Watching this rich munter f*ck up his Lamborghini can only improve your day

Really buggered that up, mate.


Canada sold out of cheese one day after legalizing it

The stoners are oot and aboot in Canada.


Bloke pretends to be football player to get laid for three bloody years

That's some commitment.


WATCH: Two blokes get trapped in the joint they're trying to rob, crowd gather to laugh at their shame

God karma's good.


Five Fingers Farelly and Mullowpuff warm up for Japan with a sumo showdown

Best of three takes out the Rumble sumo championship...


Holy hecka, this ginormous weapon is gearing up for his MMA debut

Feel sorry for the poor bastard who has to face up to this behemoth in the octagon.


Mad dog surfers hitch free ride to Waiheke on the wake from ferry

Yeah the boys.


Jack Daniel's release advent calendar with 1.5L of whiskey

Christmas just got a hell of a lot more merry.


Not even a "smashed testicle" could stop Jona Nareki competing for the Ranfurly Shield

Not all heroes wear capes. Some are running it straight for Otago.


WATCH: Hit-and-run driver gets absolutely rolled by karma

"What a crazy ass bitch."


Bloke sells his missus on eBay listing, then panics when the bids get too high

She ended up hitting close to $150k NZD.


WATCH: Out the gate truck driver hi-5's oncoming traffic with giant pipe

Reminder, check your rear view mirror, eh?


Dog invades footy pitch for a good ol' belly rub

Can't blame the dog for knowing what he wants!


Nickelback & Korn roasting themselves in mean tweets vid is a bloody laugh

Imagine Dragons get a good wholloping too.


Rap group Migos just won a "Best Rock Group" award and we wanna riot

The single most ridiculous thing to happen in 2018.


How much time do you spend on your phone?

Thanks to apple we can now see exactly how long Thane Kirby spends on pornhub a week.


Thane gets his creep on auditioning for a new Human Traffic voice

Things got hot on the airwaves this afternoon.


Bloke spends $16k transforming his Hamilton home into a race track

Money bloody well spent.


Birds getting on the piss and causing chaos in small town

The younger squawkers can't handle the rinse. Sounds a bit like our kiddos...


Legendary Italian playboy, famous for boning 6,000 women, dies while going at it in a car

What a way to go.


WATCH: Limp Bizkit's guitarist gets swallowed by mosh pit, Fred Durst starts freaking out

Wes, can you hear me? ....You guys please, please be careful, all right."


WATCH: Lady Gaga singing 'Down with the Sickness' is hilarious

We didn't think we'd want to hear this but we were wrong.


WATCH: Escaped horse charges through pub

A horse charges into a bar...


Watching Kids getting disturbed watching Disturbed has us in stitches

"If this was any louder I think my ears would be bleeding."


WATCH: Ball bag with a camera tries to film a bull race, gets absolutely flattened

Pretty brutal.


Does Dr Laura have the answer as to why Thane & Dunc have lost their hair?

This could explain a thing or two..


Johnnie Walker's created a limited edition "White Walker" whiskey for GOT fans

And the bottle glows blue when frozen!


The first reviews for 'Venom' are in and hell, apparently it's "Catwoman level bad"

"A complete failure."


WATCH: The premiere of Tenacious D's buck-wild animated show 'Post Apocalypto' is here

The end of the world is here and it's these two ball bags' job to save humanity.


Doctors give Octopus' MDMA to prevent cannibalism and make them all round nicer dudes

Worked a bloody treat.


WATCH: Sheep has a hoon on the roof of a truck on Auckland motorway

Bugger me, if anyone knows how she got up there.


Self-pouring beer machines exist and every home needs one

The robotic beer dispenser is blowing up the internet.


"Great commitment" shown by sheep, rocking a mullet as tribute to the All Blacks



WATCH: Kaikoura kayaker gets stitched up by seal, slapped in the face with an octopus

"I don't know who got the bigger fright - the octopus, the seal or me."


Hilary Barry tells Mulls her c*** is spectacular in kick-arse response to punisher

NOTE: Punisher wasn't Mulls. This time.


WATCH: Ol' fella smashes out ridiculously accurate Rush air drum solo like a boss

What an absolute weapon.


Kiddo mistakes his dad's pingers for candy, hands them round to his mates at school



WATCH: Champ fights off four robbers with huge bong

Wielding the bongo like a bloody baseball bat.


WATCH: Aerosmith performing 'Walk This Way' on toy instruments will make your bloody day

See how long you can watch before cracking up.


Blazed bloke breaks into Wellington Zoo to impress missus, gets the bash from tiny monkeys

As far as doing stupid things for women, this is well up there...


Mike Myers recreated the "we're not worthy" Wayne's World scene during Alice Cooper gig

We're not worthy!


This bloke got his proposal into the new Spider-Man game, and it backfired horrifically

You couldn't make this shit up.


Kids react to Hangover Sunday and holy shit, they don't hold back

"5 out of 10. Maybe."


Check out this couple's full noise viking wedding with blood sacrifice and all

What a bloody time to be alive.


Lad imitates as many Instagram model poses as he can during his travels

On fleek bro.


WATCH: Bloke legs it out of wedding after his missus catches the bride's bouquet

Run to the hills, run for your lives.


WATCH: Tenacious D announce new album and drop trailer for their animated series

The boys are back! Watch the Post-Apocalypto trailer now.


WATCH: Battler gets completely owned by gym equipment behind vlogging gym instructor

Gym equipment 1, bloke -5.


WATCH: Little brother convinced he's invisible in classic stitch up

They got him good.


WATCH: Classic stitch up on bloke who finds a 12-inch dilly in his luggage before airport bag check



Little kid cooks his Mum's romantic proposal, starts peeing as the bloke drops a knee

Bloody good stitch up from a three year old.


WATCH: Naked bloke snaps thief trying to steal his missus' car

"Silly sausage didn't realise my fiancé is a naked ninja."


WATCH: The stars of Happytime Murders give Kiwi slang a hoon

Explicit content from these puppets as they try and figure out what 'wop wops', 'misses' and 'yeah, nah' all mean...


After years of hitting the backdoor, couple go to Dr to find out why they're not pregnant

Wow. Just wow.


NBC cook their announcement of John McCain's death, cut to fat dolphin-men making out

Awkward as.


WATCH: Roof actually breaks on Limp Bizkit while they're belting out 'Break Stuff'

The guitarist and his pedal board were completely drowned in water.


Kiwi fork-lifting company are looking for Fortnite players to fill a new job

Being able to work productively in a 'squad' as well as in 'solo mode' is also an advantage.


Kiwi battler arrested after sinking too many beersies on a flight and then trying to open the aircraft door

The silly bugger has narrowly avoided a serious prison sentence.


Spanish bloke gets pulled over and tests positive for every drug in the bloody book

Holy hecka. That's one hell of a bender.


Pearl Jam created a poster of the White House in flames and an eagle eating Trump's corpse

Well, that escalated quickly.


It's South Park's 21st birthday, so to celebrate, here's our top ten episodes of all time

Happy Birthday South Park!


WATCH: Kiwi battler in a tire tube spirals out of control towards moving car

Holy shit. That's a close call if we've ever seen one.


Pornstar creates the apocalypse of unwanted dick pics with one savage response

Good from you, Ginger.


Cathedral statue vandalized with KISS makeup

If they're caught they could be paying outrages amounts of cash


WATCH: Rogue wombat repeatedly attacks Aussie tradie

"Well, f*ck mate, didn't realise wombats had such big f*cking teeth."


A couple of old guns escape from rest home & rock on at massive music festival

A great effort from these two..


Divorcee Dad owns world's first Harmony sex doll, rating her 8/10

She even remembers your birthday.


Auckland bloke jailed for poisoning workmates with weed-laced cake

What a balls up.


Tradie fired after deliberately driving through puddles to splash pedestrians

100% worth it.


The pie awards went down last night, here's where you can get the best pies in the country

You're bloody welcome.


New study finds AC/DC actually IS noise pollution, and a genuine threat to the ecosystem

Rock ‘n roll ain’t noise pollution. Rock ‘n roll ain’t gonna die... But the plants might.


Research finds your beard is probably filled with poo

Stinking news for all the bearded fellas.


WATCH: Bloke smashes back a can of baked beans while going ham at a metal gig

What a lad.


Ryan Reynolds is remaking 'Home Alone' as an R-Rated flick titled 'Stoned Alone'

A blazed loser misses his flight to go on holiday, smokes up, gets paranoid and thinks someones breaking into his house. #Relatable


Auckland boy invites the cops to his party, loses it when they actually show up

The police were all about it.


WATCH: Jim's roast chicken and broom curling experiment at the supermarket

If you're allowed to consume food at the supermarket before you pay, just how far can we push that...


Pro gamer dumps hottest weather girl of all time to focus on Call of Duty

Forecasting a hard southerly upon opening this article.


Jim gives Ryan a massage, testing how much shit he can use in a supermarket before paying

The old baby oil and cornflake rub down. Ryan's a lucky guy.


WATCH: Battler plays Korn using actual corn and it doesn't sound half bad

Pop corn picks and cobby percussion.


WATCH: Near-naked chainsaw-wielding bloke absolutely loses it outside Bunnings

Stay away from crack, folks.


Mum confronts son over "crack spoon", turns out the situation was hilariously innocent

Ah, that old classic.


100 y/o woman believes guzzling back cans of Stella is the secret to a long life

Better living everyone.


Josh Homme gets rarked up by precious VIP area at front of stage, makes security open the gates

How good?


Underpaid bloke goes on a resignation rampage, absolutely cocks up his boss' office

Champagne and rage.


WATCH: Russian punk-rock band invade pitch during the France/Croatia final

Pussy Riot on the job.


Introducing 'peegasms', a new female sex trend that's freaking out Doctors

Turns out holding it has a pay off.


Bad news lads, Fifa's banning broadcasters from lingering on hot women in the crowd



Bloke attempts to eat cereal in mosh, fails miserably

They do say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


Chick gets engagement ring stuck up her hooha after trying to propose with a Kinder Egg

Outstanding effort though.


Watching these lads smash out 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' on toys will make your day

Never has a Hello Kitty drum kit been this kick-arse.


WATCH: Cooked English fan biffs beer on AM show's UK reporter mid-broadcast

Props to Lloyd Burr who just powers through his broadcast, soaked in booze.


WATCH: How long will an air horn go off before our boss realises he's being stitched up?

Classic stitch up.


Model bitten by shark while posing for Instagram picture in shark-infested waters

There are no words.


WATCH: Marilyn Manson forces fan to remove his Avenged Sevenfold shirt

"That's not my band."


Wairarapa cops looking for info on guy who ganked box of Cody's from local Bottle-O

Sound like any of your mates?


WATCH: Granddad headbanging to AC/DC at a red light is all of us

"You got me ringing hell's bells. My temperature's high, hell's bells."


If you watch anything today make it Nollsy losing his f*cking mind at punter in crowd

The most impressively colorful rant we've heard in some time. He's since issued an apology.


Hunger for pie leads cooked Hawera bloke to smashing ATM that swallowed his card



WATCH: Silly bugger attempts to reverse his car off a power pole on busy road

A bloody power line.


Seagulls on the piss are causing havoc, incapable of flight and spewing all over the show

This is a legit story. No joke. Seagulls on the rinse.