in Mangawhai

Cool story Rog...


Rog reveals how fat he really is after admitting how many pies he eats

He's just a piece of chuck steak, floating in gravy.


The Morning Rumble do the #10YearsFromNowChallenge, and the results are bloody grim

No surprises here.


WATCH: Do girls think cameras in the bedroom are ever a good idea?

Rog's "pen was poised" for this chat...


WATCH: Hamilton car yard opens up about their encounter with the infamous Irish family

They kicked the tyres in...

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