WATCH: Mitchell Moses slips over but somehow scores the weirdest NRL penalty you'll see

The weirdest 2-point NRL play we've seen...
25 August 2022 2:05PM

It should've been a cock-up, but he got the two points

Parramatta halfback Mitchell Moses has slotted one of the weirdest, freakish penalty goals you'll ever see after slipping over mid-kick.

During the first half with the scores locked at 8-8, Moses was lining up a penalty attempt from right in front. During his run-up to kick the ball he slipped on the greasy surface, but remarkably still managed to get the two points.

The ball just crept over the top of the crossbar, helping the Eels to a slender 10-8 lead at the break.

"Oh it has gone over, a little party trick from Mitchell Moses," Fox League's Brenton Speed said.

Unfortunately, the Eels couldn't go on with it in the second half, going down 16-10 in a scrappy encounter with 28 errors and 16 penalties between both sides.

Panthers halfback Nathan Cleary scored 12 of his side's 16 points in the win as they snapped a six-game losing streak.