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After 12 years of working at The Rock, Mike Garvey hangs up his headphones

Go well mate.


Someone butt-dialled Mike, so he confused the sh*t out of them

This is what happens when you accidentally butt-dial a radio station 😂


Mike caught up with Aidan Terpstra from ‘It's Not If But When’

His attitude and drive are truly inspiring.


Levi Sherwood on his latest bike he's built and designed

Catch him at Wheels 4 Curekids April 10 @ Worlds End Tauranga


Nitro Circus BMX legend Jed Mildon caught up with Mike and Jay

Catch him at Wheels 4 Curekids April 10 @ Worlds End Tauranga.


Weta 20 Year Anniversary Special with Mike Garvey

Mike Garvey caught up with Weta as well as Shihad drummer Tom Larkin.


Dr John answers COVID-19 questions | part 4

The latest update from Dr John.


Dr John is back, answering more COVID-19 questions

Should we be wearing masks? Have we blown it?


Dr John answered common questions about COVID-19

He debunks questions such as, is this all a big exaggeration?


Dr John answers questions on COVD-19

Can you get coronavirus twice? How are the first NZ cases going?


Mike correctly predicts what this bloke found in a car he purchased

Called ittttt.


WATCH: Mike's trip to Munich, Germany for the ultimate VIP Metallica experience

Hell of a trip!


Paramedic once helped a bloke who had his member stuck in a wedding ring

How on earth!?


WATCH: This is how you win a prize on air! Rock Wars edition

Yeeeaa boi.


Mike yarns to the boys from Alien Weaponry

Great to catch up with the boys who are crushing it overseas.


This young gun built a half pipe with ice while he was meant to be working

Mike was talking mucking around at work when he got this cracker call.