Kiwis hit back at rowdy Irish family by roasting 'em with hilarious memes

They came, they swore, and now they're not welcome...


WATCH: Drunk bloke storms Foo Fighters stage and Grohl lets him party like it's 1999

Can always count on 'Good Guy Grohl'.


WATCH: Rog welcomes Bryce and Mulls back, Bird Box style

The Big Dog isn't putting up with your shit this year, fellas.


Absolute mad man gets caught tonguing doorbell......for 3 hours

But why though?


A goddamn Pak'nSave plastic bag sold for more than a pack of ciggies on Trade Me

From 10 cents to over fiddy bucks.


Dumbarse tries to steal UFC fighter's phone, ends up getting his face rearranged

Not a smart move mate


Internet mercilessly roast '19-year-old's' mugshot

No mugshot is safe online


Package labelled 'NOT DOPE' somehow fails to fool police

Worst. Drug dealer. Ever.


Bloke who cheated on missus gets cringy tattoo to earn her trust back

'I f***ked up, I must do it,' he reckoned


Newsreader mistakes Axl Rose and Mickey Rourke as married couple

A Canadian news broadcast mistook a now iconic photo of Axl Rose and actor Mickey Rourke as a married couple celebrating their 50th anniversary.


Last minute Christmas gifts that take absolutely no effort whatsoever

We've got your back.


These forklift operators have redefined the meaning of 'bored at work'

They've stopped giving a fork about work ages ago.


Macaulay Culkin recreated "Home Alone" scenes and it's pretty damn good

The internet belongs to Macaulay Culkin today.


The 16yo virgin who went to Sex Island? He now wants to marry one of the sex workers

🚨 Stage five clinger alert 🚨


Film studio releases Die Hard trailer as a Christmas movie, declaring it the "greatest Xmas story ever told"

It's a Christmas miracle.


WATCH: Beauden Barrett hilariously loses his shit inside a Red Bull race plane

How good.


Battler arrested after trying to pay for his Maccas with a bag of weed



Staind frontman Aaron Lewis goes off at "bald motherf**ker" heckler for interrupting his set

It's been a while since we heard from him.


Woman driving Tesla tries to refuel car at petrol station

We take it the car's not hers.


Someone edited Deadpool as every character in the 'Avengers: Endgame' trailer

Somewhere, Ryan Reynolds is proud.


Santa rips off beard, tells kids to "get the f*ck out" after shit went down at Xmas event

If Bryce was Santa...


Christian Bale says Donald Trump thought he was Bruce Wayne when they met

This doesn't shock or surprise us anymore.


Pornhub release their 2018 End Of Year Review and the data is pretty mind-blowing

Wow, get a load of this.


Jim tries getting off another workplace he doesn't work for

Jim gets off is back again, what a guy.


Mum sends five-year-old son to school nativity with sex doll sheep

That's definitely a yarn coming up at the kid's 21st.


A bunch of vegans held a candle-lit vigil for nine turkeys that were killed for Christmas dinner


Newspaper makes the worst/funniest typo in headline about Julia Roberts


Deadpool takes hilarious defensive stance against Nickelback haters in latest 'Once Upon A Deadpool' trailer

Everyone loves to take shots at Nickelback. Ryan Reynolds is having none of it.


Marvel fans are tweeting NASA to save Tony Stark from space

Please tell us they're taking the piss...


WATCH: Aussie bloke gets kicked by a kangaroo, doesn't spill his beer

Not all heroes wear capes.


Blind man sues Playboy because he can't use their website

No, it's not Rog.


Aussie couple's gender reveal burnout goes wrong, car catches fire

The pink smoke quickly turned black.


Chris Jericho chased down and smashed a guy who barged into Fozzy's tour bus and assaulted their drum tech

What type of idiot sneaks on to a pro-wrestler's bus and doesn't expect to get beaten up?


Loud sex noise interrupts UK championship snooker match

Looks like he wasn't the only one trying to sink the pink that night.


Aussie tradie tasers himself in the face while trying to light a dart



WATCH: two blokes in a donkey costume absolutely cane themselves during a charity running race

Hands-down the funniest thing we've seen in ages.


Gender reveal video causes $11m worth of damage

They do say having children is expensive....


Best mate pranks groom on his wedding day, pretending to be his bride

Absolute gold.


Bloody hell, check out the size of this huge fucking cow in Western Australia



How to pronounce blink-182's band name is tearing people on Twitter apart

Is it "one-eighty-two" or "one-eight-two"?


Patty Gower reveals he accidentally got hella blazed over the weekend

Okay Patty, whatever you say mate.


You can get into the Xmas spirit with Christmas lights for your beard

Get lit this Christmas in more ways than one.


Dude whips out his penis at McDonald's, performs helicopter on counter in Scotland

Live your best life, bro.


Watch the official trailer for "Once Upon A Deadpool"

This looks bloody good.


Female Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter makes thief her bitch after he tried stealing her bag

How's that for karma.


Fan rushes Corey Taylor on stage, gets annihilated by security

In Corey's own words - sucks to be you, dude.


Tradie gets fired on the spot for wearing steel-capped Crocs

Why steel-capped Crocs exist is a mystery not worth solving now or ever, but they do and here we are.


Bloke does a rock cover of the Bunnings Warehouse theme song

On ya mate.


Man spent three years proposing to his girlfriend and she had no idea

Doesn't that just make you want to throw up.


Gisborne Herald cocked up big time, accidentally called Stan Lee "Spike Lee" in obituary

That's not like Herald to get something wrong.


WATCH: The most drunk and wasted people at Christchurch Cup Day

Move over Melbourne Cup, it's Addington's time to shine.


This couple have eaten at Maccas every day for the last 23 years

They're mclovin' it.


Father of the Year shoves his kid in front of ball to save goal

Zero f**ks given.


Poo Towns of NZ - Tokoroa

the place of talking poles and missing caravan wheels.


Parents post before and after shots and it's the best birth control we've ever seen


Jim chats with the bloke who invented the Double Brown Sausage

One hell of a food creation this.


Kiwi has created a table with a beer fridge built inside and holy shit, we all need one

The bets piece of furniture engineering since the bloody La-Z-Boy.


Red Dead 2 is stitching up the Flat Earth Society in the best way

This one's for you Mulligan.


69 y/o wants to legally change his age to 49, seeing as trans people are out there changing genders

Reckons if he could be 20 years younger his Tinder game would improve.


Conor MeGregor and Mike Tyson ended their beef by lighting up a doink and getting high as f&%k

"Some giggle off that Cherry Pick Kush."


Rog gives the Tim Tam slam a blow, *cough* go

The Big Dog really goes for it...


Bloke accidentally pooped in a trash can he mistook for a toilet in tiny house

Shit happens mate.


Red Dead Redemption 2 sees 731% increase in wild west searches on PornHub

The gaming cowboys are getting real barred up.


Study find Christmas music is bad for your health

So can every one just calm the f*&k down. It's the start of November for Christ sake. No need for the punishment to start now...


'Pre-school fight club' could be happening in the US

What happens at pre-school fight club, stays at pre-school fight club.


Scientists studied 109 hours of porn to create an AI that gives out gobbies

One small suck from a robot. One huge blow for mankind.


Jon Bon Jovi says what we're all thinking about ol' Kim K and the Kardashian legacy

"Go and write a book, paint a painting, act, study, sing, play, write."


The moment a teacher told a deaf kid the other students can hear his farts

"You know how sometimes you can feel your butt move when you fart?"


WATCH: Kiwi bloke plugs in his electric guitar and serenades herd of cows with doom metal

Ol' mate Tom's resurfaced and he's defo worth a re-watch.


Slipknot and The Wiggles have come together in one hell of an unsettling mash up

Internet. What have you done.


WATCH: Bloke burns his house down after trying to kill spiders with blowtorch

Holy shit mate. Line. Ya crossed it. Worse. You set the god damn line on fire. WITH A BLOWTORCH.


Brand spanking new range rovers get their roofs ripped off when transport truck drives into bridge

Well. That's a f*ck up and a half.


Bloke gets dumped after getting caught "poopsterbating" in Facetime to other chick

Dumped while taking a dump. Maaaate.


Aussie battler with suspended license caught towing his boat with a mobility scooter

"I lost my licence and pretty much finished working on my boat at the same time..."


The traffic jam that made a Wellington tradie a millionaire

How's this for lucky.


WATCH: Donald Trump belting out The Rock 1500 no.1 'Chop Suey'

Not sure how Serj would feel about this, but holy hecka. What a laugh.


Thane and Dunc yarn to the bloke who boiled his own leg

One year on and this bloke has decided to get rid of his other leg too.


Thane and Dunc yarn to the bloke who boiled his own leg

One year on and this bloke has decided to get rid of his other leg too.


WATCH: Mad dog jumps 29 storeys to fetch some milk

Don't you hate it when it's smoko and you've run out of milk?


Watching this rich munter f*ck up his Lamborghini can only improve your day

Really buggered that up, mate.


Canada sold out of cheese one day after legalizing it

The stoners are oot and aboot in Canada.


Bloke pretends to be football player to get laid for three bloody years

That's some commitment.


WATCH: Two blokes get trapped in the joint they're trying to rob, crowd gather to laugh at their shame

God karma's good.


Five Fingers Farelly and Mullowpuff warm up for Japan with a sumo showdown

Best of three takes out the Rumble sumo championship...


Holy hecka, this ginormous weapon is gearing up for his MMA debut

Feel sorry for the poor bastard who has to face up to this behemoth in the octagon.


Mad dog surfers hitch free ride to Waiheke on the wake from ferry

Yeah the boys.


Jack Daniel's release advent calendar with 1.5L of whiskey

Christmas just got a hell of a lot more merry.


Not even a "smashed testicle" could stop Jona Nareki competing for the Ranfurly Shield

Not all heroes wear capes. Some are running it straight for Otago.


WATCH: Hit-and-run driver gets absolutely rolled by karma

"What a crazy ass bitch."


Bloke sells his missus on eBay listing, then panics when the bids get too high

She ended up hitting close to $150k NZD.


WATCH: Out the gate truck driver hi-5's oncoming traffic with giant pipe

Reminder, check your rear view mirror, eh?


Dog invades footy pitch for a good ol' belly rub

Can't blame the dog for knowing what he wants!


Nickelback & Korn roasting themselves in mean tweets vid is a bloody laugh

Imagine Dragons get a good wholloping too.


Rap group Migos just won a "Best Rock Group" award and we wanna riot

The single most ridiculous thing to happen in 2018.


How much time do you spend on your phone?

Thanks to apple we can now see exactly how long Thane Kirby spends on pornhub a week.


How much time do you spend on your phone?

Thanks to apple we can now see exactly how long Thane Kirby spends on pornhub a week.


Thane gets his creep on auditioning for a new Human Traffic voice

Things got hot on the airwaves this afternoon.


Thane gets his creep on auditioning for a new Human Traffic voice

Things got hot on the airwaves this afternoon.


Bloke spends $16k transforming his Hamilton home into a race track

Money bloody well spent.


Birds getting on the piss and causing chaos in small town

The younger squawkers can't handle the rinse. Sounds a bit like our kiddos...