How to not get on air for The Takeover

Mike deals with a group who were having a great time in 'the deep south'


Rock announcers share their best #Rock1500 memories over the years

The team take a trip down memory lane reminiscing the nation wide phenomenon that is The Rock 1500.


Had a rough week at work? Spare a thought for old Deb jamming horse penile in a beer jug

Not an ideal way to spend your workday at all.


Model bitten by shark while posing for Instagram picture in shark-infested waters

There are no words.


Mike uncovers the truth around the medical marijuana available to all Kiwis NOW: CBD oil

Dr Graham Gulbransen is the first doctor to prescribe CBD oil in NZ. He came in to Rock HQ and had some interesting shit to say.


A Perfect Circle have made the world's first holographic album and it's mind blowing

Plus Mike Garvey from Rock Nights recently caught up with Maynard. Have a listen.


Biffy Clyro saved a Kiwi dude's life

Two of our favourite Scots stopped by Rock HQ for a yarn with Mike Garvey - and shit, did they have some yarns.


Mike Garvey takes the Skinny Hobos for their first ride on the pokie machines

Winnings to go towards beersies at Homegrown.


Mike catches up with Bill Kelliher from Mastodon before the NZ show

Bloody hyped for this one.


Renegade Otago bloke taking tourist's fish and demanding to see fishing licenses

Twizel has an un-official 'Fishing Sheriff.' The Robin Hood of Otago seas if you will.


WATCH: Bloke with bacon sandwich hitchhikes naked in NZ for a competition

He made international headlines, but's got nothing else to show for it.


Mike Garvey catches up with Mike Muir from Suicidal Tendencies ahead of the big NZ show

Shit we're hyped for Storm the Gates.


Kiwi bride gives her own dad a lapdance at wedding reception

Mike chats with a guy who saw a lapdance that was a touch different...


Caller's foreskin bitten off by vicious black swan while he was "taking a piddle"

Holy shit. What a yarn.


Mike and Jim's eventful trip to the 2017 NZ Tattoo & Art Festival

Have a look and see what they got up to.


Levi Sherwood's new carbon fibre bike is so powerful it "exceeds his riding ability"

"I rode it the first time with the new carbon set up, and it actually scared me."

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