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Join Roger Farrelly, Bryce Casey and Andrew Mulligan, 6-10am weekdays on The Rock.

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The Latest from The Morning Rumble

Rog discovers his long lost son who lives in Ashburton

Say hello to your daddy...

7 hours ago

WATCH: Bloke got hit by a train on a motorbike and survived to tell the tale

This was bloody incredible.


WATCH: Bloke got so addicted to Bunnings snags that he decided to get one inked on

Live by the snag, die by the snag.


Rog started a riot in Hamilton - but it sounds far too unbelievable

Cool story Rog...


Dai Henwood opens up about his foreskin issues

What happens when you go commando in a wetsuit...


The Rumble present Jacinda Ardern with a new national anthem idea if weed becomes legal

Because I got high.


WATCH: Kiwis are fuming about missing out on Elton John tickets

Elton fans aren't happy...


Producer Mel picks her Valentines Day date... then Mulls the priest shows up

We were gonna find Mel a date, but she ended up with a husband.


WATCH: Kiwis rip into Pascal after they announce their lolly packets are shrinking

They're at it again...


Rog's wife smacked him with a pillow after making a comment about her weight

Big dog got what he deserved.


Gareth from Married at First Sight fails to win the heart of Producer Mel

Better luck next time.


Bryce causes chaos for a boatload of baby boomers on Waiheke

Great day to spread some ashes...


WATCH: Kiwis rip into Cadbury about making their chocolate blocks smaller

What a national tragedy.


WATCH: Producer Mel responds to Tiny's "big game" date ideas

He won the hearts of so many women...


WATCH: Producer Mel responds to your Valentine's Day date applications

There's so much interest out there.


WATCH: Illusionist Cosentino makes The Rumble lose it with 'black magic' card trick

Bryce wanted a magic trick that regrows hair


Bryce's plan to return the unruly British family to NZ backfires

Lets deport Bryce instead.


Bryce reveals why he used to be called "Rushie" in high school

Just a kid trying to fit in...


WATCH: People rip into a bloke who wouldn't build fences for a living

Calm down New Zealand.


WATCH: Producer Mel absolutely crushes Mull's Tinder dreams

Yeah right.


Rog seems to think everything is "great news" on Facebook

Rog is turning into a bot.


Rog reveals the shocking effect the heatwave is having on his ball bags

Well this is disturbing.


WATCH: Jen & John Day spread fake news at the Great Kiwi Beer Festival

They went around telling everyone Rog was leaving The Rock..


The Rumble discover their movie biopics and who would play them

Coming to a cinema near you.


WATCH: Brave listener shares story with The Morning Rumble about losing a mate to suicide

It's OKAY to not be okay.


WATCH: Why The Morning Rumble are sick of baby boomers at the netball

Get rid of the thunder sticks and silly old wigs!


WATCH: We've been pronouncing "Uranus" wrong this whole time

Come on, get it right.


Kiwi bloke reveals how he caught a 40kg kingfish, and what he did with the monster catch

Not bad for 5-10 mins of work!


Producer Mel's flatmate dated NZ's worst stage six clinger

You can't get any weirder than this...


Rog abandoned his family after they got attacked by a billy goat

The big dog runs away. Again...


Rog's "real cool" yarn about seeing Mr Whippy in Mangawhai

Cool story Rog...


Rog reveals how fat he really is after admitting how many pies he eats

He's just a piece of chuck steak, floating in gravy.


The Morning Rumble do the #10YearsFromNowChallenge, and the results are bloody grim

No surprises here.


WATCH: Do girls think cameras in the bedroom are ever a good idea?

Rog's "pen was poised" for this chat...


WATCH: Hamilton car yard opens up about their encounter with the infamous Irish family

They kicked the tyres in...


Bryce reveals that he's actually part of the infamous Irish family terrorizing the nation

Of course he bloody is...


Mulls reckons all jet skiers are dickheads

Like he can talk...


Rog turned into an Imperial Mint instead of getting a tan over summer

The big dog just can't tan...


WATCH: Rog welcomes Bryce and Mulls back, Bird Box style

The Big Dog isn't putting up with your shit this year, fellas.


Bryce and Mulls prank Rog into thinking he was approached to be on Celebrity Treasure Island

A true "leader" of the tribe.


Producer Jeremy smashed a car window to save a trapped hot-boxed dog

Who let the dogs out?


Bryce's yarn about some battler who took a shit out a bus window

All aboard the flying poo bus.


Rog, Bryce and Mulls sign off 2018 in true Morning Rumble fashion

What each member said sums them up very well.


Bryce throws Mulls & Producer Ryan under the bus over the shot put incident

This is what really happened.


WATCH: A company-wide email told staff "you'll need some pingers" at the Christmas party

Go big or go home...


Mulls took an 11am bubble bath after straining himself on the rowing machine

The body of a 60-year-old.


WATCH: How many takes do Rog, Bryce and Mulls need to record a commercial?

Just when you thought gas-bagging down a microphone was easy enough.


With Bryce away, Mulls finally got to play 'Snoopy's Christmas' on air

He's finally done it.


Mum sends five-year-old son to school nativity with sex doll sheep

That's definitely a yarn coming up at the kid's 21st.


Rog is back to mowing his lawns after 7 weeks of finger leave

He's taking it easy with the throttle though


Mulls ditched The Rock Christmas party to watch Notting Hill at home

What an end to the night.


Rog ran over a "human turd" in the work carpark in his Vitz

Rog's had a pretty shit day.


Mulls gets crushed when listener has no idea what 'The Crowd Goes Wild' is

Don't worry Mel. You're not missing much.


What Joseph Parker has learnt from losing and dealing with the haters

He know's who his true supporters are.


Bloke mixes up his Christmas presents, gives his dad a sex toy intended for his wife

Bet he wanted to get straight into it.


Rog retracts his foolish statement that he'd drink less in 2019

In fact, he's going to drink more.


The Morning Rumble's Top 5 most offensive things they never want to hear or say on the radio

You'll never catch us saying these things... ever.


Baz from Wood For The Trees on raising money for mental health

What a bloody great cause.


Mel and Producer Melissa try help Bryce figure out what to get Sharyn for Xmas

Perhaps a nice massage...


A very steamed Rog slid into Producer Melissa's DMs late on Friday night

What was he even hoping for?


Bryce literally shat the bed when he was home sick last week with gastro

Just when you thought he was a grown man...


Jay Reeve taught some of the nation's biggest meatheads how to cook


Jay Reeve's kids look more like the Honey Badger who was in town at the time

Time for a DNA test?


Mulls warns Jay Reeve about the downside of working on the drive show in 2019

Working with the hairy chainsaw himself


Rog roasts Producer Ryan's "millennial attention span" because he hates Dunkirk

Don't insult the Big Dog's favourite movie.


Mulls hijacks Producer Melissa's Tinder, finds her perfect match

Tinder's obviously not as hard as it seems...


Rumble listeners play the accent game - but Chewy takes it out yet again

Nobody beats Chewy.


Riot squad gets called to out of control party where mum is too busy doing a keg stand

Only in West Auckland


Bryce dogs the boys again, ditches their Snoopy punishment and Ubers home instead

Well played, Casey.


Bryce plays Pantera twice instead of Snoopy's Christmas

On ya Bruce.


MX rider and loose unit Ronnie Mac gives Bryce shit for riding scooters

Live radio at its finest


Rog's wife Lisa savagely roasts him over his new Mustang

It's downhill from here, Rog.


Bryce gets pissed off over Mulls' Christmas tree life hack

A new low for the Rumble.


Mulls' PSA for parents on the "private" school run

The saltiest bunch of all


Bloke tried to circumnavigate NZ on a jetski after hearing Rog talk about it

Why you shouldn't listen to any of Rog's ideas


Bryce has taken a day off work after busting his shoulder on a Lime scooter

Too busy being a hipster...


Bryce destroys the punishing old hater who told him "he'd never make it" in radio

To everyone who's battled with haters in life, this one's for you.


Mulls smugly predicted that the Blackcaps would win

He called it.


Devilskin on their European tour and supporting Slash in 2019

Not bad for a little kiwi band from the Tron.


Mulls goes into full panic mode over the AB's losing a test match

Absolutely no thought into the game around here.


A band paid for Facebook likes to secure a European tour... then played to empty crowds

Do they really suck that bad?


Famous kiwis congratulate Bryce for 10 years on The Morning Rumble

We didn't expect him to last that long.


Bunnings have to change how they serve their snags over this "safety" rule

How the hell do you slip on an onion?


Bryce uses his newfound "radio superpower" to correctly guess where 3 listeners are from

This just screams of bullshit.


Rog says his relationship deal-breaker are girls who "really love their dogs"

What a strange, strange man he is.


Dunc's passport fail that stopped him from going to Rock Island Fiji



Dunc's passport fail that stopped him from going to Rock Island Fiji



WATCH: Mel & Dell on getting too comfortable too soon with your partner

Better to get things out in the open


Why Simon Mannering has been avoiding The Rumble on purpose

Someone was a bit too happy over text...


According to anonymous Wikipedia page Roger Farrelly is a criminal

Interesting stuff...


Bryce discovers the sinister reason why a decapitated rat and two dead birds were put on his front lawn

Better start leaving town now...


Jed Mildon pulled off a triple back-flip in his work-boots

Surely he'd be getting a free pair for life


Rog makes Chris Jericho's shit list

What a stinker of a question.


Bloke loses a leg after volcano erupts on him while camping at Mt Ruapehu

This is pretty bloody incredible


Remi Malek really "pulls off" Freddie Mercury according to Bryce

We're sure this wasn't in the movie...


Bryce gets shut down trying to get a photo with Floyd Mayweather in Tokyo

Well he tried...


Rog gives the Tim Tam slam a blow, *cough* go

The Big Dog really goes for it...


Motorsport legend Craig Lowndes tells us how he celebrated winning Bathurst seven times

A true icon.


Mulls has been targeted by sextortion scammer, listen to his brutal voicemail

Tough luck "needle dick."


Levi Sherwood shares his expert opinion on Mike doing a backflip

Mike Garvey is being coached by the absolute best in the world.