The Rock Frequencies

Struggling to find a decent radio station?

Unfortunately, we can't help you with that. But if you're keen to hear our average-to-mediocre banter sandwiched between some bloody good rock music, then look no further.

Stream The Rock on rova

Not in New Zealand? We feel sorry for ya, it's a pretty rad little country. But you can stream us from anywhere in the world via the rova app -  download it now from the App Store or Google Play.

Or if you're still rocking one of those old school radios, or your car has one of those fancy band expanders - then listen to The Rock everywhere in the country by tuning into one of the frequencies below.

The Rock Frequencies

Auckland 90.2
Northland  90.0
Rodney  100.1
Waikato  93.0
Coromandel  105.5
Pauanui 92.1
Tauranga  94.2
Rotorua  92.7
Taupo  94.4
Gisborne  94.1
Wairoa  94.1
Taranaki  95.6
Hawkes Bay  95.1
Manawatu  95.4
Whanganui  95.2
Wairarapa  95.1
Kapiti  91.9
Wellington  96.5
Nelson  94.4
Picton  92.3
Marlborough  91.3
Kaikoura  89.1
Canterbury  93.7
Ashburton  97.3
Timaru  91.5
Oamaru  104.8
Mackenzie Country 91.0
Wanaka  89.8
Queenstown  100.0
Central Otago  98.3
Dunedin  93.4
Southland  90.8

Not in any of those regions? No worries. Stream us in HD on rova - download the app today from the App Store or Google Play.

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