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Oh - and as every good team needs a waterboy, they'll be bringing the hairy chainsaw Jim Cawthorn along for the ride too.

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WATCH: Tyla and Jess get hitched in our first-ever Westside Wedding

What a nice day for a West wedding.


Poo Towns of NZ - Amberley

Get this in your earholes, Amberley!


Jay's touching encounter with a ChCh victim's mother in Starship Hospital

Well said, Jay.


Jay tells Dunc the real reason why he hasn't accepted Dunc's FB friend request

It's been 6 months since Dunc sent out the request...


Dunc's old man's cracker conversation makes our Betoota news

Rene is back at it again.


Cheap wedding rings and healthy lifestyle chat with our resident GC - Ordinary Dr. Phil

Our resident GC is back with Qs to your As!


Poo Towns of NZ - Waimate

It's the Poo Towns factory on Rock Drive at the moment, Jeremy is pumping them out.


Jim comes clean after blowing out on the roads in an Edge car

They're not happy mate.


Poo towns of NZ - Nelson

Nelson, this one is for you.


How Jim found out Dunc has been stalking Kylie Jenner on the gram

Dunc you dirty dog.


PHOTOS: Check out the official pics from our Westside Wedding!

How. Good.

This is how Dunc mentally prepares for State of Origin

The level of concern on Dunc's face though.


Jim cooks a Westside Wedding cake

This wasn't a good call.


Jim interviews the pins to see how they're coping with 58 hours of non-stop bowling

Spare Change is becoming one of the most loved and successful charity runs of 2019, but not everyone is happy.


WATCH: Jim's less shit Day 2 attempt of Ten Pin News

Look, it's an improvement...


Jim's shambolic attempt to do a live 6pm news show during Bryce's Spare Change live stream

The worst thing we've ever done. Which is saying something.


Jay and Dunc gift away our Westside Wedding

Gearing up for the ultimate Westie wedding.


WATCH: The Hairy Chainsaw got his colon cleansed as part of his new diet

It's as grim as you'd imagine


Jim and Jay choke up on some of the hottest chilis in the world

We'll give that one a miss thanks mate.


Producer Jeremy celebrated 10 years at the Rock today

10 years of making some the best parody songs to ever hit the airwaves.


Ordinary Dr. Phil is back for more life advice

He's here to sort your tax woes.


Jim was busy with his karaoke machine and was belting out Sweet Caroline

Are we actually paying him for this?


Jay brags about how he is actually related to the Speights family

Still wouldn't be able to answer a single bottle cap question though..


Duncs done the hard yards, and found out Rats love being tickled

The more you know aye


Poo Towns of NZ - Mount Maunganui

Another cracker for the nation this time we went for the mount!


Jay and Dunc randomly pick Jim's next diet

Jim is on struggle street. Give the man some meat.


Jim will never watch Game of Thrones - here's 7 reasons why

He actually makes some half decent points here..


Johnny Kay explains the difference between a gift and what's yours

Dunc decided it was easier to just part ways with a $1200 washing machine than continue to deal with an ex.


Poo Towns of NZ - Brisbane

We've gone international!


Producer Honeybone finally gets one back over Jim

It's been over a year since Jim stitched him up on his internship.


Justin Marshall hates The Rock after Producer Jeremy made this parody

Hopefully the last 6 years have healed the wound


Jim thinks that Paul McCartney and Brad the boss are robots

Someone bring him a tin foil hat


Jay managed to snag a coffee machine worth thousands for $100

What a steal!


Jim finally gets a quiz right live on air

Even though technically he got all of these answers wrong..


Poo Towns of NZ - Motueka

Aaaaaay, Motueka!


Jim hides in cubicle and starts convos with workmates for his new segment 'Toilet Talkback'

Broadcasting from the men's toilets at Mediaworks HQ.


WATCH: The drive team react to ruthless online comments towards cross-eyed UK thief

Dunc found this absolute gem on the world wide web.


Resident GC Ordinary Dr. Phil is back with A's to your Q's

He's got your back mate.


Jim wins $300 gambling with callers live on air

Desperate times call for desperate measures right?


London Marathon runner reaches finish line but can't cross due to costume problems

His Big Ben costume was way too big.


Poo Towns of NZ - Gore

Throwing it back to when the boys spent a week in the deep south.


Jay filled his new diesel Ranger with petrol

What. a. winner.


Jay & Dunc spend $400 on Body Lotion for Producer Jeremy's birthday

Was this necessary? Yes, yes it was.


Poo Towns of NZ - Taupo

Hands down the best white rapper we know.


Jim and Producer Honeybone almost get murdered in Chicago

Welcome to Chicago, they said.


WATCH: Jim spent his last $50 on a Star Wars "mystery box" and ended up winning big

Well, enough to pay off half that $600 Uber ride, that is.


Poo Towns of NZ - Foxton

Here's your belter, Foxton!


Brad the boss finds out Jim spent $600 work allowance on non-work related things in Chicago

No one is surprised.


Jim meets the people of Chicago

Imagine if this is the only person from New Zealand you'd ever met..


The drive team secretly recorded their partner's reactions to seeing their 'members' for the first time

How's this for homework.

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