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Slash thinks touring during the pandemic restored Guns N' Roses' 'passion for music'

Slash says touring during the pandemic restored Guns N' Roses' passion for music

Oh sweet pandemic o' mine...


'The Batman' director says Kurt Cobain influenced his Bruce Wayne '‘He Is a Kind of Drug Addict’

Can't wait!


Eddie Vedder says Pearl Jam will work with producer Andrew Watt on their next album

The band anticipates the studio wizard will produce their follow-up to 2020's 'Gigaton'.


Rock legend Meat Loaf dies aged 74

Rest in paradise, big guy.


WATCH: Muse's Matt Bellamy dad dances at Twenty One Pilots gig to embarrass his kids

The 43-year-old rocker poking fun at himself comes after Muse made their comeback last week, with the new single 'Won't Stand Down'.


WATCH: Muse are back with heavy new single 'Won't Stand Down'

Muse have gone metal and it hits hard.


WATCH: Foo Fighters release full 2021 Madison Square Garden show footage

The show marked the first concert at the famous venue in nearly 500 days.


Pink Floyd quietly release 12 rare live albums

A fan pointed it out on twitter earlier this month.


Maynard James Keenan picks the best Tool song for introducing new fans

"I don't think you should start with the 27-minute one. Calm down."


Ozzy Osbourne 'very happy' ex-bassist Robert Trujillo features on new solo LP

Robert has reunited with the 'Paranoid' hitmaker and is set to appear on Ozzy's follow-up to 2020's 'Ordinary Man'.


Liam Gallagher has finished recording his third solo album

He's sent it off to Mark 'Spike' Stent to be mixed.


Firefighters snuff out bonfire in crowd at Slipknot gig

Slipknot had to pause their performance after fans built a bonfire in the middle of a mosh pit.


Paul McCartney & Foo Fighters perform on stage at R&R Hall of Fame

Before giving their own speeches, Foo Fighters gave a quick three-song performance of 'Best of You', 'My Hero' and 'Everlong'.


Guns N' Roses haven't written any original material yet

Speaking to Audacy, axe-slayer Slash said: “As far as new Guns is concerned, we haven’t even gotten to that point of really in earnest sitting down an


Tom Morello described Zack de la Rocha as "the punk rock James Brown"

"In my opinion, [Zack is] the greatest frontman of all time."


Slash releases new single 'The River is Rising'

The song will be available to listen tomorrow!


Dave Grohl laughed off 'bad reviews' of Foo Fighters' Bee Gees covers record

"In 25 years, we'll all be on stools, playing ukuleles and doing ballads - but we might still be going!


Fender re-issues Kurt Cobain's Jag-Stang guitar to honour Nevermind's 30th anniversary

Fender is re-issuing the Kurt Cobain Jag-Stang guitar in honour of the 30th anniversary of 'Nevermind'.


Tom DeLonge felt like people saw Blink-182 as a "boyband"

"People were putting us up and thinking we were a boyband. We didn't get it. We were like, 'What the f*** is going on?'"


Lars Ulrich says there's heaps of new Metallica music coming, but "nothing cohesive" yet

Ulrich opens up about the band's progress on new music and what it has been like writing songs and playing shows during the pandemic.


Kiwi musicians and promoters get behind #VaxForLife

Help save summer and get vaccinated now!


Slash teases his new album with Myles Kennedy is "the best we've ever done"

Me oh my yes boy we like that.


Wolfgang Van Halen joins Guns N' Roses on stage to play 'Paradise City'

What an awesome moment.


Blink-182 frontman Mark Hoppus shares that he is now 'cancer free'

That is bloody great news.


Dave Grohl wants to play drums for ABBA

The Foo Fighters frontman says he ‘wept like a baby’ listening to ABBA’s new song for the first time.


Dave Grohl details estrangement from late father over rock star pursuit

The Foos Frontman became estranged from his father when he chose to become a musician.


LISTEN: Guns N' Roses release new song 'Hard Skool'

Hell. F**king. Yes!


Foo Fighters to go prog-rock on next album?

Dave Grohl has hinted Foo Fighters will make an "insane prog-rock record" next.


Metallica frontman, James Hetfield believes the Black Album was their master key

James Hetfield believes Metallica's 'Black Album' was the "master key" to their popularity and success.


Sir Dave Dobbyn releases te reo version of 'Slice Of Heaven' for Māori Language Week

It was already a kiwi classic, but Dobbo's just gone and made his 1986 hit 'Slice of Heaven' even more of a defining song for Aotearoa.