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WATCH: The Morning Rumble take on Rock Drive in the Un-Co Bronco Challenge

Who do you reckon went home a winner?

4 hours ago

Little Jay tries to find out what’s inside a 22 bullet with a hammer

Whack it with a hammer! She'll be right!


Dunc wants to know Jay's "poo voice"

Seats taken!


Flat pack furniture ends relationships

Nothing good comes from building flat pack furniture with your partner.


Dunc reckons it's too hot for sex in Dubai

"I can't be bothered, it's boiling".


Jay debuts his new 'Jonah' cut

Get a look at this.


Poo Towns - Temuka

Get around it!


Jay and Dunc chat to Ordinary Dr Phil about side hustling

Turns out taking sewing with the honey's in college comes in handy!


Jay and Dunc teach you how to evade tax

Just kidding... Or are we?


Dunc calls out his old man

Then Jay hits the panic button, gee this was good.


Tinder Isolation - Episode 7

We catch up with Kieran almost a month after lockdown to discover some good news!


Dunc is gutted his favourite car is no longer in production..

A moment of silence for the Barina 🚗


Dunc talks about the time he made a 'monster chicken'

Very different times 🤣


Marcus from Blindspott talks new music

We are fizzed for this!


Poo Towns - Tairua

Number 94 ladies and gents!


Jay nearly loses an eyeball!

"And I would have been just off camera too" -Jay Reeve, 2020


Jay's dream as a 13 year old was to always have Juicies

Jay's dream has come true!


Dunc can't say photosynthesis

Watch Dunc butcher the pronunciation of 'photosynthesis'.


Jay and Dunc choose their deadliest bodyguards

You wouldn't want to mess with any of these buggers!


Dunc teaches Money Laundering

Should you be saying this on air mate?


Jay and Dunc discover personalised plates no one should EVER get

Imagine taking your children to school in a people mover with the number plate 'YRUWET'!


You won't catch Dunc getting kinky in a coffin

Jay and Dunc chat about sleeping and getting kinky in a coffin.


We chat to Greg Murphy about Supercars, the new schedule, and Bathurst

Jay and Dunc discuss all things Supercars with the legend, Greg Murphy.


Dunc's weapon of choice is a... Battery?

Dunc has decided that if anyone were to raid the office his weapon of choice is a battery (and a ticket to the guns show).


Poo Towns of NZ - Papamoa

Getting closer to that centruy.. it's number 93!


Shelton Woolright on new Blindspott music

Jay and Dunc chat to Shelton Woolright from Blindspott about new music and tour dates.


Jason Kerrison talks about the early days of Opshop

Even the time they had to open for themselves to cut costs..


Dunc goes on a boomer rant about iPhone's

Dunc complains about the new iPhone update ruining his phone.


Jay secretly records his wife's thoughts on the Lomu do

In short, she's not impressed...


Jay's planned a trip away with his wife but Dunc can see right through it

Dunc's a big local business guy..


Damian from Blindspott reacts to winning Rock Wars

Did somebody say new music..


Poo Towns of NZ - Lincoln

Duncan Heyde's old stomping ground 😂😂


Uncle Tics chats tourette’s and blowing up on TikTok

Jay and Dunc chat to Leighton Clarke about tourette's and the boom of his social media presence.


COVID-19 things you need to know - Alert Level 2

A rap by Jay Reeve.


Ray Warren weighs in on the North V South idea

He's called 93 State of Origin games and let's us know what it'll take to get this off the ground properly


Dunc tells his famous yarn of when his mate tried to steal a load of bread

He brought this on himself..


Don't get Jay started on micro-chipping...

Jay and Dunc discuss micro-chipping and how bloody ridiculous it is!


The classic tradie stitch-up

Jay and Dunc tell stories about tradies who have been stiched-up by clients.


Dunc reckons a motorised wheelbarrow is better than a motorbike

Is it ruder to wear a backpack in the supermarket or ride around on a wheelbarrow?


Jarrad Hoeata talks us through the last N v S dust up

Another one keen on Dunc's Island of Origin idea.


Poo Towns of NZ - Kaiapoi

Number 91! Getting closer to the big 100..


Will Dunc ever finish his cookbook?

All good things take time.


Tinder Isolation - Episode 6

We catch up with Rachel now that we've moved into level 3.


Jay and Dunc on the case of the Phantom Pooer

We've got a Phantom Pooer here at MediaWorks who appears to have been absent from the office during lockdown.


Will anybody taxidermy Dunc's dog (who is fine we're just asking in advance)?

Dunc's dog, Roy, is 12-years-old and a confirmed good boy!


Tinder Isolation - Episode 5

As we near the end of lockdown, we thought we'd check in with Kieran as he prepares to head back to work next week.


The COVID-19 Asshole Parody

Anyone know one of these clowns?


Jonah Lomu hair gets a big NO from Jay's Mrs

Jay's wife is 100% against him getting the Jonah Lomu haircut.


Poo Towns of NZ - Wellington

Number 89!


Jay and Dunc discover that Brad the Boss is human after all

Turning up to a Zoom meeting in active wear is a no no. ESPECIALLY if you're Brad the Boss!