WATCH: Aussie cop stops his own interview to tackle (level) fleeing bloke

WATCH: Aussie cop stops his own interview to tackle (level) fleeing bloke

Not in my interview, mate.
25 August 2022 2:05PM

Not in my interview, mate

An Australian police officer stopped his own press conference to tackle a man who'd been sexually harassing a teenage girl.

Senior Sergeant Daren Edwards was speaking to media outside a court in Queensland when he was interrupted by a man in a red jumper, who wandered up to join him at the microphone.

"How can we help you?" Edwards asked the man, who replied that the police are "corrupt and disgusting".

"They are abusing innocent people like myself from Hungary," he said, before chastising Edwards for pronouncing his name - Laszlo - wrong.

'Laszlo' can be seen running past with a second man chasing and shouting after him. Without skipping a beat, Edwards tackled (well, completely leveled actually) the Hungarian national and brought him crashing to the ground.

7 News reports he had angered the man chasing him by making inappropriate comments to his 19-year-old daughter outside the courthouse.

"He was calling me beautiful and sexy," the young woman later told media.

More officers arrived on the scene and the man was arrested and charged with another count of public nuisance.

Edwards grazed his head during the altercation but was nonchalant about the tackle, telling media he hadn't had to pull a stunt like that since "quite a few years ago".

When asked about his muddied suit, he said it was "due for a dry clean anyway".

What a legend!