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WATCH: The insane story of one base jumping bloke who shattered leg

This yarn goes from bad to worse, starting with a shattered leg and no cell reception.

9 hours ago

Wanna save on fuel? Jay and Dunc have got 5 easy fuel-saving tips for you

Work smarter, not harder. Better living. Go well go LOOOONG.


Jay & Dunc's Must Watch: A Portrait On Jamie Thomas

Check out this mini doco on skateboarder Jamie Thomas.


Jay & Dunc's Must Listen: Last Man Standing

Jay and Dunc's Must Listen this week is Last Man Standing.


Jay didn't believe he won his fight for life 'I don't even remember hitting you at all'

"...there's no way that I could have won because I don't even remember hitting you..."


'No one told us there'd be fish in the water' The funniest one-star travel reviews

Imagine flying all the way to a beautiful island, just to complain that the beach was 'too sandy'?


All the crook times Rock listeners have 'had their lights turned out' 💡

These KOs are not all good man.


'Why we shoot Deer in the wild': Jay and Dunc read a yarn that will have you in stitches

This story teaches us to never mess with a Deer.


Jay and Dunc's Must Listen: Andy Rowe Show talks to plane crash survivor Jamie Hull

This week's must listen is hectic.


Rees joins the Mad Dog club after sharing his mind blowing near-death experience

From digging up landmines to contracting Malaria, Rees brush with death is one for the books.