Rock Drive with Jay & Dunc

New Rock Drive show, who dis?

Catch the all new Rock Drive show with Jay Reeve and Duncan Heyde, 3-7pm weekdays on The Rock.

Oh - and as every good team needs a waterboy, they'll be bringing the hairy chainsaw Jim Cawthorn along for the ride too.

Jim tries to drink 5 cups of coffee in one sitting

Yeah, don't think this one will become a daily routine for the Hairy Chainsaw..


Poo Towns of NZ - Papakura

Jeremy slowing it right down with this belter for Papakura.


Jay & Dunc chat to Kirk Hammett from Metallica

Some serious hype for October 31 at Mt Smart!


Halestorm caught up with Jay & Dunc before their Auckland show

Great to sit down and yarn to Lzzy and Joe.


Jim paid out about getting rid of his shirts

Prob for the best mate.


The boys put back some Hokonui moonshine down south

Breakfast of Champions.


Lachie Hayes performs live in Gore

Southland's current entertainer of the year joined us for a live performance in Gore.


Poo Towns of NZ - Waipukurau

Poo Towns of NZ - Waipukurau


Jim falls for Nissan's beautiful beast: I Love Ute Bro

Jim just loves ute, bro.


Someone caught Tony Lyall peeing at Piha beach

I can see your eyes looking down, yes I am currently urinating.


Dunc gets confused between geology and geography

Being out of school for a while now is no excuse Dunc..


Life advice from one of the biggest GCs - Ordinary Dr. Phil

Some words of wisdom from Ordinary Dr. Phil


Oamaru here's your Poo Towns of NZ track

From red heads to penguins, this Poo Towns tune has it all.


Ordinary Phil tells his Mrs he's spent all her money and now has to work Valentines

All as part of our new game 'I love ute bro'.


Someone actually got 'Jim Cawthorn' tattooed on them over the weekend

No shit, get a load of this.


I'm pregnant and you're the dad! Literally impossible...

Considering this bloke literally has no testicles, he called BS right away.


WATCH: Two NFL punters get championship-winning tattoos...before the Super Bowl

This is dedication to your team.


Poo Towns of NZ - Whanganui

Jeremy in great form with this absolute belter.


Married at First Sight expert John Aiken reveals the secret to perfect foreplay

Sure a few could do with this heads up.


Rock Drive lawyer Johnny Kay catch-up #2

Catch up with Rock Drive's resident lawyer Johnny Kay.


WATCH: Jim tries to fry an egg on the front of a Rock ute

What do you reckon, did he pull it off?


WATCH: Jay and Dunc meet the punters at the NZ Sevens

Always a hell of an interesting day at the NZ Sevens.


Dunc reckons he could fix up his bald lid by using pubic hair

You never know if you don't try right?


Poo Towns of NZ - Hamilton

A Poo Towns from the archives we've thrown together ready for the 7's.


Dr Laura explains the gnarly reason why you should get male Alpaca's castrated

This is some real hunger games shit right here.


WATCH: Mighty Mike rips through an entire deck of cards & Jim, well Jim tries

Anyone got a spare participation certificate lying around?


Rock Drive lawyer Johnny Kay catch-up #1

Catch up with Rock Drive's resident lawyer Johnny Kay.


Live from Pearl's Jam - Poo Towns of NZ - Tahuna

A special live edition of Poo Towns of NZ at Pearl's Jam in Tahuna.


This bloke put on 35kg in the 9 months his wife was pregnant

Surprisingly, he hasn't lost it.


Jay (and Dunc) take the piss out of Dunc's leather vest

Who calls a vest a jerkin?


WATCH: Dunc's new name could be 'Duncan Heyde-Dix' coz he didn't suss his marriage licence properly

New name suits you, Dunc.


Jim and Dunc haze 'new guy' Jay in one hell of a stitch up

Everyone was in on it except him, too good.


Brad the Boss hits Jim up about flaking work on New Years live on air

A real telling off for all of NZ to hear.


Dunc got married and announced they're expecting another child in the most Dunc-way possible

Dunc you sneaky bastard. Congrats mate.


Jim just figured out he worked the entire summer for free

New year, same old Jim.


Poo Towns of NZ - Gisborne

Just Jeremy gettin' Gizzy with it.


Jim claims his wife has been cheating to try get another day off

Oh, at another place he doesn't work for the record.


Jim tries getting off another workplace he doesn't work for

Jim gets off is back again, what a guy.


Check out Jim's xmas gift ideas for brothers

Time to get the bro one of these!


Jim tries to call in sick at a place he doesn't actually work

New segment alert!.


Former student spills the beans on Jay's past as a teacher

He was simultaneously one of the best teachers I've had but also one of the worst.


Getting to know half of the new Drive show Jay Reeve

A bit of a Q & A with the new bloke.


The new Rock Drive show has been revealed

The wait is over, here's the new team that'll be driving you home.