Kiwi battler arrested after sinking too many beersies on a flight and then trying to open the aircraft door

The silly bugger has narrowly avoided a serious prison sentence.

11 hours ago

Spanish bloke gets pulled over and tests positive for every drug in the bloody book

Holy hecka. That's one hell of a bender.


Pearl Jam created a poster of the White House in flames and an eagle eating Trump's corpse

Well, that escalated quickly.


It's South Park's 21st birthday, so to celebrate, here's our top ten episodes of all time

Happy Birthday South Park!


WATCH: Kiwi battler in a tire tube spirals out of control towards moving car

Holy shit. That's a close call if we've ever seen one.


Pornstar creates the apocalypse of unwanted dick pics with one savage response

Good from you, Ginger.


Cathedral statue vandalized with KISS makeup

If they're caught they could be paying outrages amounts of cash


WATCH: Rogue wombat repeatedly attacks Aussie tradie

"Well, f*ck mate, didn't realise wombats had such big f*cking teeth."


A couple of old guns escape from rest home & rock on at massive music festival

A great effort from these two..


Divorcee Dad owns world's first Harmony sex doll, rating her 8/10

She even remembers your birthday.


Auckland bloke jailed for poisoning workmates with weed-laced cake

What a balls up.


Tradie fired after deliberately driving through puddles to splash pedestrians

100% worth it.


The pie awards went down last night, here's where you can get the best pies in the country

You're bloody welcome.


New study finds AC/DC actually IS noise pollution, and a genuine threat to the ecosystem

Rock ‘n roll ain’t noise pollution. Rock ‘n roll ain’t gonna die... But the plants might.


Research finds your beard is probably filled with poo

Stinking news for all the bearded fellas.


WATCH: Bloke smashes back a can of baked beans while going ham at a metal gig

What a lad.


Ryan Reynolds is remaking 'Home Alone' as an R-Rated flick titled 'Stoned Alone'

A blazed loser misses his flight to go on holiday, smokes up, gets paranoid and thinks someones breaking into his house. #Relatable


Auckland boy invites the cops to his party, loses it when they actually show up

The police were all about it.


WATCH: Jim's roast chicken and broom curling experiment at the supermarket

If you're allowed to consume food at the supermarket before you pay, just how far can we push that...


Pro gamer dumps hottest weather girl of all time to focus on Call of Duty

Forecasting a hard southerly upon opening this article.


Jim gives Ryan a massage, testing how much shit he can use in a supermarket before paying

The old baby oil and cornflake rub down. Ryan's a lucky guy.


WATCH: Battler plays Korn using actual corn and it doesn't sound half bad

Pop corn picks and cobby percussion.


WATCH: Near-naked chainsaw-wielding bloke absolutely loses it outside Bunnings

Stay away from crack, folks.


Mum confronts son over "crack spoon", turns out the situation was hilariously innocent

Ah, that old classic.


100 y/o woman believes guzzling back cans of Stella is the secret to a long life

Better living everyone.


Josh Homme gets rarked up by precious VIP area at front of stage, makes security open the gates

How good?


Underpaid bloke goes on a resignation rampage, absolutely cocks up his boss' office

Champagne and rage.


WATCH: Russian punk-rock band invade pitch during the France/Croatia final

Pussy Riot on the job.


Introducing 'peegasms', a new female sex trend that's freaking out Doctors

Turns out holding it has a pay off.


Bad news lads, Fifa's banning broadcasters from lingering on hot women in the crowd



Bloke attempts to eat cereal in mosh, fails miserably

They do say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


Chick gets engagement ring stuck up her hooha after trying to propose with a Kinder Egg

Outstanding effort though.


Watching these lads smash out 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' on toys will make your day

Never has a Hello Kitty drum kit been this kick-arse.


WATCH: Cooked English fan biffs beer on AM show's UK reporter mid-broadcast

Props to Lloyd Burr who just powers through his broadcast, soaked in booze.


WATCH: How long will an air horn go off before our boss realises he's being stitched up?

Classic stitch up.


Model bitten by shark while posing for Instagram picture in shark-infested waters

There are no words.


WATCH: Marilyn Manson forces fan to remove his Avenged Sevenfold shirt

"That's not my band."


Wairarapa cops looking for info on guy who ganked box of Cody's from local Bottle-O

Sound like any of your mates?


WATCH: Granddad headbanging to AC/DC at a red light is all of us

"You got me ringing hell's bells. My temperature's high, hell's bells."


If you watch anything today make it Nollsy losing his f*cking mind at punter in crowd

The most impressively colorful rant we've heard in some time. He's since issued an apology.


Hunger for pie leads cooked Hawera bloke to smashing ATM that swallowed his card



WATCH: Silly bugger attempts to reverse his car off a power pole on busy road

A bloody power line.


Seagulls on the piss are causing havoc, incapable of flight and spewing all over the show

This is a legit story. No joke. Seagulls on the rinse.


Bloke catches a bale of weed while fishing on his birthday

Probably keep those sunnies on mate.


Topless women steals bulldozer and crashes into apartment complex

Stay away from meth, kids.


10 times the camera operator got distracted by banging hot football fans

When the camera lingers for that extra second...


WATCH: Bloke with cornrows chowing down on corn while listening to Korn wins the internet

The Korn-ception.


Truck driver gets sweet revenge on Corvette wanker who refused to let him merge into lane

Well mate, you had that one coming.


Gigantic dick becomes popular landmark on Google Maps

Scoring hundreds of 5 star reviews.


Chick hilariously stitches up scammer by scamming him back after he requested 'bob pics'

Sorry sxy bby.


WATCH: Thirsty bear joins bloke in hot tub, necks his margarita

Guts bro.


WATCH: The most commonly misheard rock lyrics have us in stitches

Try get through this and not laugh.


Wellington bus driver reportedly loses it, rams battler in the bus lane

Road rage ramming is real - stay the f*ck outta the bus lane team.


Credit card thief falls through ceiling in the funniest CCTV footage we've ever seen

It's like Benny Hill on crack.


Kiwi battler escapes the cops in hilarious police chase across Northland beach

Holy shit, this is good. But would not recommend.


Sign language interpreter translating Lamb of God like an absolute champ

Enthusiastic is one word for this, fucking awesome are two others.


Meet the Johnsons: The latest family conned into taking The Morning Rumble Challenge

Breeze listeners Jenny and Craig gave The Morning Rumble a go for the week...


WATCH: Jim gets down to some risky business while making content for HRV

Jim shows how to live your pants free dream this winter with HRV ventilation and heating


Someone created lingerie that vibrates every time a goal is scored in the Fifa World Cup

They were trying to help woman get "excited" about sports, but have been blasted as sexists...


WATCH: When you're "high as balls" and decide to show Mum your special talent

"I'm high as balls, wanna see my special talent?"


Arctic Monkey's accidentally kicked David Bowie off their table

So. Much. Regret.


Broke Jim crawls under Thane's house looking for a weird smell to try make a quick buck

Shit got weird. Real quick.


Chick thinks she getting engaged, turns out geezer just wants to enter in the back door

No surprises, the clip has blown the hell up online.


Drunken munter use wild raccoon to help him drive, it does not go well

Possibly the most outrageous drunken yarn we've ever read.


Burger King told chicks to get knocked up by a World Cup player and score free whoppers

Only in Russia.


One bloke just brought doughnuts and chicken nuggies together

Introducing the donug...


WATCH: Horny couple go viral after getting caught going at it on plane seat

And the mile high club is currently boarding.


Mexican football fans went so ham after beating Germany, they caused a bloody earthquake

Holy hecka, that's one hell of a celebration.


Good news for the big knobs among us, large condoms are back in stock

Which let's be honest... Isn't any of us.


Corey Taylor covering Spongbob Squarepants is something we never knew we wanted

Throwing back to a weirdly excellent moment with Corey Taylor.


WATCH: Aussie man ambushed by his mates while sleeping in his undies, left tied up to his mattress on a highway

When your mate's stitch up makes the bloody news.


Nelson dearro's go viral after ganking a bench in hilarious CCTV getaway footage

Inconspicuous lads.


The NBA just got roasted by bad lip readers and the entire Rock office is in stitches

"yYa'll I'm trying to tell you , you gto the wrong guy, he's illuminati."


Roggy boy' twerked on National telly and holy hecka, it's everything we expected and more

Week 7 saw Roggy dancing his heart out in a backwards Rock cap and a gold chain - and shit it's a sight to behold.


WATCH: Rog's infomercial for Woll fry pans

Watch out Mike Puru.


Has DWTS changed Rog? An exclusive look in to Rog's behavior at the Rock HQ

Looks like the fame's gone to Twinkle Toes head...


Turns out Aussie's infamous "poo jogger" was a top dog exec

The bloke was honking out a dirty snake on a public footpath daily for over a year.


WATCH: Ozzy Osbourne endorses goat yoga and yes, that's a real thing

Ozzy Osbourne is about to launch his third season of Ozzy & Jack's World Detour, and the promo video is here.


Ledgebag baseball fan catches ball in her beer then chugs it back

What a catch.


WATCH: Days are numbered for the home covered with 75,000 cans of Fosters

There's a full noise doco on this glorious landmark for the humble Fozzie lover.


Aussie church gagging over the deep message they erected yesterday

"(Bl)Oh my god."


Freshen up your rugby knowledge with How to Dad and Kieran Read before the big test

Quality How To Rugby tips.


Kiwi bloke draws giant dicks around potholes in bid to get Auckland Transport to fix them

Nothing like a spot of gratuity to get the authorities attention. Kiwi ingenuity right there.


Doctors remove six-inch shower head from man’s bum after ‘slip’

That's what they all say mate.


'Murdered' journalist walks into press conference about his own death

Holy hecka. What a plot twist.


Thane and Dunc called their new fan Osama from Pakistan, who slipped into their DMs

Wonder how much this call set the company back...


WATCH: Dearros chasing cheese down brutally steep hill in slow motion to Ava Maria

The Annual Cheese Rolling Comp just went down and it's one hell of a painful yet hilarious watch.


WATCH: Jimbo nude models in his quest to become a male "entertainer"

The first Hen's night is this Thursday and the pressure is on.


Marilyn Manson took a whizz on Korn's food for the hahas

When you gotta go, you gotta go.


The Rumble stitch up Jim, sign him up on a male 'entertainer' website and then wax him for his first Hen's night

Back, sack and crack, Jimbo?


Rog's 5 most memorable moves on the dance floor last night (in shareable gif form)

Plus we sent Rog on a tumble through time and space....


Sesame Street's suing Melissa McCarthy for her X-rated puppet movie

When the druggos move on to your street and davalue your pride and joy, you're gonna bite back.


World's largest orgy overcomes venue hump, set to go down in Vegas next Saturday

With a 1000+ people ready to turn up (and on).


Kid eats nothing but sausage rolls for fifteen years

And you thought you knew fussy?


Internet begged Weezer to cover 'Africa', so they covered Toto's 'Rosanna' instead

Good from you, Weezer.


Blokes' hilariously accurate troll of basic b*tches and everything that sucks on Instagram



WATCH: Naked criminal leaps out of window, topples into invading SWAT team

One hell of a day for this unfortunate bloke.


This bad lip reading of the Royal Wedding is the best thing on the internet today

Still a bit of a sore spot after the wifey went on a three day Royal bender? This'll ease the pain, and make ya laugh.


Dubbing Over The Stars: Episode 4

The latest installment in the BETTER dancing show NZ has on offer.


5 top notch gifs from the big dog's bloody outstanding samba on DWTS last night

Our hero, immortalized in glorious giphy form.