Mötley Crüe's Tommy Lee went full don't give a f**k mode & posted a dick pic to Instagram

You really could see his whole junk loud and proud.


Where the hell has Rog's tongue been?

We're concerned about Rog...


The largest shit recorded in history belonged to a sick Viking from over 1,000 years ago

Make sure you're not eating when you read this one.


Does Rog have a secret son called Jonty?

This got dark...


A listener tells Jay and Dunc how he learnt not to taser himself the hard way

Note to self: Don't try to taser yourself (in case it wasn't obvious before)


Listener Megan accidentally sent nudes to her boyfriend's mum

How's this for a group-chat blow out...


Reddit user bought rock-fan partner tickets to Imagine Dragons & it didn't go down well

He opens the envelope and I’m met with a “uhhhhhh.. what?”


This American metalhead has turned his dead uncle's skeleton into an electric guitar

We can't tell if its sick, or siiick.


Punishers discover Rage Against The Machine sing about politics & they're not happy

"What... machine did you think you were raging against? The busted up toaster? "


Research Ryan: If The Rumble were burgers, what would they be?

The Big Dog Burger, The Cajun Casey, The Macaroni Mulls, and The Meat-Free Mel.


BMW have literally reminded drivers to use their car's indicators

Use ya bloody indicators.


Blokes with "very large penises" are wanted for a new doco, 'Too Large For Love'

A casting call has been released for the upcoming documentary.


Bryce and listeners share their worst "foot in mouth" moments & they're pretty bad

Ever said something so bad, that you literally wanna crawl into a hole and never be seen again?


reddit user who knows nothing about Tool, answers questions about Tool

His answers are so wrong, but pretty funny.


British couple get a warning after neighbours complain about sex ‘louder than a lawnmower’

“The neighbours only have to put up with it for two minutes. What are they complaining about?”


Hairy Turd, Fluffy Poo, Ginger Nuts and more in the 13th installment of Nicknames!

The gift that keeps on giving.


Bloke inserts sex toy into his rectum the wrong way, has emergency surgery

The bloke tried multiple times to get the 10-inch toy out of him, but it didn't budge.


American bloke crashes into FedEx truck after receiving oral sex while driving

The unidentified man and his girlfriend were found half-naked after the crash.


Woman in Germany has sexual relationship with model airplane

Lots to unpack here.


These 1930s public safety warnings about electric shocks are out the gate

What's old mate up to on that bridge?


Woman gets surgery after accidentally getting a vibrator stuck in her rectum

Seriously, when is shit like this gonna stop?


Rog cooks it and accidentally ruins a Tool song by playing Paula Abdul over it

FFS Rog..


Apparently having a small wang was the shit back in Ancient Greece

The Greeks were very very very smart


Story of NZ trucker who inflated like a balloon after his butt was pierced by an air hose resurfaces

A truly classic NZ story


From dishes in the bin to violating pillows: These 'flatmate from hell' stories are out the gate

These stories make me wanna hug my flatmates... and they suck.


The town that buys the most sex toys in NZ has been revealed

NZ's horniest towns have been revealed!


Man wakes up neighbours by blasting porn through the wrong speakers

We’ve all had close calls while ‘wrestling the dragon’, but this bloke has enraged his neighbours..


Lad "fuming" after buying tickets for Red Hot Chili Peppers cover band, Red NOT Chili Peppers

Aaron bought four tickets straight away, but then realised he f**ked up.


Singer who urinated on fan last year reminded not to pee on stage while opening for Tool

"No Urine Is To Be Deposited, Placed, Distributed, Sprinkled, Poured And/or Spread.."


American bloke accidentally shoots his own penis after robbing hotdog stand

An American bloke got instant-karma after robbing a hotdog stand in Chicago, USA, recently.


Woman falls into vault toilet, has to be rescued by firefighters

What a sh*t situation.


WATCH: Woman gets stuck upside down behind couch during bottomless brunch

Bottomless brunches will get ya..


Feedback Line: Vegemite Sandwich

The keyboard warriors are rife this week...


Listener Johhny accidentally Chromecasted his x-rated video to the dining room

Oh Johnny...


Bloke shoves 80cm-long-earphone wire into his D, rushed to emergency department

The wire got lodged in the man's bladder and he began experiencing agonosing pain while peeing.


Feedback Line: Cadbury Creme Eggs

Our first Feedback Line of 2022!


Doctors discover 2kg dumbbell stuck in man’s bum, remove it with hands

Doctors found the 20cm-long-dumbbell wedged in where the colon meets the rectum.


Country with the biggest average penis size in the world revealed

The study used google data from 86 different countries to find the results.


Bryce and Mulls' hips don't lie

Don't even ask why or how this happened.


Mel teaches us what a "Genis" is

Who knew genises were a thing?


Aussie bloke nearly lost his penis after his unkept pubes cut off circulation

He was diagnosed with “hair tourniquet syndrome."


Company is offering $20 an hour to watch porn from your own home

"We are taking a deep-dive into the ins and outs of porn. And we need your help to do this!"


WATCH: Construction worker drops bag of poo from crane, gets fired

The bloke was caught brown handed after the video went viral online.


Kirstie the 'Sistema Steamer' strikes again

She's back! And better than ever.


Christopher Luxon pranks Rog and asks him to join the National Party

Happy April Fool's Day Big Dog.


WATCH: Drunk Aussie bloke vomits outside of pub, slips in it

CCTV footage captured the whole incident in all its glory.


Bryce takes a look at a Harley and Rog went absolutely rogue with it

Rog hijacked the motorbike and took it for a spin. 🤣


'Pint Police' are now inspecting pubs in Aussie to make sure they're pouring beers right

There's nothing worse than getting an under-poured-pint.


Pop star hospitalised with 'trapped farts' after holding them in around her boyfriend

You better believe she had a warning for her female fans.


Bryce told his wife Sharyn he's getting a motorbike & it didn't go down well

Safe to say Bryce won't be getting a Harley any time soon.


WATCH: Tool's Maynard James Keenan gets Danny Carey to hit gong with dildo during gig

Ever see a man hit a gong with a dildo?


We've got more cracker nicknames for ya

These never get old.


Mulls wacked himself in the face with his headphones and Bryce couldn't be happier

Finally, Bryce's day of redemption has come.


Mike Tyson's weed company is selling edibles shaped like a chewed-off-ear

A bunch of fans have labelled the product is "genius" and "hilarious."


Bryce accidentally yelled at a heavily pregnant woman

Honestly he is sorry...


Rotorua Bottle-O store owner grabs nunchucks & chases down thief until his pants come down

The store-owner took matters into his own hands and chased down the thief and stolen item.


Newsreader Ben absolutely breaks Jay and Dunc with this yarn 🤣

While Jay is still recovering from sternum surgery, we bring in newsreader Ben to try and break him.


Rog gets absolutely roasted by his wife Lisa for talking sh*t about her painting skills

Welcome to our latest installment of 'Does Lis Know.'


20 F**king Whacks Karen goes on a f- and c-bomb tirade about Wellington Protesters

God bless you Karen, never change.


Caller Shutts turned his car into a bong, and Rog tries to sound cool

Listener Shutts & Rog just "bonging up" 🤦‍♂️


NZ Land Speed Record Holder Dean Hart joins the Maddog Club

Sargant Dean Hart joins the Maddog club as he tells us how he broke the NZ Land Speed record.


Dave Grohl does shots and eats the hottest wing on 'Hot Ones' without flinching

What can't this bloke do? Ledge.


WATCH: Mel's guide on how to be the worst wedding guest ever

Absolutely crook stuff. 👰🤵


Producers Ryan and Guy give The Rumble personalized nicknames & didn't hold back

"Mel you could be called Scarecrow, 'cause you're always alone."


Uber driver busted watching porn before picking up customer

A viral TikTok video shows an X-rated video paused on the driver's screen.


Listeners tell us the stories of why they're going to hell

Some of you guys are going to hell....


Elon Musk donates $5.7 billion in Tesla stocks to end world hunger

This gets a huge thumbs up from us.


WATCH: Zoi Sadowski-Synnott's Dad drops another F bomb on live TV

The Project had the champion snowboarder & her Dad Sean on last night.


Man tries to suck his own D, left with chronic back pain

"I've been having chronic back pain because of trying to perform auto-fellatio."


Zoi Sadowski-Synnott's Dad Sean explains his toilet chat from viral live cross

"Well the toilet blocked up this morning..."


Jay and Dunc chat to Maddog Danny who redesigned his hand

Danny is a true legend!


Listener Lara cradled her partner's balls for 3 years to stop him snoring

You're a bloody legend, Lara.


WATCH: Zoi Sadowski-Synnott's proud dad swears on live TV following her gold medal

"After my couple of F-bombs on live TV and two big whiskeys, I slept pretty well."


Rural Rog attempts to shear a sheep

He's not farm fit, he's farm f*cked.


23 year old bloke cuts off penis after smoking weed

Another day, another grim story.


Dan Hangman Hooker chokes out Bryce

Quietest Bryce has been all year!


Jackass members reveal the stunts they would categorically never do again

Yep, fair enough boys.


Teacher "accidentally" recorded herself farting and posted it as a question in online test

'Accidentally' yeah, sure....


Bloke returns from military service to surprise parents, walks in on them having sex

Bet you he didn't see that coming.


Pensioners sentenced after police find cocaine stash worth $50k

Oh Helen...


Bloke may never be able to use penis again after attempting to stay erect during sex

Should've just taken a bluey..


Ways Aucklanders f**cked themselves during lockdown, racking up 113,900 ACC claims

Think you got screwed over during lockdown? Simple jobs like painting, mowing your lawns and gardening took some to the emergency room.


Bryce's sh*tuation...



Rubbing wasabi on your head could stop you going bald, study suggests

According to a study done in 2017, wasabi can help with stimulating hair growth.


Bloke driving Tesla stuck in traffic busted watching porn on console screen

A man of culture...


Listener Helen's husband sunburnt his D



What do you call the apprentice at work?

Sh*t, these are good.


Here's a montage of all of Rog's Stuff Ups from 2021

Rog sure knows how to cook his words 🥴


Man's penis shrunk more than an inch due to COVID-19

Another reason not to get covid...


Jackass Star Steve-O has launched an X-rated adult website

For a subscription of $9.99 per month, you can see a bunch of Steve-O's ‘explicit uncensored content’.


Big Dog tells PM Jacinda Ardern how she should be running the country

Big Dog Barks


Rog goes on a massive sharn about the price of grapes & family-sized pies

Het got Sharn Alarmed twice and STILL kept talking.


Mulls once accidentally dropped his poo onto the side of a car outside a Labtests

He pulled a shit and run.


The best nicknames & their back stories - Part 3

These never get old.


Mulls gifts Rog some white male panties from Wish.com

Sorry you had to see this.


Weird Al Yankovic destroys Kid Rock's new music video

The internet is having a field day with this video.


WATCH: Twitch streamer doesn't realize she's talking to Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park

🎵Things aren't the way they were before, you wouldn't even recognize me anymore🎵


The best nicknames & their back stories | Part 2

Oh boy.. These are howlers 🤣


Brass Against singer Sophia Urista apologizes for peeing on fan

"That night, I pushed the limits too far."


Man nearly loses his genitals after a Cobra hiding in the toilet bites his junk

The snake dug its teeth into the man's sack 😖