Mike correctly predicts what this bloke found in a car he purchased

Called ittttt.


WATCH: Mike's trip to Munich, Germany for the ultimate VIP Metallica experience

Hell of a trip!


Paramedic once helped a bloke who had his member stuck in a wedding ring

How on earth!?


WATCH: This is how you win a prize on air! Rock Wars edition

Yeeeaa boi.


Mike yarns to the boys from Alien Weaponry

Great to catch up with the boys who are crushing it overseas.


This young gun built a half pipe with ice while he was meant to be working

Mike was talking mucking around at work when he got this cracker call.


This bloke cooked a roast chicken in dish-wash liquid by accident

Have you ever got the instructions wrong?


Just a casual Taxi flying through a petrol station

This really is not your average day at work.


How not to request a song: Part 4

Just another rinsed human who wants to hear a certain song on Rock Nights.


WATCH: Beardwatch at the NZ Tattoo & Art Festival

Just a bunch of bearded blokes, in slow motion.


Levi Sherwood shares his expert opinion on Mike doing a backflip

Mike Garvey is being coached by the absolute best in the world.


Mike talks to Racing about their new album and the upcoming Jim Beam Homegrown

All sorts on the cards for the blokes in the future.


How not to request a song: Part 3

This guy thinks he's a voice over artist..


Dr John explains how long you should be lasting in bed

This may surprise you..


Nothing like some good old life advice from Mike

Clean up your act mate


Casey Mulligan management offer a great deal for Backflip Mike

Your very own Jingle written and sung by Bryce and Mulls is up for grabs